Red D-Arc Diaries

Entry 1 - Freedom

By: Lord Archive

PLEASE read the pre-story author notes. They are there to explain aspects of the story that may confuse you that can not be explained within story.

The concept of Digimon, Digimon Tamers and most of the characters in this work of fiction belongs to Toei Animation, Akiyoshi Hongo, and Chiaki Konaka.

This series includes sex between fictional characters, who are not based on real people. The characters involved may be stated as being under the age of consent of where you live and perform acts of illegal sexual practices, but they are fictional and do not have any real age or ability to commit real crime. Descriptions of digimon mating and may be considered by some to be bestiality, but they are fictional creations and not real animals. It should be noted that in Japan the age of consent is 13 and that all human characters in detailed sex scenes are at least that age or older, so even if the characters did exist, they can legally consent to have sex.

Strict use of Japanese:

Matsuda Takato = Takato Matsuki
Makino Ruki = Rika Nonaka, Makino Rumiko = Makino Nonaka
Lee 'Jen' Jenrya = Henry Wong, Lee Shuichon = Suzie Wong
Juri = Jeri
Hirokazu = Kazu
Mako is the nickname for Makoto.
Growmon = Growlmon, Megalo Growmon = War Growlmon, Dukemon = Gallantmon
Galgomon = Gargomon, Saint Galgomon = Mega Gargomon
Asanuma Nami = Nami Asagi

Notes about this Tamers Universe:

This is an alternate universe, so not everything is the same as the television series, but it is very close to it.

'Digimon aren't separated by gender.' This is a dub only line. While Renamon did say something similar in the Japanese version, she did NOT deny gender. Rather she denied digimon are living creatures, which has a whole other set of contradtiction. However, her statement is more of an echo of Ruki's early series belief.

D-Arc: Derived from the word card. It is the bridge between Tamer and digimon with the capacity of allowing cards to augment the power of the digimon. I don't care that Toei officially spelled it D-Ark. They've misspelled other words and have made other errors before.

Lee Shuichon: She was 4 years old during the events of Tamers. Again, I don't care that Toei's web page listed her 'official' age at 7. I have my reasons for making her 4 beyond disagreeing with the official stated age.

Ai and Makoto: Are listed as being 4 years old in the Tamers Planning packet.

Lopmon: Shuichon's partner is a guy. That her partner is depicted as a girl in many of the dubs was an honest mistake.

Akiyama Ryo: This Ryo is the same Ryo from Red Digivice Diaries, and this world's Takato was the one at Hikari's wedding reception in Red Digivice Diaries Entry 16. How Ryo came to this Tamers world will eventually be detailed.

Renamon: Her characterization in this series is more consistent to the Japanese version, where she is more stoic and aloof. She doesn't have witty combat comments, and when she speaks-- she's short and to the point.


It has been over four years since I rescued Juri from ADR-01 and Saint Galgomon defeated the D-Reaper. The result of that victory had caused us to lose our partners as they were dragged into the Digital World. Thankfully, the Digi-Gnomes had other ideas. A few weeks later the portal at Guilmon's hideout reopened and we spent our spring break from school returning to the Digital World to get our partners back.

We've had many adventures since then. The worst occurring shortly after the start of sixth grade when we had to fight Grand Locomon and save Ruki from Parasimon. Since then, very few situations called for the power of Dukemon or Beelzebumon.

Life is kind of boring now. The only class at school that offers me anything useful is math, so I can do the books when I take of the family business. At least I only have three years left of it.

Juri's strength never fails to impress me. If you were to talk to her, you would not have any idea that anything bad had ever happened to her. She still carries the mental scars of losing Leomon and what the D-Reaper did to her, but she does not let that affect her.

Hirokazu has taken to playing football as if he was born to it. He's easily the best player on the team, which is surprising considering Jen is also on the team. Kenta is also on the team, but he's more of a water-boy than a player.

Because of the school Ruki missed fighting the D-Reaper, she had been kicked out of the private school she had been attending and got dumped into public school with the rest of us. The attempts to put her back into private schooling have failed, but that's mostly due to her job. Back during sixth grade, Mrs. Makino tricked Ruki into agreeing to do a commercial. Surprisingly, Ruki liked doing it. She said it had something to do about being able to better express herself when she's allowed to move about and didn't seem as invading as a still camera was to her. Since then, Ruki landed the lead role in a series that was supposed to be about the fight against the D-Reaper. That series, while popular, is no where near being accurate with what really occurred and has continued on past the defeat of the D-Reaper and into something completely different.

Shuichon is now best friends with Ai and Mako, Impmon's Tamers. They're all in the same class and causing their own sort of mischief.

Well, one more day until the end of junior high and the beginning of spring break. May take a trip to the Digital World and see how things are going there. It's also a great way to extend the school vacation as the Digimon Gods and Digi-Gnomes sped up the time flow so that for every ten days spent in the Digital World, only one day has passed on Earth. That has helped the dimension to heal from the damage the D-Reaper had caused. There are now digimon who were born as baby digimon after D-Reaper's destruction that have evolved to Perfection level, and soon some of them might become Ultimate.


Lovey-dovey couples always made him sick. Especially those fools who kiss and do all sorts of other touchy-feely crap. That wasn't for him. All he ever needed was himself. If the couple was getting all hot and bothered, he'd really heat them up with FIRE!

A loud bang and fire exploded in the air, startling two lovers on a park bench. They ran off in fear.

He couldn't help at laugh at their stupid faces. This was a riot. He could do this forever. He snickered as he watched another couple approach. Oddly they seemed to avoid lighted areas. Probably wanted to do some perverted stuff with each other. He blinked, noticing one of the two was rather short.

"We might be seen here," the girl said in an oddly confident tone.

"So what? We got every right to be here," the guy retorted.

"Some don't agree with that," the girl returned.

"That's their own fuckin' problem if they get upset with a guy takin' his girl for a walk in the park," the guy said flatly.

The girl gave a short laugh. "I don't know if I love your defiance, or hate it."

The guy snickered. "You love all of me, and you know it."

He wanted to retch at the word 'love.' That was just meaningless sap for the masses to believe existed. Love didn't exist, especially for him. Those two had a different sort of fire to their relationship than others he had seen, but he knew how to heat it up even more.

The fiery explosion did not make the couple run in fear, rather the pair turned and looked for the source of the explosion.

He stared in shock as his firecracker illuminated a humanoid fox that stood taller than he did and a strange looking black guy with a demented smiley face on his stomach. He turned and ran.

"You wanna play with fire? I give ya' fire!" Impmon reared back and let loose a fireball at the boy running away from him.

The boy cried out in surprise as the ball of flame shrieked past him and exploded right in front of him, causing him to fall on his ass. He tried to get up only for the fox to yank him up into the air by his shirt collar.

"What were you hoping to accomplish by attacking us?" Renamon questioned darkly.

"I wasn't tryin' to do nothin'." The boy flailed around trying to get free.

"Wrong answer," Impmon replied juggling fireballs in his hands.

The boy looked at the fire in fear. "I was just havin' fun. Scarin' people doing all that fake lovey-dovey stuff."

Renamon's ears swept back as she looked at Impmon. "That sounds familiar."

"That's ancient history." Impmon dissipated his fireballs and then folded his arms. "But I guess I should set the kid straight."

"What do you know?" the boy spat out.

"'Love is something stupid people believe in. Love is a bunch of bullshit that doesn't even exist. All I ever need is myself. Everyone else will just hold me back with their stupid notions of friendship.'" Impmon smirked. "Sound familiar, kid?"

The boy's eyes were wide and he nodded slightly.

Impmon turned away. "Well, kid, that's the bullshit. Love does exist. And I didn't learn that from her, but after seeing what I did to a girl after I killed her best friend. I didn't just end one life, I nearly ended two because I was an idiot and didn't understand. I thought I could have everything by getting more power, but in reality it took away everything. I had enough power to destroy skyscrapers like they're nothing but a house of cards, but that's all I had. I was never more lonely than I was at that time.

"You want to keep throwing firecrackers at overly passionate couples, go right the fuck ahead. Want to insult someone just for inviting you to play with them, go ahead and be a jerk. By all means, try to make sure that no one will ever try and help you. Go and do everything yourself and be alone. But, don't say I didn't warn you when your loneliness gets so bad you try to kill yourself."

Renamon dropped the boy. "Try to answer this question: Do you truly want to live by yourself for the rest of your life? A friend of mine was asked that once by her grandmother. It took her weeks to come up with her answer that she didn't want to be alone. Even then it took her a long time to be able to fully trust and make friends with others."

The boy sat on the ground feeling numb. He didn't know how to reply to these two. Adults never understood him, but that weird guy did. But that stuff about killing someone couldn't have happened. And he was too strong to ever kill himself. The boy blinked noticing the two digimon both reacted to something. He turned and saw his teacher.

"Mamoru-kun, are you all right?" Ms. Asanuma questioned as she gave questioning looks at the digimon.

"Damn kid tried to stop me havin' fun, but I'm not goin' down without a fight." Impmon lashed out a fireball that missed Renamon by a good meter and ran into the bushes.

Renamon blinked and then glared. "I'll stop you." She then disappeared.

Ms. Asanuma ran over to her student. "Are you okay?"

Mamoru nodded absently. He wondered why the guy just took the blame for everything he had been doing.

"I don't want you playing hero. Leave things like this to adults. I don't need anymore gray hairs," Ms. Asanuma told him sternly.


Impmon ran as if his life depended on it. He wanted to kick himself as he should've known better. To run from Renamon meant only one thing, that she would chase him. She enjoyed little cat and mouse games, which he wouldn't mind if he wasn't usually the mouse.

"You could make this more of a challenge."

Impmon's eyes widened in fright as he looked up in time to see Renamon jumping down toward him, arms spread wide and ready to unleash any one of a dozen different attacks.

Renamon smirked as she tackled him to the ground. "Why do you look so scared?"

"I'm not scared!" Impmon protested.

"Oh, really?" Renamon ran a paw over his stomach down to between his legs. "You're shaking."

"T-that's not fear," Impmon retorted.

The area Renamon had been rubbing started to morph. Her paw barely changed position as she now gripped his erect penis. "Then I guess you're aroused."

"I can give you AROUSED," Impmon said with some confidence.

Renamon paused in thought and then shook her head. "I want to stay in control tonight."

"If you say so," Impmon replied with a moan as she continued to hand job him.

Renamon smiled devilishly. "I should give you a tongue-lashing for 'causing all those couples trouble.'"

Impmon could only blink as Renamon moved, stuck out her tongue, and proceeded to lick his penis. Then his shaft disappeared in her wonderfully warm and wet mouth. He groaned as sucked and licked on his mighty weapon. The urge to let go was getting to him, but he strained to hold on. He slapped the ground while almost in pain from his struggle not to orgasm.

Renamon knew he was on the brink. He just needed to be pushed over. She ran a finger up his tail and didn't stop moving up until it penetrated his anus.

Impmon whelped from the shocking intrusion and unleashed his load into her mouth. She made herself swallow most of it as it coated her mouth and throat.

Impmon panted. "That was great. But keep your claws out of my ass."

Renamon merely looked at him and pulled him up by his handkerchief and into a deep kiss. She pulled away and a strand of his cum connected their mouths for several centimeters before breaking. "You enjoyed that, and you know it."

Impmon couldn't immediately reply as he was spitting out his own cum. "What's wrong with plain ol' sex?"

"It's boring," Renamon replied simply.

"Good point." Impmon gave a short laugh. "What next on tonight's menu?"

Renamon pushed him back down on the ground. "That should be obvious." She then straddled his head, two fingers spreading her fur to reveal her hidden treasure.

"Oh, my favorite. You're too good to me," Impmon said jokingly.

"Shut up and lick," Renamon ordered.

"Yes, ma'am." Impmon dived in, running his tongue over her outer entrance before forcing it into her.

Renamon moaned as she felt his wily tongue wiggle inside her. The sensations of this foreign intruder were driving her wild. Despite his effort to hold her still, she began to hump his mouth in an instinctual attempt to further her pleasure.

Impmon decided to return the favor and insert his large middle finger into her ass. But he didn't stop there, he stretched her rear opening until his entire hand was inside her.

Renamon cried out, whether from pain or pleasure, she didn't know and didn't care. Her orgasm gripped her and she came violently all over her lover's face.

Impmon pulled his hand out of her ass and moved to wipe his face but stopped as he noticed something, he was missing his glove.

Renamon scowled as she pulled the glove out herself and dropped it on his face.

Impmon almost gagged. "Someone's got to go the bathroom soon."

"Do you want to stop now?" Renamon asked.

"We haven't gotten to the best part yet," Impmon whined.

"Then be quiet," Renamon told him flatly while rubbing his somewhat flaccid sex tool.

Impmon did as ordered. He only watched as Renamon jerked him into hardness and then moved over him. With an excruciatingly slow pace, the fox digimon lowered herself. The touch of her wet entrance that engulfed the head of his cock sent wave of sensations through him like a wildfire. Feeling her tight hot and wet pussy gripping him was more intoxicating than the power of being an Ultimate digimon. The way it felt as her sex held, pulled, pushed, and stroked his own defied description. How this could be possibly be better for the girl was beyond him.

Renamon moaned as she bounced on the smaller digimon. While she could have him be much bigger as Beelzebumon, size didn't always matter. There were places Impmon's smaller member could touch her better than his larger form could. And right now he was hitting her g-spot. Not to mention his smaller arms and hands had a better time stroking her sensitive stomach where all her nipples were.

Impmon struggled once again to hold off his orgasm as long as possible. His eyes widened as he noticed Renamon's moans getting closer and closer and that she was starting to fall backwards. With a wail of pleasure, she orgasmed and crashed backwards. Impmon also let loose a cry, but one more of pain despite that he was orgasming as his cock moved in a way nature had not intended.

"That hurt, you know," Impmon scolded as he held his penis protectively.

Renamon grimaced as she tentatively touched her sex. "I know. Won't try that again."

"You and your experimenting. Sheesh. You really could've done some damage," Impmon grumbled.

"Next time you're in charge," Renamon offered.

Impmon grinned.

Renamon's ears swept back. "You're not thinking...."

"It's not like Ruki will need those outfits after tomorrow," Impmon reminded.

"I still don't think I'd look good in sailor fuku," Renamon complained.


If there was one thing Ruki despised about attending Shinjuku Junior High School, it was the school uniform. It wasn't that the mini-skirt was ridiculously, can-see-the-girl's-panties-while-she's-walking, short. What she hated was that it was 'Sailor Moon' fuku, complete with blue skirt and white blouse. She couldn't think of any outfit that cried out 'rape me' more than this. The idea of meeting a tentacle digimon like Dagomon while dress like this had given her nightmares. Thankfully, the senior high school uniforms had knee-length skirts and were mostly drab gray in color.

Ruki let out a long yawn as she entered the school ground for the last day of classes she would have there. She saw all of her Tamer friends hanging around close to the school gate.

"Mornin', sleepy head," Hirokazu greeted.

"Oh, shut up," Ruki snapped.

"Couldn't sleep well?" Juri asked.

"Yeah," Ruki replied.

"Same problem?" Juri pressed.

Ruki nodded.

"You've been having problems sleeping?" Jenrya questioned.

"Between school and my show, I don't always have time to sleep," Ruki lied. She would've gotten some sleep, but just as she was about to nod off, she became horny. She knew that Renamon had been fucking Impmon, and that her bond with Renamon didn't just send pain during battle. There was no way she'd let any of the boys know about this, as she was rather sexually frustrated. She knew very well her ability to say 'no' if approached for sex wasn't nearly as high as it should be. The only person Ruki had told about it was Juri.

"Wasn't taping was on hold until next week?" Takato questioned.

"I needed to come in for costume fitting adjustments. I have grown since the last taping session," Ruki retorted. "And those things take FOREVER." Which was true enough, as it had taken four hours just to get hers done.

"Whatever," Hirokazu interjected. "Ruki, are you going to be at my party tomorrow night?"

Ruki shrugged. "I should be able to make it. I'll let you know if something comes up. Renamon will certainly be there."

"Cool!" Hirokazu chirped.

The school bell chimed.

"No rest for the weary," Ruki commented as they made their way into the school.


Renamon stretched as she woke up deep in some bushes in the park and let out a satisfied yawn. She cringed a little knowing her relationship was giving Ruki some rather bad feedback from their link. She had offered to hold off her intimacy for her partner's sake, but Makino refused to let her do that.

Renamon's ears perked up as she heard someone approach. She relaxed sensing that it was Impmon.

"Breakfast is served," Impmon announced holding two bowls of steaming ramen.

While ramen wasn't Renamon's choice food for breakfast, she accepted the meal. "How is Kensuke today?"

"Same old, same old, apparently. He was bitching about slow business again," Impmon replied. He put up with the ramen cart owner only because the guy would let him buy food. Money was money to the cook, no matter who it came from.

The two digimon began to eat, but suddenly stopped.

"You feel that?" Impmon questioned.

Renamon stood up and moved into a fighting stance. "Something is coming."

A fog started to roll in from out of nowhere.


"A digimon has just realized. A big one!" Reika called out.

"Point of emergence?" McCoy questioned.

"Shinjuku park, almost on top of Hideout," Reika informed.

"Is there anyone in the area?" McCoy questioned.

"Readings indicate Renamon and Impmon are already there," Megumi answered.

"Impmon?" Mizuno questioned. "Wonder how long this one is going to last?"

"Not very long," Janyuu replied. "It appears to only be an adult. Better let Yamaki now about this."

"Already told him," Reika intoned.


Ruki noticed the digital field appear in the park. That her D-Arc went off almost immediately after that told the girl where Renamon had spent the night. As she activated the screen to find out what came out, Hirokazu bonelessly fell out of his desk. How he could fake that, she had no clue but it was a welcomed distraction.

'Airdramon. Adult level. Vaccine, phantom beast digimon. Attacks of "Spinning Needle" and "God Tornado."' Didn't sound tough. Beelzebumon could take it out in seconds. She switched the screen to see what Renamon was seeing and gasped.

Ruki quickly stood up. "I'm sorry. There's an issue with my job I must attend to."

The teacher glared. "You can go after you've helped Takato take Hirokazu to the infirmary."

Ruki nodded. "Yes, sir."

Ruki and Takato picked up their friend and dragged him out of the room.

Juri gave them a sad look as they left. She clenched her hands tightly as her gaze went to the digital field in the park.

"What's up?" Hirokazu asked, pulling free of his friends after they were out of sight of their classroom.

"An Airdramon just appeared and Renamon needs my help," Ruki answered.


"What's that?" Impmon questioned looking up seeing the shadow of a Chinese-styled digital dragon hovering above them through the fog.

Renamon scowled. "An Airdramon. It's only an adult. You should study about various digimon."

"Bah." Impmon scoffed. "If it's not an Ultimate why should I give a fuck about it?"

"I sense the blasphemers from you. Prepare to die. Spinning Needle!" Airdramon called out, spewing dozens of sharp brown spikes.

The two child digimon dodged the attack.

Impmon laughed. "That's the best you can do?!"

Renamon's eyes widened. "Impmon look out!"

"What?" Impmon turned and saw a tree falling toward him which had been damaged by the Airdramon's attack.

Renamon tried to rush in and save him, but the dragon unleashed another volley of deadly spikes. She could only watch as the tree hit her lover.

"One down," Airdramon gloated.

"Let's dance," Renamon mocked, reigning in her anger. First and foremost she was a warrior. Anger would only cloud her judgement and give her opponent the advantage. She knew Impmon would be okay as he had survived far more deadly blows before. However, it left her alone against this dragon.

Airdramon laughed. "Dance you will, friend of the blasphemers. Spinning Needle!"

Renamon seemed to disappear and then reappear several meters away. "Fox Leaf Arrowhead!" Hundreds of small glowing leaves appeared before her and launched with deadly accuracy at the dragon. Unfortunately, the attack bounced off the bony head of her opponent. The fox then had to dodge out of the way as Airdramon turned where she had been standing into a pin cushion.

"Stand still," Airdramon growled.

Renamon didn't reply. The dragon had the advantage of being able to fly. There was no way she could weaken him enough through her physical attacks. This was going to be a game of cat and mouse until either Impmon woke up, Ruki arrived, or one of the other Tamers showed up with their digimon. While she enjoyed being the cat, she hated being the mouse.


"Takato!" Guilmon cried out running down the street.

"What are you doing here?" Takato questioned harshly.

"I sensed the digital field and noticed it wasn't going away. I thought you would be going to check it out, and I was right!" Guilmon grinned.

"Whatever. We've got to hurry. Renamon can't face it by herself," Ruki growled.

"What's with her?" Guilmon asked.

"Lack of sleep," Takato offered.

"Oh." Guilmon shrugged as the trio ran past a black van and entered the field.

Once their eyes adjusted to the field, they saw the Airdramon flying around in circles as if he was searching for something.

"Time for a power boost," Ruki said with a grin. "Card Slash! Win Ratio Eighty-percent!!"

A flash of blue light gave away Renamon's location, but out from the hiding place emerged Kyuubimon. "Demon Fireball!"

Airdramon tried to dodge as several miniature fireballs launched from Kyuubimon's tails and flew at him like heat-seeking-missiles. He cried out in pain.

"Leave now, or we'll have to kill you," Ruki threatened.

Airdramon turned and looked at Ruki, Takato, and Guilmon. His eyes hardened into a fierce glare. "Die, blasphemers! Spinning Needle!"

"Fox Flame Dragon!" Kyuubimon cried out as her body turned into flames. She stopped Airdramon's attack by flying through it before striking her opponent with her flaming body.

Airdramon cried out in pain briefly before deleting.

Kyuubimon backed off, not wanting to absorb Airdramon's data. A Digi-Gnome could reformat him, but only if his information isn't uploaded by another digimon.

"You all right?" Ruki questioned.

"Yes," Kyuubimon answered simply before rushing to the tree that had fallen on Impmon. She was able to pull him free of it.

"Is he okay?" Takato questioned.

"Someone catch the license plate of that truck?" Impmon moaned.

"Hmpf. He's fine," Kyuubimon replied.

"Do you want to devolve?" Ruki asked, holding a digi-battle card.

Kyuubimon looked at Impmon.

"Yeah. Devolve her. And she's got a favor to ask you," Impmon replied with an impish grin.

Kyuubimon blushed. "Now isn't the time."

"This is for tonight," Impmon retorted.

Ruki blinked in confusion and then shrugged. "Card slash. That Was A Good Time!"

Kyuubimon glowed and shifted back to Renamon.


"Well, what do we have here?" questioned a figure in black leather.

The girl shifted uncomfortably. "Do I really have to do this? These panties are irritating my tail."

Beelzebumon grinned. "You even put on panties?"

"Well, you DID want me to dress up as a schoolgirl." Renamon folded her arms. "I still like to know why."

"I just want to give in a little bit to the old virus impulses," Beelzebumon explained.

"Huh?" Renamon blinked.

"I think it's easier just to do it, than explain it." Beelzebumon slammed her against a tree and held her there with his left hand. "Just pretend you're a normal school girl." His right hand unbuckled his pants.

"A schoolgirl about to be assaulted by some guy?" Renamon questioned in a disbelieving tone.

"Exactly!" Beelzebumon grinned, pulling his pants low enough to free his large penis. He then swiftly reached under the short skirt Renamon was wearing and tore them off her.

Renamon's eyes widened in fright. "What are you doing?!"

"Being in absolute fuckin' control, baby girl," Beelzebumon sneered. He pressed her higher on the tree and then impaled her.

Renamon cried out in pain at the large intrusion into her dry treasure hole. Normally his size stretched her to the point that was almost painful. But without any preparation, there wasn't any pleasure to this for her. She slapped him. "I'm not ready yet."

"This isn't about you being ready," Beelzebumon retorted as he pumped into her a few times.

"It hurts, you jerk," Renamon hissed.

Beelzebumon's three green eyes blinked in surprise. "It does?"

"Yes," Renamon growled.

"Sorry... I... ah...." Beelzebumon pulled away from her. "Just wanted to try something a little different."

Renamon clenched her fist. "Just because Ruki is into acting doesn't mean I am as well. And you've got to remember foreplay, especially when you're in that form."

Beelzebumon slouched. "I... understand...." He pulled up his pants as he turned around and began to walk off.

Renamon's ears flattened. "Hold on for a moment. I'll make myself ready first. Then you can pretend I'm a little girl."

Beelzebumon perked up. "Really?"

"I DID put this on for you. I should've known you had this planned." Renamon move behind a tree and began to finger herself. She didn't like to pretend she was weak, but at this point she was horny and wanted him back in her, no matter how big he was.

Beelzebumon paced around while his pants were only loosely buckled. He had fucked this up. All he had told her before was the thought of her wearing sailor fuku was oddly arousing for him and wanted her to wear it. He had failed to mention he wanted to screw her while she was wearing it.

"Oh, dear. I'm all alone and there's a big bad biker man," came a flat voice with no emotion behind her words.

"Good thing you aren't into acting. That sucked," Beelzebumon chastised.

Renamon just glared at him.

"Right." Beelzebumon coughed. "Now it's time to have fun with a little girl." He pounced onto her. Forcing her onto the ground. He ran a finger under her skirt. "My, my. No panties and already wet. What a perverted little girl."

"Oh, please, no," Renamon deadpanned as she weakly protested his actions.

"Can you just not say anything? You're wrecking the illusion," Beelzebumon requested.

"Whatever," Renamon replied.

Beelzebumon went to remove his pants, but noticed something was off.

"What's wrong?" Renamon questioned.

Beelzebumon sweat-dropped. "Um... I'm not hard."

Renamon gave out a cry of frustration. "How about I pretend to be a naughty school girl?"

"Naughty?" Beelzebumon questioned.

Renamon nodded and pushed her lover against a tree. She proceeded to unbuckle his pants and free his cock. She gripped his soft tool and began to stroke it with her furry paw. She then began to suck on his meat as it grew in size to the point she had to deep throat him if she wanted to suck on half his length. She pulled back and smirked. "I think you're ready now."

"Then come to Poppa, my little lolita." Beelzebumon grinned as he picked her off the ground and then lower her onto his massive male member. She was tight when he was Impmon, but this was insanely constrictive on him. Her legs wrapped around his waist as he pounded into her relentlessly.

Being ready made all the difference in the world. What had started off as being extremely painful, had turned into being impossibly pleasurable. Her pussy was stretched as far as it could conceivable go. She could feel every contour of his penis as it moved in her. There wasn't a spot his rod wasn't touching and enticing her into deeper pleasure. Every thrust was made her insides tighten to the point which they threatened to break. And break they did as she orgasmed.

Beelzebumon cried out in pleasure as Renamon's vagina clamped down onto his mighty weapon. He couldn't move his cock as her body tugged and pulled at it. He hugged his lover closely as his world collapsed into a haze of euphoria. His penis spewed forth his digital seed into his receptive partner.

Beelzebumon slid down the tree as he sat down, still holding Renamon in his arms. She cuddled against his chest and closed her eyes. Right now she was the cutest thing he could imagine. "I still don't know what you see in a jerk like me," he told her fondly.

"What do you see in a bitch like me?" Renamon retorted.

"I...." Beelzebumon trailed off.

"You don't know, do you?" Renamon questioned, looking him in the face.

Beelzebumon shook his head.

Renamon smirked. "Neither do I. Hata-dono said that's what love really is. Caring for someone deeply, but have no idea why."

"I guess that makes sense," Beelzebumon replied.


A fifteen year old boy sat at his computer and stared at the digital camera attached to it. "Matsuda Takato."

"Authorization confirmed. Welcome to Wild, Lieutenant Matsuda," a computer synthesized voiced intoned.

The computer screen lit up with multiple images of various people.

An image of Yamaki came to the front. "Report," he said simply.

"Kyuubimon deleted the Airdramon, but only after it tried to attack Ruki, Guilmon and myself, calling us 'blasphemers,'" Takato replied.

"Any idea why?" Janyuu questioned.

"None. I doubt it's any of the Digital Gods coming after us. We've become friends with them, even Zhuqiaomon," Takato answered.

"Probably was just a digimon who hates humans, and was just targeting you and Makino," Mizuno commented.

"Yeah. He could see you Tamers as being 'blasphemers' for being bonded to a digimon, insulting the 'purity' of the Digital World," Babel added.

"That's all great speculation, but I rather deal in hard facts," Yamaki said flatly.

"Until we have more information, we can only speculate," Mizuno replied. "For all we know, this could be a one time occurrence."


Yo! I'm Takato's cousin, Kai. A new story has begun to unfold, and all I get to be is the narrator. Which sucks because I won't get sucked on. Anyway....

Lieutenant Matsuda? What's up with that? Why is Takato reporting directly to Yamaki? Wonder when we'll find out, since that won't be explained in the next part.

Is the Airdramon's attack a one time situation, or does he herald what's to come. Since this is part one, fat chance on the one time occurrence. Wonder what'll pop up next time? It looks like it'll be another dragon digimon.

However, that's the least of Takato's problems. A party to celebrate the end of junior high for the Tamers gets out of hand with Hirokazu's family away for the weekend and Juri supplying the drinks from her Dad's bar. Takato makes a mistake that may mean the end of any relationship he might have with Juri.

Find out what happens in the next part, 'Party Time!' Until then, take hold and tame the future.


Author's Notes:

Well, here it is. Part 1 of Red D-Arc Diaries. This will act like a combined Red Digivice Diaries and War Diaries for the Tamers Universe. This part may seem a little short, but it is more of a prologue to give a taste of what's to come. I expect the next part to be twice the size of this one.

Sorry, no requests for couples for this series. I already have the first ten parts planned out and I know who has/will end up with whom.

I won't be giving any warnings as to who will be in lemon scenes. And those scenes may include straight, yaoi, yuri, crossbreeding, and digimon X digimon.

I don't hold any couple as being 'the correct one' and I might get around to writing Tamer stories involving different couples than I use here. But, for now, this is the only Tamers series I will be working on.

Just a reminder, I MST flamers. If you send insults at me for not using your favorite couple, I might decide to poke fun at your post.

I'd love to see Renamon, Ruki and/or Juri in sailor fuku. So if any of you artist out there decide to draw it, PLEASE send me a copy. Or if you wish to draw a scene for this series, I'd like that too. I've got room for some side characters, so I may incorporate the artist into this series.

Cards Slashed:

St-53 That Was A Good Time
Picture: Tailmon playing in a cardboard box.
Requirements to play: Discard 1 card in hand to Dark Area.
You can return either your digimon or your opponent's digimon to child level. After the end of the battle phase in which you use this card, send it to the Dark Area.

St-481 Win Ratio 80%!!
Picture: The four digital gods in their standard pose.
Use this card to evolve a digimon who needs 40%, 60% or 80% wins in the evolution requirements. Send this card to the Dark Area after the evolution phase in which you use this card.

Thought I'd give out the Tamers cast list since I have one.

Tamers Cast list

Matsuda Takato
Matsuda Mie (mother)
Matsuda Takehiro (father)
Urasoe Kai(cousin)
Urasoe (aunt)

Katou Juri
Katou Masahiko (little half-brother)
Katou Shizue (step-mother)
Katou Tadashi (father)
Itou Ayaka (friend with light hair and pig-tails)
Nakajima Miki (friend with black hair)

Makino Ruki
Makino Rumiko (mother)
Hata Seiko (grandmother)

Lee 'Jen' Jenrya
Lee Shuichon (younger sister)
Lee 'Tao' Janyuu (father)
Lee Mayumi (mother)
Lee Rinchei (older brother)
Lee Jaarin (older sister)

Shiota Hirokazu

Kitagawa Kenta

Makoto 'Mako'

Alice McCoy
Rob 'Dolphin' McCoy (grandfather)

Elementary school:
Kurosawa Seiji (Principal)
Asanuma Nami (Takato's fifth grade teacher)
Iwamoto (teacher)
Mori Toshiaki (PE teacher)

Yamaki Mitsuo
Ootori Reika
Onodera Megumi

Wild Bunch:
Goro 'Shibumi' Mizuno
'Daisy' (blond white woman)
'Babel' (bald black man)
'Curly' (Asian woman)