Red D-Arc Diaries

Entry 5 - The Edge of Tomorrow

By: Lord Archive

The concept of Digimon, Digimon Tamers and most of the characters in this work of fiction belongs to Toei Animation, Akiyoshi Hongo, and Chiaki Konaka.

This series includes sex between fictional characters, who are not based on real people. The characters involved may be stated as being under the age of consent of where you live and perform acts of illegal sexual practices, but they are fictional and do not have any real age or ability to commit real crime. Descriptions of digimon mating and may be considered by some to be bestiality, but they are fictional creations and not real animals. It should be noted that in Japan the age of consent is 13 and that all human characters in detailed sex scenes are at least that age or older, so even if the characters did exist, they can legally consent to have sex.

Strict use of Japanese:
Matsuda Takato = Takato Matsuki
Makino Ruki = Rika Nonaka, Makino Rumiko = Makino Nonaka
Lee 'Jen' Jenrya = Henry Wong, Lee Shuichon = Suzie Wong
Juri = Jeri
Hirokazu = Kazu
Mako is the nickname for Makoto.
Growmon = Growlmon, Megalo Growmon = War Growlmon, Dukemon = Gallantmon
Galgomon = Gargomon, Saint Galgomon = Mega Gargomon
Reika = Riley, Megumi = Tailey

This is an alternate universe, so not everything is the same as the television series, but it is very close to it.


"The dragon digimon are after Takato and Guilmon, but little is known about why they are after them beyond that they're 'blasphemers.' That problem is compounded since Takato is suicidal because he believes he raped Juri. While it was rougher than Juri wanted, she doesn't consider it rape and is waiting for him to come to her," Kai explained, but then shouted, "Do you see a problem with this?!

"The other Tamers won't be of any help for the star-crossed lovers. Jenrya did more to convince Takato to kill himself, rather than deter it. Ruki is in mourning from Ryo leaving the dimension for good, while Renamon blames herself for Ryo's departure. The rest aren't in any position that could possibly help."


"Hello, Katou-san," greeted a casually dressed, slightly overweight, Japanese gentleman with a soothing voice.

"Hello, Neko-sensei," Juri returned. She had been seeing this psychologist just about every week since shortly after the D-Reaper was defeated. It was nice to talk to someone that she could tell anything to and know it wouldn't be repeated. "Sorry about not talking to you last week."

"That's all right. I am here to listen. If you don't want to talk, there is little I can do," Neko replied. "Perhaps we should start with why you didn't want to talk to me last week?"

Juri pouted. "Well, there isn't really much to say. Hirokazu threw a party and I had sex with Takato, but the following morning when we woke up he looked at me in fear and ran off."

Neko did not seem all that surprised by Juri's statement as he asked, "Do you know why he ran away?"

Juri shook her head. "I think it was because I pushed the relationship too soon for him. He never initiated anything more than a hug, but then I got him riled up while drunk and he, well, 'fucked' me."

Neko raised an eyebrow as he rarely heard the girl swear. "Why did you term what he did as being, 'fucked?'"

Juri sighed. "Because I didn't feel any love in it. He just yanked down my panties and rammed himself in."

"I take it you didn't enjoy yourself," Neko observed.

"Well, not the first time, but I was more in control the second time that night," Juri replied.

"Are you upset at Takato?" Neko questioned.

"A little. It hurt when he ran away from me. And it's only gotten worse since he hasn't talked to me since he ran off," Juri replied.

"What would you do if he came to you and apologized?" Neko asked.

"Probably make love to him," Juri answered.

"What if he doesn't want a sexual relationship?" Neko pressed.

"I'd respect that... I guess. I'd want some confirmation that he loves me though," Juri replied.

"And what if he never comes back to you?" Neko questioned.

"Well, I want him to come to me, but if he takes too long I guess I'll go to him so we can talk," Juri answered.

"What if he doesn't want to talk?" Neko added.

"We'll have to talk about it some time. I'd just have to be persistent enough to make him talk," Juri replied.


Subject T06, Honorary Lieutenant Katou Juri, appears to have overcome her trauma of being tortured and mentally raped by the entity known as D-Reaper.

Juri gave a friendly smile as she waited on a customer at her father’s bar. She finished taking the order and almost bounced over to the counter and gave it to her father to work on.

Appearances in this case are very deceiving. Katou hides behind her smile. She does not wish to burden others with her problems and so she wears a mask of being happy even when she is not.

The order completed, Juri takes it over to the customers waiting at the table. As she turned to help another table, she felt a sharp pinch on her ass from one of the guys she just served. She didn’t react to it, rather she continued on her way.

Juri accepts discomfort and pain far too easily. Thankfully few have known the level of emotional pain Katou has experienced, but her acceptance of pain goes beyond the torture she has received. Katou still harbors guilt over the lives lost during the D-Reaper’s attacks.

Mr. Katou glared at the boy that pinched his daughter. "Juri, are you all right?"

Juri blinked with a puzzled look. "I'm fine. Why'd you ask?"

Despite how open Juri is in our sessions, I still feel that she has kept many things from me, particularly things the D-Reaper did to her. Rather than trouble me by telling me what truly happened to her, she gave only the barest details. It has become quite a game to read between the lines and find the hidden meanings of her words.

While Juri was helping a customer at the far table, her eyes glanced over a picture of most the Tamers without their digimon. She frowned briefly before taking the order.

The loss of Akiyama has not truly affected Katou yet, but that’s because of Matsuda. While Katou has admitted sexual relations with Matsuda, she may have been date raped by him. It is hard to be certain with the way Katou buries her problems. Even if she was raped, Katou may not view it as such. Further observation is recommended.


Neko set his cassette recorder down and rubbed his eyes. Akiyama’s ‘death’ gave him a good excuse to request all the Tamers to sit down and talk with him. It also served as a good point in time for him to take a step back and look over his patients problems. Seeing how they deal with losing a friend when a new threat was targeting another to be killed would help to open more doors for him to better understand them and offer insight on how to help them with other problems.

Neko glanced at the clock and then at the empty seat in his office. "What a surprise," he muttered. He decided to begin work on his next report since his next patient failed to show up, again.


Subject T05, Honorary Lieutenant Matsuda Takato, still refuses counseling.

"Give me all your money!" demanded a teen wearing a ski mask over his head and holding a knife to a young woman in the park. The teen then cried out in pain and shock as a hand grabbed his wrist with such force it made him drop the blade.

"Get a cop," Takato told the woman, still holding the robber's arm.

Yamaki favors Matsuda to be named as the Field Commander of the Wild Special Forces. From observing him in public and during the martial arts practice that I suggested Brigton give him, he does show signs of being a good leader.

The woman quickly ran off.

The robber growled and swung at Takato with his free hand.

Takato dodged by jumping back, letting go of his hold.

The robber quickly picked up the knife and held it tightly in his right hand.

"Amateur," Takato spat.

However, despite Matsuda's belief of not needing a 'head shrink,' he still has issues controlling his anger which can cloud his judgment as a leader.

The robber charged, swinging the deadly blade at Takato's chest.

Matsuda ducked under the attack. He didn't give the robber a chance to attempt another strike as he grabbed the attacker's right wrist with his left hand while his right hand was arched like a claw just between the guy's legs. Takato looked up and smirked. "I bet it's not too late for you to join the 'Darwin Awards.'"

Serious issues of anger. From the few sessions I had with Matsuda, I learned he does have an explosive temper. While it wouldn't normally be a problem as Matsuda is usually hard to get upset, other factors have made it easier for him to become angry.

The robber wasn't quite sure what the boy meant, but the intent was clear. He didn't budge until he heard a cop order him to drop the knife.

Takato made sure to not get cut by the knife as it fell. He then got up on his feet and pushed the robber toward the officer.

Matsuda suffers from the traumas he experienced as a Tamer. His battles against digimon had started as a game and killing wild ones was part of it. Later Matsuda learned that it wasn't a game and all the digimon he helped killed were truly dead and would never come back. But even when he knew that a destroyed digimon doesn't get reborn, he still helped in killing them. Learning that the Devas weren't evil, but were only doing what they thought was necessary to help save their own world did not help Matsuda come to terms with their deaths.

Takato was getting rather annoyed at the officer treating him as if he had committed a crime as well. When the officer threatened to call his parents, he replied, "No, you won't." He proceeded to pull out his wallet and display his United Nations Military security badge.

"Is some fake identification card supposed to impress me?" the officer replied angrily.

"Go ahead and confirm the card," Takato replied emotionlessly.

Then, on top of his post traumatic stress disorder, Matsuda has fully entered puberty. While it is natural for teens to rebel and question authority, his other problems have accented this trait acutely.

The officer took the card and dragged the robber to a police box to phone headquarters. He relayed the identification number over the phone and then went into wide-eyed shock. "What?! You've got to be joking?! No, he hasn't asked me to do anything. He was fighting a robber in the park."

Takato just smirked as he watched the conversation.

The officer looked sick as he handed the card back. "Here you go... Sir. Sorry to have troubled you."

"No problem," Takato replied simply and left for home.

"Gods, now I know what that cop in 'Gatekeepers' felt like," the officer muttered. It had been funny when he watched the series as a cadet, but now it was just disturbing to discover a teenager ranked as special forces in the United Nations Military.

While I doubt Matsuda would ever want to cause harm to Katou, his issues with anger combined with alcohol consumption makes me believe that he was capable of raping her at the party. This makes me even more concerned with Matsuda's mental state.

Takato went straight to his room as he got home and noticed Guilmon on the computer. "What are you doing?" Matsuda questioned.

Guilmon quickly moved the mouse and clicked something before looking sheepishly at his partner and chirped, "Just playing a game!"

"Whatever." Takato sighed. "Let me know if a message comes in." He then hopped up into his lofted bed.

"Will do!" Guilmon squeaked.

If only I knew why he stopped coming to our sessions, then maybe I could get him to come back. I can't force him to talk me since I would never be able to help him unless he trusted me enough to truly open up.


"Hello, Ruki," Neko greeted. "It's been a while."

"Yeah, I know." Ruki flopped into the chair.

"How are you feeling?" Neko asked.

"Like shit," Ruki clipped.

"Why is that?" Neko questioned.

"Life sucks," Ruki replied.

"Why do you feel 'life sucks?'" Neko pressed.

"Because it does," Ruki stated firmly.

"Now, Ruki, you know I can't help you unless you let me," Neko asserted.

Ruki folded her arms. "You have no idea how shitty life has been. I don't know where to start."

"Where ever you feel most comfortable with," Neko replied.

"Fine, for starters that moron Genji admitted in front of everyone on the Digimon set that he LIKES me," Ruki complained.

"I take it you have no interest in him," Neko commented.

"I'd sooner do Renamon and I don't swing that way," Ruki returned.

Neko nearly had to bite his tongue from asking whether Ruki didn't swing towards girls or towards digimon. He forced himself to ask, "What did you do after he admitted his feelings?"

"I told him I'm not interested. Didn't do anything though. He's been more annoying now than before by trying to figure out how to get me to find him attractive," Ruki explain irritably. "He even tried to make me jealous by bringing a girl to the set as a 'date.'"

"How did you react to that?" Neko questioned.

Ruki smirked evilly. "I thanked the girl and told her to keep her 'boyfriend' away from me. The look on Genji's face was priceless."

Neko gave a small smile. "You seem to have a handle on that situation. What else is troubling you?"

"Did Juri explain what happened at the party the other week?" Ruki asked.

"Now, Ruki...," Neko said in a serious tone.

"Right. Patient's 'privacy.'" Ruki frowned, suspecting that Neko did give Yamaki some information from these sessions. She then shrugged, considering Yamaki damned near knew everything else, including when and where she lost her virginity, a little more couldn't hurt. "Well, she told me EVERYthing. Takato raped her, but she's taking it as being 'rough sex' because she was the one to start it."

Neko didn't look surprised as he had suspected that to be the case. Having patients that knew each other helped give him a fuller picture of what they were like and had helped him make his report on Takato. However, it also left him with the problem of biases.

"Do you plan to do anything about what happened?" Neko questioned.

"No," Ruki replied with sigh. "Juri does love that idiot, and they were drunk. I wouldn't want to mess up what they have because of a bit of drunken stupidity they did to each other. They better get their act together."

"But Juri's sexual encounter still troubles you," Neko observed.

Ruki frowned and nodded. "Yeah, it does. Right now Juri has lost Takato for making him pop her cherry just as I've lost Ryo by getting him to do that to me."

Neko raised an eyebrow in surprise. "Why do you feel Ryo left because he had sex with you?"

"Because Ryo's partner is in love with him and tried to kill me for fucking Ryo. The only reason I'm alive now is because Ryo dragged his partner into another dimension. Ryo can't return here unless his partner accepts me, and the fact he hasn't come back is a good indication that would never happen," Ruki explained bitterly.

"It would take time for Cyber Dramon to accept you. He could still come back," Neko tried to assure her.

"Problems with that." Ruki began to count on her fingers. "One, it wasn't Cyber Dramon that attacked us, but Ryo's true partner evolved from Cyber Dramon, Millenniumon. And that digimon is a certified nut case. Two, Ryo is immortal. I watched Millenniumon turn him into a bloody paste only for Ryo to break apart into data and force his way in Millenniumon's body to make him evolve into Justimon before opening the dimensional portal. And three, Ryo not only knows how to go to other dimensions, but also how to move through time. He could've returned BEFORE he left if he really wanted to."

Neko stared at Ruki. "I see.... And how do you feel about this?"

"I... I don't know. It's my fault he left and won't be coming back, but part of the reason he stayed here was because of me," Ruki replied.

"Do you miss him?" Neko asked.

"Yeah, I do," Ruki admitted.

"Did you love him?" Neko pressed.

Ruki let out a short laugh. "Everyone keeps saying that I did, but I don't think so. When I thought of him, it was either as a friend or as someone to fuck, not as someone I wanted to wake up with every morning. It might've gotten to that point if we had more time, but that'll never happen."


Subject T04, Honorary Lieutenant Makino Ruki.

Ruki sighed as she read over today’s script for her show. She glanced up and gave a brief smile as Renamon watched her from one of the catwalks far overhead. She turned toward Genji when the boy called her name while showing off. The idiot should’ve been cast as 'Junpei.'

Makino has had issues with getting close to men. Having her father walk out on her family when she was young created a lack of male influence in her life. When Makino began to see me, I had thought her tomboyish nature was the result of blaming her mother for her father leaving and was trying to be nothing like her. However, like most problems that was only half the answer.

Ruki walked onto the set and seemed to change from being withdrawn to an excited young girl in love. She was now Izumi, and announced that she was in love with Takuya.

Junpei turned away and muttered out his congratulations.

Makino blamed herself for her father leaving as well. That if she had been born a boy, her father would’ve stayed, reinforcing her tomboyish ways. Makino didn’t want to be a ‘weak’ crying girl who needed help like her mother had been after the separation, but a strong boy who could stand on his own.

Takuya tried to take advantage of his closeness with his Izumi, but the camera stopped filming and they were once again Genji and Ruki. While ‘Izumi’ might’ve accepted a playful pat on the ass, Ruki punched the back of the actor’s head to avoid bruising him visibly.

Everyone laughed as Genji pried himself from the floor while Ruki stomped off.

Just because she wanted to be strong ‘like a boy,’ doesn’t mean Makino denies that she is a girl. She is very proud of being female, and has the typical feelings of a girl. Though Makino would likely object to being ‘typical.’ She still very much wants to be strong.

"Are you sure I can’t hurt him?" the shadow next to Ruki questioned.

"No, you can’t." Ruki huffed. "I’ll be the one to do the hurting."

One of Makino’s strengths is knowing where she has problems and dealing with them. From what I understand of her past, Makino had issues about getting close to anyone, but with the help of Renamon and the other Tamers she came to understand that she not only did she want friends, she needed them. And while she did make friends with boys, there was still the question of intimacy that she avoided.

Ruki gazed at a poster of Justimon. She knew it wasn’t actually a picture of Ryo, but from her show. It still looked like him. She didn’t understand why she missed him so much. He was an arrogant bastard who delighted in tormenting her.

That Makino had consented to have sex with Akiyama surprises me. I did not think she would be ready for that. It concerns me about how Makino will deal with future relationships, especially as she blames herself for what happened to Akiyama. Even if she does not love him as she believes, she did let him get closer to her than she had ever let any boy before.

Another scene to shoot for the show had Ruki once again in the Sakuyamon outfit. She leapt into the air, being hoisted higher with a wire harness and swinging down with her mandala. While nothing appeared to happen, the giant puppet of Skull Satamon screamed in the agony of death while it fell backwards. Her fiery ‘attack’ would be added later by a computer.

Makino’s strength has allowed her to come to terms with what she did when she first became a Tamer, treating digimon as nothing more than things to kill in a game. She knows she had needlessly taken some lives, but she also knows that some of the digimon she killed would’ve attacked people had she not stopped them. I hope her strength continues to aid her with the loss of her first lover.


Neko sighed as he pulled the cassette from the recorder that was marked with Makino’s name. He had not changed the schedule for when he wanted to see the Tamers, and knew his next patient would not be showing up. He slipped a cassette marked Akiyama and began to record.


Subject T01, Honorary Lieutenant Akiyama Ryo, final entry. Akiyama is an unique individual. He rarely came to see me, though I wish he had.

"Come on, Monodramon," Ryo called out bitterly. To say he was still upset at Millenniumon would be an understatement. Walking through an Escher dimension wasn’t helping as the lack of knowing which way was up or down was giving him a headache.

"I’m c-coming," Monodramon stuttered as he rushed after his partner.

Ryo received no warning as a laser ripped through his chest.

If I’m to believe the file Wild has on Akiyama, and Ruki’s statements, the boy is immortal. I have trouble believing that is possible. Particularly since Akiyama doesn’t have an overdeveloped immortality complex. While he does tend to appear to be reckless, his actions come more out of confidence in his abilities than foolhardiness. And though he supposedly can come back from being mortally wounded, he avoids personal injury if he can help it.

"Ryo!?" Monodramon called out, but then started to growl angrily. His body began to glow and grow several times his original size.

The Vadermon who fired that weapon shrank back as a large metallic dragon now stood before him.

"Stupid mistake," Cyber Dramon spat before leaping at the alien digimon and sinking his claws into the oversized brain. He savored the death cry of the digimon. He then turned around, and began to walk back towards the Tamer’s dimension.

His digimon is supposedly highly insane, suffering from potentially megalomania, schizophrenia, and multiple personalities. I could have made career off him alone, however I’m not allowed to use my services on the digimon.

"Not so fast," Ryo coughed. Without another word, he slashed a card that sent Cyber Dramon back to being Monodramon.

"Are you okay, Ryo?" Monodramon asked immediately going to his partner’s side.

Ryo groaned as his chest healed. "I’ll be fine."

It is a shame I could not have spent much time with Akiyama and his digimon. They could especially use my help now since there is probably a rift between Tamer and digimon. Time heals all wounds, and apparently Akiyama will have lots of time. Though it would be in his best interest to deal with his problems now rather than wait a few decades.

Ryo gave a small smile as he opened a door and found what he was looking for; a rainbow bridge.

"Isn’t that…?" Monodramon trailed off.

"Well, it's either home or Asgard," Ryo replied. "Let's go."


Subject T02, Alice McCoy, rank pending.

A young, blond haired, teenage girl stood in a barren wasteland dressed in her old Catholic school uniform. A digital tumbleweed danced with the wind as it passed her.

What is there to say about her? I have never met her, and McCoy rarely speaks of his granddaughter. I’m making this file out of the sake of being complete. All I have from Wild’s files was that the girl had run away from home over five years ago and was now living somewhere in the Digital World, if she’s still alive. The reason she had run away is a mystery.

A shadow loomed over the girl. A Paildramon with gray skin looked down harshly. "Do not interfere, Tamer. This does not concern you."

"I had sacrificed a lot for that Tamer. I will not allow your master’s plan to continue," retorted Alice.

"Then meet your maker." Paildramon opened fire with his blasters.

The girl didn’t budge as the ground around her exploded from the dragon’s attacks, obscuring her from sight from the resulting cloud of dirt.

A howl echoed throughout the waste land and when the dirt cloud dissipated, there was no girl standing there but a taller man in Egyptian clothes with the head of dog. "I shall ferry YOU to your maker. Amemit!"

In a blinding flash of light, Paildramon exploded into data.

I do hope she is alive and will come back to Earth. It can’t be natural for her to stay there.


Neko looked up as someone knocked on the door. "Come in."

"Hi, Neko-sensei," Jenrya replied as he entered the room and sat down.

"Hello, Jenrya-kun. How are you today?" Neko questioned.

"I guess I'm fine," Jenrya replied.

"Is something troubling you?" Neko questioned.

"Well, I'm worried about Takato. I'm afraid he's going to kill himself," Jenrya admitted.

Neko blinked. "Why do you say that?"

"The other week we were all at a party. During it Takato raped Juri. At least he thinks he did," Jenrya explained.

Neko frowned. There went any potential bias from Ruki's statement. He had to know more. "Do you have anything more to back up your suspicions?"

Jenrya frowned. "During a meeting we were discussing the Dramon battles. We found out that Takato and Guilmon are the true targets and after I mentioned that the attacks might stop if they died, we could tell Takato and Guilmon honestly considered it."


Jenrya left the room at the end of the session with Neko.

The doctor waited a moment after the door closed and picked up his phone. "Yamaki-san, we have a potential problem with Matsuda." He frowned. "No, he didn't show up for his appointment again. However, from comments from the other Tamers, he may be suicidal. Until we are certain he's not, he is to avoid participating in any battle." He blinked at the response he got. "You already took him off the combat roster?" Neko scowled darkly. "No, I can't tell you what the trouble between Matsuda and Katou is." He then hung up the phone.

Neko sighed. At least his next appointment shouldn't be as intense as the others. A light wrapping on the door told him she was there. "Come on in, Shui-chan."

"Hello, Sensei," Shuichon greeted as she entered the room and hopped into the chair.

"How are you today?" Neko began.

"I'm fine, but Mako's been acting weird," Shuichon commented.

"Weird?" Neko questioned.

"Yeah. He's been getting kind of touchy and won't leave me alone. Not to mention he keeps putting something in his pants," Shuichon complained.

Neko blinked. She couldn't mean.... "Something in his pants?"

Shuichon nodded. "Yeah, they always seemed to be tented." She pinched her pants over her crotch and pulled on it to indicate what she meant. "Why do boys do that anyway? I've even seen Jen's pants tented like that, though not nearly as often as Mako."

Neko stared at the girl. How the hell was he supposed to explain this?!


Subject T03, Honorary Lieutenant Lee Jenrya, has yet to learn not to shoulder all responsibility onto himself.

Jenrya tried to grab his little sister’s hand as he guided her to the subway.

Shuichon pulled away and huffed, "I’m not a little girl."

Over developed protective nature towards others, especially with his little sister. He will probably have a difficult time accepting that Shuichon is growing up. He wants to be a good big brother to her, but he tends to overdo it.

Jenrya sighed as he watched his sister march angrily ahead of him. All he wanted to do was help, but he seemed to be doing a poor job of that lately.

I do hope Matsuda isn’t truly suicidal. If something bad did happen to him, Jenrya will view it as being his fault. It would be difficult to prove otherwise as he offered the form of suicide. Matsuda’s guilt would eventually result in him seeking some form of punishment. At least we know it has a focus and can help prevent him from going through with it.

Jenrya’s mind wandered over what to do about Takato, but failed to pay attention to where he was going and walked straight into a sign post.

Shuichon stopped to laugh at him.

Jenrya’s rather poor observational skills are his biggest weakness. As a soldier and a scientist he needs to notice things quickly. Unfortunately there isn’t much I can do for him. He certainly can’t be a leader if he can’t pick up his opponent’s motives.

Subject T08, Honorary Ensign Lee Shuichon, has begun to ask sexual questions, though I don’t believe she has actually started puberty yet. Her questions stemmed from curiosity of the behavior of the older Tamers and the twins.

Jenrya groaned as Shuichon stopped abruptly as she looked in the window of a toy shop. She eyes glanced over a couple dolls and stuffed animals but locked on a ‘Little Miss Actress Kit.’

Shuichon is growing up and soon her questions won’t be about a boy showing interest in her, but her wondering what to do about her own interest in boys. I have not met with the Takahashi twins, Ai and Makoto, yet. However, if what Shuichon told me is true, they’ve both begun puberty. While some eight-year-olds have experienced the initial stages of puberty, it is still rather uncommon occurrence for a child under ten. I should try to find some excuse to counsel the twins, but it may prove difficult as the twins’ connection to Impmon has been kept secret from their family.


"Hi," grumbled Hirokazu.

"You seem upset today," Neko observed.

"What was your first clue?" Hirokazu shot back.

Neko smirked. "Care to tell me about what’s troubling you?"

"Why the hell hasn’t anyone done something about Ryo?!" Hirokazu nearly shouted.

Neko frowned. "What would you have liked people to have done?"

"Go find him and bring him back, of course. When I tried going to the Digital World, they locked the fucking door," Hirokazu complained bitterly.

"But you may not be able to find him? You do know of his ability to go to other dimensions besides the Digital World?" Neko asked calmly.

"Well, yeah. But he couldn’t have gone far. We could’ve brought him back," Hirokazu insisted.

"Do you know why he had to leave?" Neko questioned.

"Yeah. Cyber Dramon wanted to kill Ruki for getting too close to Ryo," Hirokazu replied angrily.

"Would not that problem still persist if he had returned?" Neko asked.

"Ryo could’ve found another way to deal with him. He didn’t have to leave!" Hirokazu cried out.


Subject T07, Shiota Hirokazu, Honorary Ensign, has embraced his homosexual tendencies at an unusually young age. While it is not uncommon for a teenager to question his orientation, it is rare for one to fully enter into a relationship without attempting a heterosexual one first.

"Loser bends over," Hirokazu voiced before starting the arcade game against Kenta.

Shiota is the only one of the Tamers who hasn’t accepted that Akiyama won’t be coming back. His crush on the elder Tamer may have been problematic for Shiota’s relationship with Kitagawa, but I fear Akiyama’s ‘death’ may cause even more trouble for the couple.

Hirokazu pounded on the buttons, annihilating his opponent.

Kenta sighed. It didn’t matter who won. He would’ve been made to bend over anyway.

Subject T09, Kitagawa Kenta, Honorary Ensign, is Shiota’s male lover. Unlike Shiota, Kitagawa does question his sexual orientation. Though that may stem from being the uke in their homosexual relationship.


"Report," Yamaki said simply.

Neko folded his hands. "Now, Yamaki-san, I didn’t ask you to come down here to talk about my patients."

"Then why am I here?" Yamaki returned flatly.

"Because you are my patient as well," Neko replied.

"I don’t need to talk to a shrink," Yamaki replied harshly.

"Are you sure?" Neko questioned. "A position like yours is very stressful, and it could help to discuss things."

"What’s there to discuss?" Yamaki grumbled.

"How do you fell about Akiyama’s departure?" Neko questioned.

"That it is ill timed. We could use his help," Yamaki stated simply.

"And what about the threat to Matsuda and his possible suicidal tendencies?" Neko asked.

"We’ll keep Matsuda away from combat as best we can while Wild works to find the source of the Dramon attacks so we can end them," Yamaki answered firmly.

"How do you feel about that though?" Neko pressed.

"Feel?" Yamaki questioned. "We must do what must be done. There isn’t anything more to it than that."

"It must be frustrating that you haven’t solved this problem yet," Neko commented.

"It can be, but Reika helps me," Yamaki replied.

"Ah, yes, your lover. How are things between you two?" Neko questioned.

"Fine, but she seems moody lately," Yamaki replied.

"Do you know why?" Neko pressed.

"No clue," Yamaki replied. "I’ll try to figure it out after I deal with the Dramon."

"You may want to rethink your priorities. Ootori may not always be there for you if you take her for granted," Neko said calmly.

"Reika understands the work we’re doing. She knows how important it is," Yamaki retorted.

"But you should ask yourself what is more important, your work or her?" Neko told him firmly.


Subject Yamaki Mitsuo, United Nation head researcher for Wild, an extremely orderly person to say the least. To him the world is fact or fiction, and theories are not facts. While he has learned to trust his emotions and take chances with best guesses, he still believes in cold, hard information.

Yamaki sat on the couch of his apartment as he irritably flipped through several readouts Wild’s monitors registered during the last Dramon emergence and comparing them to the others. Previously they had all been concerned about where the digimon had appeared and how to stop them crossing over. They had never tried to track down the point of origin before, and it was proving to be a difficult task. It was only made worse by the fact there might not be a single point they came from.

When things fall out of his orderly world, his frustration undoubtedly would rise. This makes me concerned about his relationship with Ootori. Yamaki firmly believes in the necessity of his work, but I’m not sure he understands that loving someone is also a necessity.

Yamaki let out a growl and pitched the readouts across the room, nearly hitting the woman who was entering the room.

"No luck?" Reika asked.

"Luck is for fools and soldiers," Yamaki replied coldly. "How can I possibly save one boy if all we have is incomplete information? We can pinpoint the emergence of a digimon to less than a millimeter, but I couldn’t even tell which plane of the Digital World it originated."

"Well, we have been making adjustments to the sensors. We might be able to figure it out when the next Dramon appears," Reika tried to encourage him. She walked behind the couch and leaned over to massage his back.

"Then it may be too late. Matsuda did something to Katou and now he’s suicidal. Rather than see the psychologist, he decided to beat up a mugger at the park," Yamaki explain bitterly. "If Matsuda were to fight now, he’d let himself get killed."

"We’ll have to make sure that doesn’t happen," Reika said firmly.

Despite Yamaki and Ootori’s long relationship, if it is merely based on sex, it is no relationship at all. For it to last there has to be more to it, there has to be love.

Yamaki reached behind himself and grabbed one of Reika’s arms. He guided her forcibly around the couch so that she was in front of him, and the yanked her down on top of him.

Reika didn’t need to be a psychologist to know what was on his mind. She grabbed his ever present sunglasses and tossed them across the room before kissing him soundly on the lips.

Their tongues wrestled as their arms roamed across each other’s bodies, enticing moans from their touch.

Yamaki twisted his body, forcing Reika to fall on to the couch lengthwise. He was quite thankful she had chosen to wear a skirt today as he reached for her panties and pulled them away.

Reika offered no complaint as her lover controlled the entire situation. She wasn’t about to object when he untangled himself from her legs, stood up, and then bowed his head down to her sex and began to lick. His tongue lavishing attention to her labia lips, caressing the underside of the skin flaps with cruel pleasure.

Yamaki smirked as Reika began to whimper, knowing she was begging for the release only he could give her. He stopped eating her out and moved once again. This time he was facing her as he kneeled on the cushion he had been sitting on before. His hands went to his belt, quickly unclasping it. Then he yanked his pants and boxers down, freeing his hardened manhood.

Reika waited on pins and needles as he positioned himself over her. This was the one part of sex she hated the most. The pause in pleasure as he prepared to fuck her was an eternal agony of waiting. It could not end soon enough as her body screamed for more. Finally she felt his rod at her hole and gasped in delight as he pushed himself in.

The couch creaked as Yamaki slammed his hips against Reika’s. His ass bouncing like a ball while his cock went in and out of her wondrous cunt. Sweat gleamed over the exposed parts of their bodies while their moans filled the air.

Reika noticed that Yamaki’s pace began to quicken and the force of his thrusts became much harder. She knew it wouldn’t long before he’d orgasm, but her own would take much longer. She shifted and hugged her lover with her legs, to make him rub her inner thighs with each thrust and to slow him down.

Yamaki grunted as his cock swelled with the need to release. His right hand snaked under her and grabbed her left ass cheek. He squeezed it hard as his control broke and emptied his sperm into her.

Reika whimpered as he stopped humping her, his spent cock leaving her wanting. But she didn’t have to wait long. Yamaki could tell she hadn’t orgasmed and slipped his left hand between her legs. He pressed his thumb against her clit and began to gently rub it in a circular fashion. Her whimpered pleas for release quickly gave way to moans of pleasure, and then the piercing shrill of euphoria as she finally came.

Yamaki smiled down at her as she panted heavily, but frowned as the phone rang. He picked it up and answered, "Hello, this is Yamaki."

"At least they waited until after we were done this time," Reika mumbled while slowly sitting up.

"What?! Two digimon emerged? Where?" Yamaki demanded. "You found the emergence points, but there were no digimon? Who did you send?" He frowned as he heard the answer. "Fine. Don’t let Matsuda know about the digimon. I’ll be at Wild shortly." He hung up the phone and quickly pulled up his pants and boxers.

Reika sighed as she slipped her panties back on. "Here I was going to ask you about dinner."

"We’ll grab some McWonder burgers on the way there," Yamaki stated simply.

Ootori may be just what Yamaki needs to deal with his stress. Just having sex will help with that, and she likely does more to support him. Yamaki would be wise to make her his priority as I fear he may lose her if he doesn’t.


"Whoa! Some adults actually in the lemon scene. That’s different," Kai commented.

"Anyway, the Dramon set a trap for Takato. But is there anyway to save him when he walks into it willingly? Find out in the next part, Call of Duty. Until then, grab hold and tame the future."


Author's notes:

Ai and Makoto's family name has never been officially given. However, they would need for this series so I decided to delve into Adventures over use of Ta-shi (Takaishi, Takeshi, Takashi) and also give praise to Rumiko Takahashi-sensei.

Don't Ai and Makoto's parents know about Impmon? Considering Ai and Makoto kept hiding Impmon when he returned to them, probably not. The parents probably do suspect the chlidren have a 'friend' but likely believe it's a stray animal or imaginary friend, not a digimon with enough power to destroy skyscrapers.

Brownie points to anyone who can figure out where Neko's name came from.

Sensei is an honorific for an educated person, whether the person is a doctor, teacher, or martial arts instructor.

As for why Neko can't treat the digimon, it's becuase his superiors are afraid the digimon's mind is too inhuman and trying to understand the alien creature would drive Neko insane.

The Darwin Awards is an award for someone who helps the human gene pull by removing themselves from it. While in most cases this means killing oneself in a spectacularly stupid method, it is also given to people who have rendered themselves incapable of having any children.

What's going on with Alice? Sorry, but you'll have to wait and see.