Red Digivice Diaries

Entry 12 - Long Distance

By Lord Archive


Hikari fidgeted. "This series is NOT for kids. It is rated NC-17 for graphic sexual content. If you're under the age of eighteen, do NOT read this. If your parents won't let you watch rated R movies, they would NEVER let you read this."


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Relationships: Jyomi

Japanese = English

Jyou = Joe, Iori = Cody


Red Digivice Diaries shares the same timeline as War Diaries Adventures Zero-Three. It is not necessary to read War Diaries to understand this series. The events referenced in this part about Jyou and Mimi's little adventure occurred in War Diaries Entry 7 - Guidance.


Jyou picked up his motorcycle helmet. "So what do we do now?"

Mimi shrugged. "Well, going to the Digital World and helping Iori's team was a fun date."

"I just hope Ikkakumon and Togemon are up to the challenge they've been left with," Jyou commented.

"I'm sure they are," Mimi responded confidently.

"They're trying to raise that Solarmon so he won't end up becoming Pinnochimon again. That's not going to be an easy task." Jyou sighed. "We'll just have to have faith in them."

Mimi nodded. She picked up the passenger helmet and put it on. "Let's go to the entertainment section and find a dance club."

"If you wish," Jyou replied, getting on his moped.

"Do you want to go?" Mimi asked.

"Doesn't matter to me," Jyou answered. "We'll have to go to Rapapongi. Odaiba doesn't really have a dance club."

Mimi sighed and got on the moped behind him. "This sure has intimate seating."

Jyou nodded nervously, since Mimi had to hug him tightly in order to sit on the bike. He couldn't help but think of how much Mimi's breasts had grown.


"Hey, baby, want to me to rock your world?"

Mimi looked the guy over, a bit muscular, but not overly so, and certainly took great care to improve his 'stylish look.' Though that spiked punk look was wrong on him. "Ever looked a demon in the face and laughed at him?"

The guy blinked. "No."

Mimi shrugged. "Then you have my answer." She started to walk over to Jyou.

"Come on, babe. What's the geek got that I don't?" the guy persisted.

"He's killed to save the my life and the lives of my friends. He's also killed out of vengeance." Mimi smiled sweetly.

Jyou overheard the last comment. "Do you have to tell him about that?"

"Yeah, right." The guy punched Jyou in the jaw.

Jyou glared at him, seemingly unaffected. "You've obviously had too much to drink. I suggest you go home."

The guy sweat-dropped. "Ah, right." He turned around and staggered off a few meters. He then punched a guy to the floor and stared at his hand.

Mimi smiled at Jyou.

"What?" Jyou asked.

"You didn't fight him," Mimi replied.

"Of course not. He's just drunk. It wouldn't serve a purpose to pound his lights out." Jyou pushed up his glasses. "Besides, Dad would be upset if I got into a fight, and you don't like violence either."

Mimi pouted. "You wanted to hit him. Didn't you?"

"Why would I want that?" Jyou returned.

"Because he hit you and was trying to pick me up," Mimi answered.

"Mimi," Jyou said shortly.

"Why can't you do what you want?" Mimi asked. "If you wanted to hit him, you should have."

"It's getting late. I'll take you back to the hotel you're staying at." Jyou walked off.

Mimi huffed.


Dear Diary,

Jyou is so infuriating at times. He does whatever other people want but never what he wants. I just want him to once, just once, do something because he wanted to do it. In the Digital World he tried to help all of us in whatever way he could, but he rarely thought of himself-- just the group.

But that's what I love about him. That he is so giving of himself. That he'd do anything for anyone.

I'm not like that. I'm a bit spoiled at times. I complained about things that bothered me but didn't take the time to realize the others were have the same problem. Sure, Taichi, Sora and Yamato had an easier time with all the walking, but Jyou, Koushiro and Takeru had to fight to keep up at times.


Journal Entry 04-06-04

Just spent an entire day with Mimi. It was great seeing her. In many ways it seemed like we were never apart. But being in constant contact through e-mail and the fact that our digimon have become intimate, would help with that.

Right now I feel really pathetic. More pathetic than when a couple of the guys at school found out I was sort of dating a girl two years younger than me and that she lived in New York. They said it would never work. That she wouldn't be faithful and she would find someone else.

I can't help but worry that she'll find someone else. She knows she can trust me to be faithful, that's part of my power as Chosen. However, her power stems from the purity and sincerity of her being. She is true to herself, and if that meant being with someone else, that's what she would do.

The reason I feel pathetic at the moment is because I'm getting mixed signals from Mimi. She wants me to be me but at the same time doesn't want me to do some of the things I wanted to. I feel pathetic because I don't know what I should for her.

Mimi was right that I wanted to punch this jerk at the seedy dance club we went to. He tried to pick her up, punched me, and was basically insulting my pride. I'm sure it would've felt at least a little satisfying to show him that now all geeks are powerless.


Ikkakumon and Togemon are now the 'proud' parents of Pinnochimon. Well, Solarmon as his child form is known as. They adopted him after we aided Iori's team in the Digital World. I hope they're up to the challenge.


"Hi!" Mimi bounced over to Jyou as he walked out of the school he was taking additional classes in to prepare him for college, even though placement exams were almost two years away for him.

The other students leaving class as well gawked at the girl that latched herself onto the nameless geek from the front row.

"Hi, Mimi. I was going to pick you up," Jyou said.

"And completely waste my vacation in Tokyo. Get real." Mimi poked his nose. "I spent the afternoon with Sora and Hikari. You should see the wedding dress they have for Hikari. It's gorgeous."

"Have they set the date for it yet?" Jyou asked.

Mimi nodded. "Two weeks from today they'll have the ceremony. Still waiting on word for the wedding to be approved." She sighed. "I'd like to get married some day."

Jyou pulled at his collar. "Of course you will... some day."

Mimi pouted and then started to giggle at the panic look on his face.

"Um, what did you want to do today?" Jyou asked.

"Just you, me, and room service for food." Mimi poked him in the chest. "I want to talk to you alone."

Jyou looked even more scared. "S-sure."

Jyou and Mimi walked away from the school.

The other students just stared at them as they left.

"No way!"
"That geek has a girl like her?!"
"Has to be his sister."
"If she's his sister, then incest is best."
Smack. "That's disgusting."
"Sorry, hon."


"Isn't room service expensive?" Jyou asked as he sat on the couch with Mimi who was going over the menu.

"Don't worry about it. Dad's covering the bill." Mimi waved him off.

"I'm surprised they let you come out here for almost two weeks," Jyou commented.

"That's part of the special arrangement I made with them." Mimi smiled. "The better my grades, the longer I can stay in Tokyo. I got all As."

Jyou blinked. "You did?"

Mimi nodded. "It's not to hard with the classes they're giving us. Some of the stuff I already covered when I went to grade school here. I still have to work at it."

"But Mimi, why do you put that effort into school? I thought you'd do what you wanted."

Mimi leaned toward him. "It's just that what I want most is that when I go to college is to join you, which means I have to try to get into Tokyo University, right?"

"Well, that is my goal," Jyou answered.

"Yours or your father's?" Mimi asked.

"Does it matter? If I want to be a doctor, that's the best place for me to go."

"It does matter. Is it what you want? Do you even want to be a doctor?" Mimi pressed.

"I... well, yes. I want to be a doctor and help people," Jyou replied.

Mimi sighed. "Are you sure there isn't something else you'd want to be?"

Jyou shook his head. "Medicine is all I know. It's what I've been training to be. At this point that's all I can be and do something that I'd be proud of."

"You could go into computers or law," Mimi suggested.

"No. That wouldn't be me. I'd be confused on what I'd want to do, while the path before me is something I know I can be happy with," Jyou explained.

Mimi smiled and leaned sideways against the back of the couch. "As long as it's what you want."

Jyou looked at her. "What is it?"

"Nothing," Mimi replied.

"You've been asking me a lot of questions about what I want," Jyou pointed out.

"So?" Mimi asked.

"Why do you want to know?" Jyou questioned.

"I just want to know the real you." Mimi smiled at him.

"What's there to know?" Jyou asked.

"Everything. Besides your family, I probably know you the best, which is sad considering I live on the other side of the world and that I barely know you." Mimi sighed. "You're the obedient son that does whatever everyone else needs of him, but I sit here and I don't have a clue what YOU need or even want."

"I am who I am. I help others. I can't see living my life any other way," Jyou replied.

"But there has to be something you want to do, something you consider selfish."

Jyou fidgeted. "Well, yes. Everyone has those desires."

Mimi leaned closer to him. "Then tonight I want you to indulge in at least one of those desires, whatever they may be."

Jyou turned away, since from his vantage point he could certainly tell Mimi wasn't wearing a bra. "Mimi, I can't."

"Why not?" Mimi insisted.

"Because it wouldn't be right," Jyou answered.

"Says who?" Mimi demanded. "Jyou, use my crest for tonight. Be pure and honest with yourself. And I'll use yours. I'll do whatever you need of me to do."


"I mean it!" Mimi poked him in the chest. "Tonight is yours. I'll do whatever you chose. If it's to help lure out that jerk from yesterday and kill him, then that's what I'll help you do." She gave a quick prayer that wasn't what he wanted.

Jyou huffed. "Mimi please. You can't be serious."

"I'm dead serious," Mimi insisted.

Jyou crossed his arms. "So, if what I wanted to do was bury my head into your chest and say 'brrrritski!' You'd let me do that?" he questioned disbelievingly.

Mimi grabbed him by the head and pulled him down so his mouth was between her breasts. "Go ahead."

"B-but Mimimi..." Jyou stammered.

"Fine." She let go of his head, lifted the front of her shirt, and pressed his face against her now bare breasts. "Now what did you want to say?"

Jyou was having a nosebleed and was completely flabbergasted.


"B-b-bu-br-brr-brrrrrritSKI!" he finally called out.

"OH!" Mimi gasped at the way her breasts vibrated. "That felt good."

Jyou pulled away and readjusted his glasses. He then wiped away the blood from his nose. "Satisfied?"

"That can't be ALL you wanted to do," Mimi stated, she left her shirt pulled up.

"Mimi... I can't," Jyou insisted.

"You can. Just what do YOU really want to do. At least tell what it is and why you don't think you can," Mimi demanded.

"Mimi, you wouldn't-"

Mimi interrupted as she glared at him. "Tell me."

Jyou bowed his head. "Please... I don't want to tell you."

"Why?" Mimi pressed.

"Because I don't want to risk losing you," Jyou replied.

"Right now you stand a better chance of losing me if you don't explain," Mimi said firmly.

"I... I want to..." Jyou swallowed hard. "M-make l-love to you. But I know I can't do that. My parents would be upset if they found out. I don't want you doing anything you don't want to. I can't take the risk of becoming a father. I... there's too many reasons why I can't."

Mimi pressed her bare chest against his arm. "Your parents don't have to know. I want to make love to you. And I can't get pregnant since I'm taking birth control pills."

Jyou blinked. "You've been sexually active?"

"No!" Mimi fought the urge to slap him. "I problems dealing with periods, particularly since they were so irregular."

"You haven't had sex before?" Jyou wanted to make sure.

Mimi pulled away from him and made a sensual pose. "There's one way for you to know that for certain."

Jyou edged away from her. "Mimi, you can't be serious."

Mimi gave him a disgusted look. She pulled off her shirt and draped herself over him. "I am perfectly serious." She gave him a long hard kiss.

Jyou's hands twitched on either side of Mimi. His mind in conflict of what to do. Slowly his arms wrapped around her tightly.

Mimi frowned as she felt Jyou grabbing her in a way to pick her up. She was amazed that he was able to lift her as he stood up. And she could not believe it when he placed her on the hotel bed.

"Are you sure about this?" Jyou questioned.

Mimi nodded. "Positive."

"Is this place sound proof?" Jyou asked.

Mimi giggled. "Yes, these hotel rooms can be used as honeymoon suites."

Jyou closed his eyes.

"Whatever you want, Jyou. Don't worry about me. Just yourself," Mimi reminded.

Jyou looked at her uncertainly and pulled off his shirt. He then moved on top of her. "Once we do this, we can never take it back."

"I know. I can never give back the lives I helped take or give this to anyone else," Mimi explained.

"You really are serious about this," Jyou noted.

"More serious than I've ever been since our adventure together," Mimi answered.

Jyou brought his lips to hers and began to kiss her. He left a string of kisses down her neck to her breasts. He momentarily licked her nipples, but continued his trek along her body.

Mimi moaned appreciatively as his lips roamed down her body. She giggled as he humbled with the button on her jeans. She reached down and unclasped it for him.

Despite himself Jyou swallowed as he pulled away from Mimi. He tugged at her jeans, pulling them off with some effort. His hands shook as he reached for her panties.

Mimi was a little concerned that Jyou wasn't really taking his time with this. Sora and Hikari told her that it took time for a girl to orgasm, but for once she didn't care at all about herself. She wanted Jyou to feel pleasure. After all, she had another ten days in Tokyo for him to return the favor.

Jyou's eyes were mesmerized by the completely naked form revealed before him. He placed where the delta of pubic hair should be on her. "You shaved?"

Mimi nodded. "I plan on going swimming while I'm her and my bathing suit is rather tight there. You like it like this?"

"I feel like I'm about to take a little girl," Jyou admitted.

"Do you want me to act like one?" Mimi asked.

Jyou fidgeted. "Maybe later."

Mimi giggled. "I see if I can borrow one of Sora's old junior high uniforms."

Jyou had trouble standing while the image of Mimi wearing ONLY that uniform cross his mind with the skirt flipped up revealing her sex and bare ass. He shook his head and pulled down his pants and underpants.

Mimi's eyes widened. She had heard about how big Taichi, Takeru and Daisuke were from the other Chosen girls, and Jyou had them all beat. His penis had to be around eight inches.

Jyou lied down on top of Mimi again.

"Are you sure?" Jyou asked again.

Mimi nodded. "Yes. Now more than ever."

"Slow or fast?" Jyou questioned.

Short and intense or long and drawn out? Neither were pleasant alternatives. But this only happened once. "Slow."

Jyou nodded. He placed the tip of his penis at her entrance and began to push in. He closed his eyes when Mimi bit her lip to stifle herself from crying out in pain. There was no way to avoid this if they were to continue, but he didn't want to see her in pain.

Mimi gasped out as the last of her hymen broke. Tears welled up in her eyes. She hugged him tightly as the pain began to fade.

"It'll feel better soon," Jyou assured her, holding her head carefully to his shoulder as she continued to cry. "I love you."

Mimi pulled away, but was stopped from wiping her tears off by Jyou beating her to that. She smiled at him. "I love you, too."

They held each other and didn't move.

"Jyou, you can continue now," Mimi said finally.

"If you're-" Jyou shut up when she glared. "Right. What I want." He shook his head at her smile. He pulled out a little and pushed back in tentatively at first to make sure she wouldn't feel anymore pain.

Pain was still present for Mimi, but she didn't mind. As much as she said this was about Jyou, she wanted this just as much as he did. She owed him for so many things, taking her heart was only the most noteworthy one.

Jyou pumped into her body. Her tight vagina wrapped around his member felt so good, he couldn't describe it if her tried. Her soft moans of pleasure only helped to chisel his restraint away. With a grunt, he emptied his life seed into her.

Mimi hugged him. She tried to not be upset about not orgasming. However, she doubted she was close enough to make a try for it. But even without cumming, she didn't regret this. However, she whispered into his ear. "Next time, learn foreplay."

Jyou swallowed. "Sorry... I...." He moved his hand down between her legs.

Mimi grabbed his hand. "You don't have to do that. This was about you, not me."

"But I want you to orgasm too," Jyou said.

Mimi let go. "Just your hand... I don't think I'm ready for sex again."

Jyou nodded and rubbed her sex. He tried to remember his sexual biology book. He soon found her clitoris and began to rub that.

Mimi bit her lip. She emitted several small whines as fingers began to probe into her.

Jyou studied her reaction. Trying to determine what gave her the most pleasure out of this. However, he was having a hard time figuring that out what was good for her and what wasn't. He looked concerned when her hips began to buck and she screamed out.

Mimi couldn't believe the pleasure that crashed through her. She was sorry that Jyou wasn't inside her while this happened, but hopefully that would change next time. She had little control over her body while it convulsed and then sagged tiredly. "Oh, gods...."

"Are you okay?" Jyou asked nervously.

Mimi panted. "I can't describe how I'm feeling right now. That was great." She turned over and hugged him. "I love you."

Jyou kissed her on the forehead. "I love you, too."

Mimi rested her head against his chest. "I don't want this moment to ever go away."

"Too bad that it will." Jyou sighed. "Mimi... do you think we can keep our relationship up?"

Mimi nodded. "Of course we can. We've kept it this long. Why can't we continue this?"

Jyou closed his eyes. "Just being a little realistic. I mean, there's a chance one of us could meet someone else."

Mimi shook her head. "I can trust you to be faithful, and if I was going to end up with someone else-- it would've been Michael. But I'm not with him. I'm with you."

"But things can change," Jyou reminded.

"Yes, they can. But this is something I'm willing to fight to keep. There are ways for us to stay together." Mimi sat up. "Besides internet and phone calls, we can meet in the Digital World."

"But Mimi, while you know how to open a portal for yourself, I don't. I'd need help, which would look rather peculiar if I start wanting to be transported to Digital World."

"Hikari could open the portal for you," Mimi pointed out.

Jyou blushed. "Then she'd know what I was going to do."

Mimi tickled his ribs. "So? She's done just that countless times with Takeru and you know it."

"But I didn't know that WHEN she was doing it," Jyou returned.

Mimi shook her head. "Well, Koushiro knew WHEN those times were."

Jyou pouted. "Even more reason. He knows too much as it is."

Mimi pinned Jyou to the bed. "Are you saying you don't want to make love to me?"

Jyou shook his head feverishly. "That's not it at all! I just...."

Mimi placed a finger on his lips. "Excuses mean nothing when it comes to love. We can find a way, or we let our worries tear us apart. Now that I have you, I never want to let go."

"Perhaps you can show me your trick or maybe Gennai can help convert my digivice," Jyou said nervously.

Mimi smiled. "That's better." Her stomach gurgled. "Now let's order room service. I'm starved." She looked down at Jyou. "Assuming that's what you want."

"Steak sounds good at the moment for some reason," Jyou said. "Probably the protein count for stamina."

Mimi smiled devilishly. "So, someone is hoping for seconds tonight."

Jyou smiled nervously. "You said that it was my night to be honest with myself."

Mimi nodded. "Just remember about foreplay, okay." She bounced off the bed and grabbed a robe.

Jyou chuckled to himself. This was going to be a fun couple weeks.


Dear Diary,

Guess what? I'm no longer a virgin. Jyou finally popped my cherry. ^_^

Unfortunately Jyou is having a hard time grasping the concept of foreplay. Guess he's not helpful to others in ALL things. But he's learning. Sora suggested I do something she did for Taichi, masturbate in front of Jyou to show him EXACTLY what I want him to do.

What I enjoyed the most was that Jyou spent the night with me. I expected him to be a gentler lover than he was after we got started, but I guess that's because he holds in a lot of his emotions and its during sex when he lets that go. I think I like it better that way.

Sora was certainly envious when she heard Jyou was bigger than Taichi. Looks like I won the best guy of the Chosen. ^_^ Of course, Sora and Hikari would contest that, as would I if Jyou didn't have the biggest penis.

Can't believe I wrote all of that. But I'm feeling REALLY perverted at the moment. Too bad Sora doesn't have her old uniform anymore. Or at least one she'd let me borrow for what I wanted. I'm going to have to see if Miyako or Hikari would lend me one.


Journal Entry 04-08-04

Sometimes your parents surprise you. When my parents asked me where I was last night, I had to answer truthfully-- with Mimi. They weren't upset once my dad made sure that protection was used and that her family had money in case an accident still happened.

I can't believe how greedy Dad was being about that. When I told him that Mimi's father made more than him, he was a bit upset that we DID use protection. Because then Mr. Tachikawa could pay for part of my college tuition.

I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about what has happened between Mimi and me. Making love to her was fantastic. I knew I loved her before, but now it's so much more than that.

However, now I'm scared more than ever that I'll lose her. That she'll find some American to sweep her off her feet and I'll be too far away to stop it. When Mimi is at Hikari's birthday party, I'm going to talk to Koushiro about any thoughts on how Mimi and Taichi can still open portals, even if it's just for themselves, while the rest of us can't.


Author's Notes:

FINALLY finished this part. It took FOREVER since this was supposed to be entry four or five. However I never liked the old idea I had for this part which amounted to 'I miss you let's screw.' I felt this work a LOT better.

Both Mimi and Taichi have opened portals in Zero-Two without explanation. Taichi in episode one and Mimi on a few occasions. To answer how they did that, I'm taking the assumption that they somehow know how to open a small portal-- big enough for themselves and maybe one other, but not large enough to deal with the Christmas Digimon Invasion of 2002.

To answer the comments on being repetitive, well that's hard NOT to do when dealing with the fact most of year one is with first timers. And as for when the girls orgasm, usually after the guy-- sorry but I'm trying to be realistic. Guys orgasm quicker than girls do, that's just how it works. However, the future entries will be approach sex differently since most aren't first timers, and that I have special plans for Ken's part.

Seeing as how Mimi is in America, she used that measurement to gauge Jyou's size. Using metrics, he's about twenty centimeters.

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