Red D-Arc Diaries

Entry 2 - Party Time

By: Lord Archive

The concept of Digimon, Digimon Tamers and most of the characters in this work of fiction belongs to Toei Animation, Akiyoshi Hongo, and Chiaki Konaka.

This series includes sex between fictional characters, who are not based on real people. The characters involved may be stated as being under the age of consent of where you live and perform acts of illegal sexual practices, but they are fictional and do not have any real age or ability to commit real crime. Descriptions of digimon mating and may be considered by some to be bestiality, but they are fictional creations and not real animals. It should be noted that in Japan the age of consent is thirteen and that all human characters in detailed sex scenes are at least that age or older, so even if the characters did exist, they can legally consent to have sex.

Strict use of Japanese:

Matsuda Takato = Takato Matsuki
Makino Ruki = Rika Nonaka, Makino Rumiko = Makino Nonaka
Lee 'Jen' Jenrya = Henry Wong, Lee Shuichon = Suzie Wong
Juri = Jeri
Hirokazu = Kazu
Mako is the nickname for Makoto.
Growmon = Growlmon, Megalo Growmon = War Growlmon, Dukemon = Gallantmon
Galgomon = Gargomon, Saint Galgomon = Mega Gargomon
Matrix Evolution = Matrix Digivolution or Bio-Merge

This is an alternate universe, so not everything is the same as the television series, but it is very close to it.

I know I'd said this part would be longer than entry one, however, I've broken up this part into more chapters.


"Not much to say," Kai commented. "It's four years after the D-Reaper was defeated and life has continued on.

"Renamon's been fucking Impmon for a while now, while Ruki hasn't been getting any, which has made her a bit frustrated. An Airdramon popping up trying to kill the Tamers and their digimon didn't really help matters, but Kyuubimon took care of him."


"Now, Hirokazu, you remember the rules, right?" Mrs. Shiota questioned harshly.

"I can't go anywhere, no parties, no fighting, no alcohol, no friends besides Kenta, and no digimon besides my toaster," Hirokazu replied earnestly.

"Toaster?!" squawked Kokuwamon, a metallic beetle that looked to be made out of a few different appliances. "Since when did you relate me to being a toaster?"

"Ever since you stopped being a walking tank," Hirokazu retorted.

"And whose fault is that?" Kokuwamon retorted.

"Mine," Mrs. Shiota answered shortly, as she had made it a standing rule that her son's digimon must remain at child level. "We'll be gone until Monday. I'll be calling to make sure you're all right."

Hirokazu shook his head. "You worry too much."


"Juri-chan, are you working tonight?" Miki asked, her black hair still kept in the same short style it's been in for years.

"Only for a little bit longer," Juri replied as she wiped down the counter at her father's bar.

"That's good. Want to catch a movie with us?" Ayaka questioned, her light brown hair had been done in pig-tails four years ago, but now the girl sported a long ponytail.

"Sorry, but I'm going to Hirokazu-kun's party," Juri answered.

Miki blinked. "Shiota-kun is having a party?"

"A party? Can we come too?" Ayaka asked excitedly.

Juri smirked. "While I doubt Hirokazu-kun would have a problem, but do you think your parents would let you go to a party where there will be alcohol and that his parents are away for the weekend taking his older sister to her university?"

Miki blinked and pointed at Mr. Katou. "And your parents are letting you go?"

Juri nodded. "They know not to wait up for me."

"What they don't know won't hurt us," Ayaka voiced.

Juri leaned closer to her friends and whispered so her father wouldn't hear her. "Do you really want to risk drunkenly sleeping with Hirokazu-kun or a digimon?"

Miki edged away. "Have you...?"

Juri shook her head. "No. I'm too much of a lush to let that happen."

"Even Takato-kun?" Ayaka accused.

Juri gave a wry smile. "One, Takato-kun is an angry drunk. And two, I think he sees me as more of a sister."

"I doubt that," retorted a new voice.

Miki and Ayaka jumped and stared at Ruki.

"Ready for the party?" Ruki asked.

"Just need to tend to a couple more things, and I'll be all set. Did you bring the help?" Juri questioned.

"You called?" Beelzebumon ducked under the doorframe as he walked in with Renamon. He then pointed at a rack filled with full sake bottles. "That's the tray for the party?"

Juri nodded. "Make sure he doesn't drink any."

"I will," Renamon replied.

"Awww...." Beelzebumon sagged. "What's the fun of carrying it then?" He picked up the rack of sake bottles and left.

"Who's going to be at the party?" Miki questioned.

"Just Tamers and their digimon," Juri replied.

"And you've got all that sake?" Miki pressed.

"Well, a few of us can go through quite a bit," Juri explained.

"Not to mention the leftover sake is useful to deal with the hangover the following morning," Ruki added.

"What do you think?" Ayaka asked Miki.

"That there's no way in hell Mom would let me go to an overnight party and if she found out about the other stuff, I'd be grounded for life," Miki whined.

Ayaka whimpered.

"Just go to the movies. I don't think you're ready for that kind of party," Juri told them.

"Fine." Ayaka pointed at Juri. "But you will tell us EVERYTHING that happens tomorrow."

Ayaka stomped off in a huff, followed by Miki.

"You can go now," Mr. Katou told Juri.

Juri smiled. "Thanks, Dad." She wasted no time grabbing out and dragging Ruki with her.

"Why the rush to leave?" Ruki questioned, pulling her arm free.

"Well, I was wondering what you plan was for tonight?" Juri questioned.

Ruki blinked. "Plan?"

"Yeah. Are you going to drink at the party? Are you going to stay for all of it?" Juri asked.

Ruki frowned. "You know the answer to that. I almost fucked Terriermon the last time I was drunk. I thank God that Ryo stopped me and that Terriermon is a forgetful drunk."

"Too bad Ryo-kun is a lush like me," Juri playfully elbowed Ruki.

"Oh, please. If Ryo wasn't, I'd have screwed him after I had finished with Terriermon," Ruki retorted. "Though I bet you wished Takato was a horny drunk like Hirokazu."

Juri laughed. "If Takato-kun does like me THAT way, why hasn't he done anything about it? I think you've got a better chance with him romantically than I do."

"Well, if you don't do something about him, I may just try," Ruki warned.

"And what about your boyfriend?" Juri said with a smirk.

"Ryo is NOT my boyfriend," Ruki retorted.

"Then why did you assume I was talking about him?" Juri returned with a knowing smile. "I could've been talking about Jenrya-kun."

Ruki let out a frustrated scream. "That's not funny."

Juri giggled.


Jenrya stared at a small package before stuffing it into his pocket with a small blush.

"Think you're going to get some?" Terriermon questioned.

Jenrya jerked around and looked at his partner, his face now beet red. "Of course not."

"Then what's with the condom?" Terriermon accused.

"It's well... you can't be too sure with parties like this," Jenrya answered. "I mean, Ryo said he had to stop Ruki from having sex with you at the last one."

"Yeah, right. And I'm Makuramon's uncle." Terriermon folded his arms. "He was just teasing Ruki again. There's no way she would've done that even if she was totally plastered."

"Well, it's still better to be safe," Jenrya commented.

"Sure you'd even remember it?" Terriermon joked.

"I'm not the one who can't remember his own name," Jenrya retorted.

"No, you just get completely obsessed with something," Terriermon returned.

"I don't think I could've finished that 'Final Fantasy' game any other way," Jenrya replied sheepishly.

"You guys ready yet?" Shuichon asked, poking her head into Jenrya's room.

Jenrya stared nervously at his little sister wondering just how long she had been there. "Almost."

Shuichon huffed. "You've got to walk me to Ai-chan's house before going to your party."

"I know. We'll leave in a minute," Jenrya promised.

"We'd better." Shuichon stomped off.


Takato was about to leave with Guilmon for Hirokazu's party, and glared as a black van pulled in front of his parents' bakery.

Takato stepped out of the shadow of the alleyway next to the shop. "What's up?" he questioned seeing Reika hop out of the van.

"Forgot to get Yamaki's bagels," Reika replied with a sheepish smile. "Going somewhere?" she asked, noticing Guilmon was also in the alley.

"Hirokazu's party," Takato replied.

Reika furiously scratched her head. "It's the weekend already? Where the fuck did the week go?"

Takato shrugged. "Any information about yesterday's incident?"

Reika shook her head. "You probably know more than I do."

Mie exited her shop and looked at her son questioningly. "Is something going on?"

"Not at all, Matsuda-san," Reika replied cheerfully. "Just a bagel run."

Mie let out a breath. "Oh, good. How is Yamaki-san?"

"Afraid of commitment, as usual," Reika replied with a smirk.

Mie shook her head. "Should I get the day olds?"

"Sure. He never notices if they're fresh or not," Reika answered.

"Well, I'll be going now," Takato voiced.

"Do be careful and keep Guilmon out of sight," Mie told him.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. I AM under orders by the government to do just that," Takato retorted flatly.

"If you wait a minute, I'll drive you there. Might as well have a reason for borrowing the van." Reika bit her tongue.

"Thanks," Takato said.

While Reika went into the bakery to get the bagels, Takato opened the van's passenger door. Guilmon shot out of hiding and quickly went through the open door and into the back of the van. Takato then casually sat in the passenger seat.

Reika and Mie exited the bakery a moment later.

"Have, fun Takato. Don't drink too much," Mie told her son.

"Yeah, yeah," Takato groused.

"See you," Reika waved good-bye before getting into the van and driving off.

Takato glared at nothing, watching the scenery go by.

"Something wrong?" Reika asked.

"Nothing. I'm just a government-licensed psychopath and my mother still treats me like a little boy," Takato snapped.

Reika laughed. "You're going to a party that will go on all night, has alcohol, and no chaperon."

"If you don't count the men in black who watch me even when I take a piss," Takato interjected.

"We're not THAT bad," Reika retorted. "But fine. No real chaperon to stop you from doing anything stupid. If my parents found out that I went to parties like that when I was in senior high school, I would've been in deep shit. But not only does your mother know about the parties, she lets you go. You've got a lot more freedom than most kids your age."

Takato turned his glare onto her. "Right. And a hell lot of more responsibility that takes away much of that freedom."

Reika shook her head and decided to drop the entire conversation. She remembered when she first met Takato. He was a typical ten-year-old, just another lively kid full of adventure. Now he was a rebellious young teenager, embittered about life, and still harboring scars from the killing he had personally done. In many ways, even Juri had recovered better after the D-Reaper than Takato did.


"Pipi. Better when drunk," Marine Angemon noted.

Ruki glanced over. "I'd rather not be drunk right now."

"Afraid you fuck Terriermon? Pipi," Marine Angemon questioned.

Ruki glared. She wished the pathetic looking Ultimate digimon hadn't learned Japanese. He was easier to get along with when he could only say 'pipi.' She gave a sigh, knowing that what Marine Angemon said was true. These parties are better when drunk as inhibitions got in the way of enjoying it.

Hirokazu had gotten Juri, Kenta, Kokuwamon, Guilmon and Ryo to dance. However, Shiota being the horny drunk he was, was dirty dancing everyone on the makeshift dance floor. For some reason, Ryo's Monodramon tried to bite a chunk out of Hirokazu's leg when the boy ground his hips into Akiyama's.

Takato sat in the corner getting angrier with each drink he took. If it wasn't for Guilmon losing all ability to focus and had no coordination when drunk, Ruki would've been concerned about the pair.

Actually, Ruki was more concerned about another pair hidden in the corner making out like there was no tomorrow. Fortunately, Impmon hadn't progressed past light petting.

Jenrya was a safe, and rather dull, drunk. He was glued to one of Hirokazu's video games.

"Hey, why aren't you havin' fun," Terriermon slurred.

"Do you even remember my name?" Ruki asked.

"Um, Rika?" Terriermon guessed.

"Wrong," Ruki intoned.

"Sorry." Terriermon scratched the back of his head. "Let's have some fun like last time."

Ruki blinked. "Last time?"

"You remember. When you rubbed me," Terriermon told her while pawing between his legs.

"Ack!" Ruki backed away. "I've got to be going." Makino rushed out of the house.

Impmon smirked as Ruki left in a hurry. "That's our cue."

Renamon nodded, giving a concerned look toward the direction Ruki had left. Her eyes then widened as Terriermon began to jack-off. She turned back to her lover. "Yes. We'd better get going."

"That princess is really hot," Jenrya drooled as he continued to play the game.


Shuichon preferred playing with her imagination than video games. As such her ability to compete against Ai and Makoto was rather limited.

Lopmon was completely into the four player racing game. He would dodge and weave his way into contention against the experienced gaming twins. Not to mention run down that mushroom princess as the computer character came out to reward the winner.

"Why did you do that, AGAIN?!" Shuichon demanded.

Lopmon shrugged. "The lady was in the way."

"Come on. Let's play again," Makoto voiced.

"Of course you would. You've won five times," Shuichon grumbled.

"I've got to at least tie him," Ai insisted.

"I just want to win once," Lopmon added.

"Fine." Shuichon sighed. Despite her poor chances of winning, she focused on the game as it began. As she expected, she held fourth for the first lap. She grinned noticing that she had caught up to one of the riders and used a special attack to slow him down. She was surprised to note that was Ai's car that she passed.

Shuichon completed the second lap, but Ai had not passed her again. She took a quick look at the other squares to see where the others were. Ai was straggling behind and was being passed up by Makoto and Lopmon, who were locked in heated combat. Since the two boys were battling it out, it allowed Shuichon to sneak passed them to victory.

"I won!" Shuichon cheered with glee.

"I beat Ai and Mako!" Lopmon cheered as well.

"Rematch," Makoto growled.

Ai merely stared off into space, panting slightly.

"Something wrong?" Shuichon asked.

Ai shakily stood up. "I... I've got to go the bathroom."

Lopmon blinked as the girl rushed out of the room. There was something distinctly odd with her scent. He stood up. "I'll be back in a minute."

"Fine. I challenge you to 'Street Fight V-X Alpha Omega!'" Makoto pointed at Shuichon.

Shuichon shrugged. It didn't matter which game they played. He'd kick her ass in it.

Lopmon cautiously followed Ai's scent. Apparently the girl had failed to close the bathroom door properly. His eyes widen as he saw Ai sitting on the toilet doing... things... to herself and moaning. Mechanically he turned and walked away. He had been right about that smell. However, he didn't think human girls that young could be ready to mate. Ai was a few months younger than Shuichon, but his partner never exhibited any mating urges that he knew of. He'd have to keep an extra close eye on Shuichon to make sure she can control herself when they do become present.


Kenta was one step away from heaven. Juri had hiked her skirt up and was rubbing her panties directly over his tented pants. He didn't notice that his dance partner wasn't paying attention to him, nor that Takato was glaring through him.

Juri smiled devilishly before giving the seeing-impaired boy a deep hungry kiss.

Takato growled angrily and got out of his chair. He stomped around Guilmon, who slumbered away in a drunken haze, toward the dancers.

Kenta didn't notice Matsuda approach, and had no clue as to who had just struck him in the back of the knee.

"Takato!" Juri cried out in shock as Kenta crashed to the ground.

Takato merely snarled as he took off down the hall.

Juri rushed after him, while Hirokazu went to Kenta's aid.

"You okay?" Hirokazu asked.

"Do I look okay?" Kenta retorted rubbing the back of his knee.

"This looks painful too," Hirokazu noted, rubbing a finger across the boy's erection.

"Well... yeah...." Kenta groaned.

"Bet if I take care of this, you'll forget about your knee." Hirokazu smirked as he undid Kenta's pants and pulled on them to free the boy's hardened penis.

Kenta did not protest as his childhood friend began to suck on him. He was lost in pleasure, while Hirokazu was focused on giving it.

Ryo and Monodramon had left shortly after Ruki, Renamon and Impmon.

Terriermon was lost in satisfied blissful slumber, while Guilmon shifted and moved in his sleep.

Kokuwamon was intent on making brief explosions as he ignited some sake.

Jenrya couldn't even blink as he fought yet another boss in the game.

So when Juri began to scream in pain, no one heard her.


Hirokazu woke to the sounds of light snoring, which sounded more like a broken chainsaw at the moment for him. Opening his eyes, he saw Kenta faced down on his bed. He stretched and lazily got out of bed. He noted with slight disgust the dried jelly and shit on his cock, but shrugged. Kenta's tight ass was worth a little mess. He tossed on some clothes and left his room to see were all his friends ended up, and to find some sake for his hangover.

The living room was much the way Hirokazu had left it. Jenrya was asleep while sitting up as the game prompted for the next move. Guilmon and Terriermon were still asleep from where they had crashed last night as well. He entered the kitchen and found a large burn mark on the tiled floor with Kokuwamon sleeping nearby.

Hirokazu kicked his partner, and then yelped in pain from striking the metallic hide.

"Mornin'," Kokuwamon lazily greeted.

"What did you do?" Hirokazu demanded.

"It was oddly fascinating watching sake burn. It reminded me of when I first met you," Kokuwamon noted.

Hirokazu rubbed his head furiously. "I don't need this now. What are we going to tell my Mom?"

"I tried to cook again?" Kokuwamon ventured, pointing at another burn mark on the floor.

"Better than the truth, I guess." Hirokazu sighed. "Now give me one of the leftover bottles."

"Can't," Kokuwamon replied.

"Why not?" Hirokazu demanded.

"I blew them up," Kokuwamon replied pointing at the burnt floor.


Takato groggily woke to the sound of someone screaming. His eyes suddenly went wide when he noticed Juri was in bed with him with dried tears on her face.

Juri's eyes widened in shock before Takato pushed her down onto Hirokazu's parents' bed. He then gripped her panties and yanked them down. Before she could even cry out his name, he rammed his cock into her like a dull knife cutting away her virginity. She couldn't take the pain and cried out as if she was being tortured, but Takato didn't stop.

"What... what have I done?" Takato wanted to throw-up as he backed away from Juri.

"Takato, STOP! You're hurting me!" Juri pleaded desperately while his cock pounded inside her.

"Takato?" Juri called out sleepily.

"J-Juri... I... I'm sorry. I didn't mean... last night... I shouldn't have...." Takato fell out of the bed and grabbed his pants and underwear. "I'm really sorry for last night!" He then bolted out of the room.

Juri could only stare, tears pooling in her eyes.


"Takato? What's wrong?" Guilmon insisted as he followed behind his partner as they took the back alleyways to their home.

"Can't we just leave it at 'I did something really stupid?'" Takato replied.

"No," Guilmon replied. "This is really hurting you, and I want to know why!"

"Please, Guilmon, I don't want to talk about it," Takato pleaded.

Guilmon sagged. "You'll tell me when you're ready?"

"Yeah. If I'm ever ready, I'll tell you," Takato answered.

Guilmon didn't exactly like that answer, but it would have to do for now.

Suddenly a fog rolled in from nowhere.

"Blasphemers," intoned a Giga Dramon, a giant metallic dragon digimon with rockets launchers hidden in its claws.

"Something to hurt," Takato replied, glaring through the Perfection level opponent. "Guilmon!"

Guilmon smiled. A battle might help Takato take his mind off his troubles. Besides, by merging with his partner, he might get a glimpse at what's bothering him. "Guilmon Matrix Evolve to...!"

Takato seemed to fall into Guilmon and the world exploded. His digimon partner reformed around him. As the light of evolution faded, a white knight proudly stood there wielding a deadly lance and spear. "Dukemon!"

"Die! Genocide Gear!" Giga Dramon called out, firing two large missiles from his claws.

Dukemon sent a beam of energy from one of his lance, causing the missiles to explode far short of their target. "I'm going to enjoy this." He leapt to the air.

Two minutes later, the digital field subsided and Takato walked away.

Guilmon stared at his partner for a long moment before following.


"What the fuck is up with Takato?" Kai cried out in shock. "Did he really drunkenly rape Juri? Why the hell did he play around for two whole minutes against a digimon he could kill in a single attack? Man, I'm really confused. Hope I'm not the only one.

"It doesn't look like things will get better in the next part. More romantic trouble brews as Takato and Juri aren't talking to each other and someone professes love to Ruki. It doesn't get better when an Ultimate digimon that Makino could never hope to defeat tries to kill her specifically.

"Find out what happens in the next part, 'The Worst of Days.' Until then, take hold and tame the future."


Author's Notes:

Here's part two already. I hope to work on the next couple parts soon as they play off this one.

Here's a translation of the original scene that had the dub line 'Digimon aren't separated by gender' line.

Provided by Zagyg from Megchan's Message Board

Rumiko: Renamon tte, onna no hito deshou? (Renamon, you're a woman, aren't you?)

Renamon: Digimon ni wa honrai, seibutsu wa arimasen ga. (Well, Digimon aren't actually living creatures, to begin with...)

Rumiko: Demo, zettai anata wa onna no ko. Dakara, atashitachi no kazoku. (But you're still definitely a girl. So, we're your family.)

That digimon don't have genders could be inferred by this, but Renamon didn't actually deny it. More to the point, what Renamon had originally said was more of an echo of what Ruki had said in the beginning of the series. Just because Renamon makes a statement that she believes digimon aren't living creatures, doesn't negate that Takato and Jenrya argued that they are living creatures and helped to convince Ruki of that point.

Renamon didn't say 'biological creatures,' but 'living creatures.' Even if that's what she meant, it's not what she said.

It should also be pointed out that Renamon is in a rare situation of being nervous. She might have a nervous habit of saying things she may not mean, much like Culumon with his use of 'culu' when nervous, scared or in awe. However, since Renamon is so rarely nervous, this is the only time such a trait would appear.