Pokemon: Reunions and Resolutions
 a fanfic by Jaelle and Orla



We do not own Ash, Misty, Brock, Team Rocket, Pikachu and the other 150 Pokemon. Though we'd like to catch them all - except Jigglypuff because we'd kill the little fluffball after listening to _that_ song too much (if we could stay awake)! *Achem* Anyway, Pokemon belongs to it's owners, Japanese and otherwise - you know who you are.


This story takes place about eight years later than the current Pokemon TV series.


C & C welcome, but flames will be answered with a flamethrower from Charizard.

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Part One: Letters


To Misty Mermaid :-)
Cerulean City Gym

Dear Misty,

Hi there! It's Ash and co. here again. How are you? How are all your sisters? Etc etc. Pikachu says hi. Actually Pikachu says "Pika-pi" but you know what he means.

Sorry if you're having difficulty reading this, I fished a Raticate out of a hole it had fallen into yesterday and the ungrateful rodent bit me! The nurse Joy at the Vellum Pokemon clinic (you can tell Brock that she said she's the fourth cousin twice removed of the nurse Joy at Viridian City, whatever the heck that means in real terms) says that it's quite natural for them to react that way and that it was more scared of me than I was of it. I said that that was debatable. Those things have SHARP teeth.

Good news on the Pokemon front - my Hitmonlee FINALLY evolved! Unfortunately Hitmonchan is, well... you remember Charizard, right? It's kind of like that. Only not quite as hazardous. I've always regretted not being able to hang on to Charizard, but in the end I think we were both relieved when he saved the Volcano Gym at Taupo and got invited to stay on as their main Pokemon. We'd finally gotten to the point where he would obey me, but there was too much history there. And I missed Charmander anyway. I managed to find a nice one in the last town. We're getting along nicely and he seems to like everyone else. He's really cute too.

Speaking of troublesome Pokemon however, guess who I ran into last week? You guessed it - our main enemy, the natural force of destruction that everyone fears and cowers from -
JIGGLYPUFF!!! I'm beginning to regret ever having helped that Pokemon regain its voice, though in recent years he's kind of grown on me. And drawn on me. A lot. Though fortunately his waterproof pen seems to have run out and he's back to water-soluble ink, thank goodness.

So that's about all from here. I'm moving on to Westport tomorrow, so you'll be able to reach me at the Pokecentre there. I should arrive in about a week, things going smoothly. Please send me word on how things are going, and how everyone is. Also please send me some more of those sweet toffee things you made - they were great, although they stuck Wartortle's teeth together and he made these funny sounds for hours - he sounded totally brainless! (How _is_ Psyduck, anyway?)

Lots of pokelove, your friend,


(and Pikachu, Wartortle, Charmander, Hitmonchan, Velosaur, Venomoth, Pidgeot... running out of paper... and everyone else.)


To Ash Ketchum
c/o Westport Pokemon Centre

Dear Ash,

Your letter arrived yesterday and narrowly missed being buried in the mountain of paper currently on my desk. I am _drowning_ in paperwork! My sisters are no help, of course, God knows what they used to do before. Throw everything in the fire? A tempting thought!

I'm glad all is well with you (bites from Raticates notwithstanding). I have been keeping busy running the Gym. Sometimes it can be pretty tough work. For instance, the other day I found out that Violet had accidently thrown out a very important letter from the bank manager! I managed to get it all sorted out, but now my bank manager thinks I'm a brainless twit. Grrr... Anyway, I got back to the Gym and found that one of our employees had accidently drained most of the water from the main pool! So I was running around like a maniac refilling it (with help from Starmie and Staryu) and some unwelcome interference from Psyduck! All these years and I _still_ can't figure out _how_ he gets out of the poke-ball and is soooo dumb! Anyway, I was absolutely shattered by the time I got everything done and then, to make the day even _worse_, my sisters came back from their shopping expedition and gave me a _pink_ dress! PINK! You'd think that after all these years they would have figured out that pink wasn't my colour.

Hey, sorry about the above ranting, but I needed to get it out of my system.

I got a call from Brock two days ago. He has been teaching at Pokemon Tech of all places! He's enjoying it though and he kept dropping hints about a new girl. I got the impression that she likes him and that they've gone out quite a bit. Who knows, maybe after all these years Brock has finally found the girl of his dreams (although if she's a Jenny or a Joy I think I'll scream!).

I have also been keeping in close contact with your Mom. I've been visiting Pallet alot ever since I sent Togepi to Professor Oak. She's doing well, but her new work at Professor Oak's has been keeping her really busy. Her Mr Mime is still as annoying as ever, I stayed over one night and he woke me by dusting my face!

Well, I have to wind this up now and try to demolish some of this pile in front of me. Ugh. I'd rather go up against Team Rocket again! Enjoy the new batch of toffee, give Pikachu and the other Pokemon hugs from me, clean your teeth and don't forget to wear clean you-know-what (^_^).


Your friend,


PS: What did you mean by 'poke-love'??????


To Misty Mermaid
Cerulean City Gym

Dear Misty,

Wow, sounds like you're on the verge of collapse. I'm enclosing something that may help you with your paperwork. It's a cigarette lighter in the shape of a Horsea. Enjoy :-)

Great news - I FINALLY got you that Gyarados you wanted!!! Two words: NEVER AGAIN! Next time you can wait for your damn Magicarp to evolve like everyone else. I almost got killed catching that thing in its native environment. My bruises have bruises, and only finishing off the last of your toffee restored Wartortles feelings (don't ask). I'm sending it to Professor Oak and you can contact him for it. I suggest standing a fair distance away when you release it, preferably the other side of a thick wall. Are you sure you wouldn't like a nice Clefairy instead? Sure, they're kleptomaniacs, but they're cute! And they don't try to bite your arm off.

I've been recovering from my recent adventures at the Westport Poke-centre. It's very nice here, and the Nurse Joy was very kind about all the water everywhere. The locals are nice too, but if you can't talk about fish they're really not interested. I think you'd like it here. Not that you like fish, but there are a lot of water pokemon around - in fact, I went to visit the Westport Water Pokemon Sanctuary. It was so tempting to go catch some, but I didn't want the local Officer Jenny on my case, so I resisted the urge. I did however buy some picture postcards along with the cigarette lighter, and they're enclosed too.

Oh, and I traded one of my Tauros' for a Goldeen. I know I don't really need one, but I've got too many Tauros! One down, thirteen left to go.

Thanks for updating me on Mom. I'm glad she's doing well at Professor Oak's. She must really enjoy it - everytime I screen him she's there!

Anyway, I'm going to stay here for a couple more days to let everyone take a break and finish healing and then I'm moving up along the coastline to Newport (original name huh?). They've got a gym there and I thought I'd try for a wave badge. They don't have a Pokecentre yet though, but after that I'll be moving inland to Tobira City and they DO have one there so you can write to me there.

Poke-love is what Pokemon give you. So they were all sending their love to you. I hugged most of them for you but Hitmonchan punched me again so I skipped him. Sigh. It's hard work but we're _gradually_ getting somewhere. Anyway, hope you like the souvenirs.




Ash Ketchum
c/o Tobira City Pokemon Centre

Dear Ash,

THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! The Gyarados is just _wonderful_!!!! I'm SO happy!!! (Can't you tell (^_-)) I picked it up from the Professor and took him straight to the Cerulean Gym's largest pool. He was sooo impressive! And best of all he scared my sisters half to death! They were all hanging around the pool, I told them I had a new pokemon and they started making noises about including it in one of their stupid water shows. I just smiled and let Gyarados go. I have never heard such screams in my life (^_^)!! They were out of there sooo fast! It was great. Anyway, I'm building up a rapport with Gabby - he's only tried to bite me three times today- and I think he'll be a great addition to the Gym.

Sigh. It's been so embarrassing lately, we get challengers in and I'm always up in the office (drowning) and so my sisters battle - or give away the badges - and we always lose! They're not very good at controlling their pokemon and they _never_ use Dewgong who is quite powerful! Morons. I'm thinking of setting up a camera that feeds into the office so I can intercept new challengers and gain a bit of respect for the Gym!

Oh! I saw Team Rocket the other day! It was really weird. I was in the mall - out of the office for once - and I saw this woman with long red hair and a strident voice in a shoe store. I looked at her more closely and realised it was Jesse, and she was in normal clothes! Then I saw James sitting down near her - he looked as gormless as usual! I wondered whether to go in and find out what they were up to, but decided not to tempt fate! I didn't see Meowth with them though, maybe they weren't 'working'.

About your Mom, she _has_ been spending alot of time with Professor Oak. I think that they get along very well. They certainly go out to lunch and dinner alot. Not on a work basis if you know what I mean.

I really liked the postcards, they were cute. More stuff to add to the pile of stuff you've been sending me! I keep it all on a shelf in my room, it's getting full, but keep sending me things. I wish I could see half of these places! About the Horsea cigarette lighter. I saw it for all of five seconds before Daisy grabbed it and ran off with it saying it was perfect for her new boyfriend's birthday!! Apparently my idiot sister forgot all about it until his sister rang her and asked if Daisy was ready for his surprise party!!! I am going to get her for this.

I hope you are fully recovered now. If I'd known that getting Gabby was such hard work I would never have asked you. Thanks a million again!

F^%%FDSGArgh! Sorry about the above. Psyduck decided to join in and I have no time to retype if I'm going to catch todays mail!




Misty the Insane Suicidal Mermaid and "Gabby"
Cerulean City Gym

Dear Misty,

GABBY?????!!!!!! What the heck?! I thought you were supposed to be the practical one! I think all that office work has gone to your head (I'm starting to pick up this weird feeling that you don't like it in there). If you can get that crazy psychopathic pokemon to obey you and like you I will personally give you one of my Tauros'.

Funny you should mention Team Rocket. I forgot to mention that I saw Butch and Cassidy about a month back - back when I was in Westport. They weren't in uniform either. Well, they mostly were - we were at the beach and yeah well. I wanted to say something to them but the only thing that came to mind was, "Get a room!" Those two worry me. There are some things you just don't DO in public!

I got my wave badge by the way. It wasn't too bad - till they pulled out a Dewgong. Poor Wartortle nearly froze. Uhm, I don't know how to say this but I think you should know that I mentioned I knew you and the people at the Tobira gym were a bit rude about the Cerulean City gym. I was going to defend you but Pikachu got there first so I decided it was a good time to leave. As quickly as possible. He really likes you, you know.

So I'm on the road again. My neck is still stiff from sleeping up a tree the night before last, but I got lucky last night and found a Snorlax in the forest, so I curled up on top of it. They're really comfy.

Mom wrote me a letter which finally caught up to me in Tobira. She was saying how much she was enjoying her work and how kind Professor Oak was. She also told me some interesting facts about Pokemon. I think it's nice that she has someone to spend time with.

Unfortunately, due to the aforementioned fiasco with Pikachu I wasn't able to pick you up any souvenirs in Tobira. And you probably wouldn't want one anyway. Rotten place full of nasty, spiteful people. Wouldn't trust a thing they said. I wouldn't even ask them for the time of day! In fact, I'm thinking of just throwing away the wave badge. Buuuuttt... I did pass through an interesting village the other day, where I got you something. It's arriving tomorrow in a plain brown envelope marked, "Bank statements." DO NOT OPEN IT IN FRONT OF YOUR SISTERS!!!!!! Hope it makes up for the last present.

Anyway, I'm on the move at the moment, but I plan to head up to Weitz City sometime next week, so you can try and catch me there. Otherwise I will as usual leave a forwarding address for them.

Oh! Forgot to tell you I got a letter from Brock. I see what you mean about the hints. He said: "The Sandy Bay bridge is so romantic at night. My friend completely agrees." Hmmm... 100 yen says it's a Nurse Joy.

Lots of poke-love from:

your cheap friend Ash, (the sane one :-) and his Pokemon.

Ash Ketchum
c/o Weitz City Pokemon Centre

Dear Ash,

I do NOT want a Tauros!!!!! And don't mock my name for my Gyarados!!!

Achem. Okay, I'm not mad anymore.

I LOVE THE PENDANT!!! It's soooo pretty! I got the package the other day and my sisters thought I was _completely_ insane because I was excited about a bunch of (what they thought were) bank statements! I zoomed upstairs and ripped it open. It's so beautifully carved, it almost looks like it could start moving. I showed my (real) Horsea and he was so excited! I'm wearing it now, under my top so my sisters don't see it and decide that they want my Horsea pendant for themselves! By the way, what is the scent? Is it sandlewood?

I can't believe that people as far away as Tobira have heard about how sucky our Gym is. God, it's depressing. I'm doing my best to keep this place running and in the black, and my sisters just don't seem to care. Especially Daisy, she is so totally wrapped up in this new boyfriend - Fletcher.

I call him 'Fletcher the lecher'. The guy is a sleaze, but she thinks he's God or something. She's spending _huge_ amounts of money on new dresses and make-up, as well as presents for him - including putting a deposit on a new BMW for him! I keep trying to tell her that she can't waste the Gym funds like this, but she keeps saying that I'm JEALOUS!!!! ME!!!!! As if I would want a guy with greased back hair and bad taste in clothes. Plus he keeps looking down my shirt if I bump into him in the hallway - yuck. My other sisters are no help, they think Fletcher is "cool" and "dangerous-looking". They can be sooo dumb.

I'm sorry about loading this on you, Ash. But I really don't know who else to tell.

I got another letter from Brock, including a picture of him and his new girlfriend. I'm glad I didn't take you up on that bet! She _is_ a Joy! AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!! I can just picture Brock introducing her to me - "She's the third cousin of the sister of the cousin of the half-sister of the aunt of the Joy in Saffron City."- kill me now. Oh well, I suppose he's happy. I'm glad _someone_ is! Apart from you, but then you sound like you're having a great time! I admit that I do think alot about the times we spent travelling and all the adventures we had. Sometimes I really want to go back to that.

Not that I _dislike_ running a Gym, I'd like it a lot _more_ if I was getting some support and could fight some battles!!! We lost two more yesterday. The only amusing part was that Violet decided to use Gabby. I had to get the plasterer in AND calm down the challenger. Gabby was pretty upset too, however I gave him a neck rub and he was much happier. Violet is currently in her room having 'hysterics' - for 24 hours. Daisy has been making noises about getting rid of Gabby. I screamed at her. ALOT. She backed down and muttered something about valium.

Well, I look forward to your next letter. Give Pikachu an extra big hug from me and thank him for his wonderful support! I've enclosed a little blanket for him, I hope he likes it! Also, I hope you like what's in the package which should arrive along with this letter. I heard it gets cold around the Weiz area.

Poke-love from,

Misty (who is feeling bone-tired and is now going to go to bed!)

To Misty Mermaid
Cerulean City Gym

Dear Misty,

Breakthrough time. Hitmonchan and I finally developed the necessary rapport. He tried to punch me again, I dodged the first blow, took the second, fell over, rolled to miss the third one and he hit Pikachu instead. Then I lost my temper and decked him. Wonderful. I feel great knowing that I can hit my pokemon. Argh! I took him to the local Nurse Joy and asked if she could take him in, since I didn't trust myself around him but the weird creature refused to leave me! Double argh!

So we had a cup of tea and talked and I told her about Fletcher the Lecher (I'd just got your letter the day before) and she suggested that I just needed more sleep. Also, a cut I picked up on the way here had gotten infected so she cleaned that up for me. She said she was going to send you something, but I don't know what it is. Sorry about telling her, but the Nurses tend to be fairly discreet and it was really bothering me. Hope you're not too angry.

Anyway, as a result of this Hitmonchan now _respects_ me. I'm not terribly keen about its attitude and personal views now though so I'm thinking about passing him on to another trainer as soon as possible. Maybe Professor Oak can suggest something or someone. I've sent him a letter.

Anyway, Weitz _is_ quite chilly, so your scarf has come in useful! And Pikachu LOVES his blanket. Did you make that yourself too? We went out to the annual carnival last night as part of the Nurse's suggested "relaxation" therapy. It was fun. I got you a t-shirt, enclosed. In case you're wondering what the English words mean, they say: "My boyfriend went to the Weitz Carnival and all I got was this stupid t-shirt." Wear it around Fletcher. I tried to get one saying "best friend" but they didn't have any. Sorry. You can cross out the boy part if you like. The back says: "If you can read this, you are much too close". I tried to find something else for you (like a cattle prod) but no joy, so I'm looking out for a Pikachu of your own. Trust me - no man will do ANYTHING with one of THESE around.

Anyway, I didn't feel like challenging the local gym, and I've got an earth badge already anyhow, so we just hung out. Charmander and I had fun on the ferris wheel. It's really nice having him around. I'm starting to hope this one doesn't evolve. Gary can say what he likes, sometimes unevolved is better.

I say this because I got a letter from him the other day. Yes, I was just as shocked as you are. How the heck did he get my address? When I saw who it was from, I thought, "Oh no, he's dying and wants to make his peace with me." But no, it was just three or four lines suggesting that maybe it was time I came home and provided some help for my poor, lonely mother. Weird. I never knew he cared. I got so worried that Nurse Joy got some kind of strange hook-up organised so I could call home, and I sort of started to panic when noone answered. But luckily she was just working late at Professor Oaks'. Hmmm... maybe she gave Gary my address. Should have asked. Oh well.

Anyway, sorry the souvenir's kind of lame this time. I'll try to pick up something at my next destination - Caluria City! Yep, that's right, I'm going for the Storm Badge. Wish me luck, it's going to be a tough battle.

Pikachu thanks you for his blanket and hugs me to hug you. Or something like that. Charmander also says hello. He's reading this over my shoulder as I lie on the floor. Wartortle is sunbathing over by the window and Pikachu is lying on my back. Pidgeot is nesting on the bed and Venomoth is fluttering around, so from all of us that are out, I bid thee lots of Poke-love,

Your friend, Ash.

Ash Ketchum
c/o Caluria City Pokemon Centre

Dear Ash,


When you get stressed out about something it's easy to snap and do something you don't mean. As long as you're sorry for it later then it isn't your fault. Besides, you were looking out for Pikachu!

I hope you got the letter from Prof. Oak, he called me up and asked me if I'd heard from you about Hitmonchan. He's very keen for you to send it on to him, if you can. He doesn't think it's acting normally. Sigh. Ash, you really do get the odd pokemon!

Speaking of the Professor, I went to visit him (about Togepi) and found that your Mom has been "redecorating" his lab. There were flowers and things all over the place. No wonder Gary is getting so fidgety.

Yes, I saw Gary - before your letter arrived actually, so I wasn't too surprised that he wrote to you. He was quite pleasant and just asked if you'd given any indication of when you were getting back to Pallet. He was a bit disappointed when I said that I had no idea. He seems to have lost a bit of his arrogance, but only a bit. He tried to ask me out - as if it was a big favour! I was glad, for once, to have paperwork as an excuse to refuse him. Daisy came in just as Gary was leaving and told me I was a fool not to go out on dates. According to her I am in danger of becoming an "old maid" - at nineteen!!! I told her that if it was a choice between being an old maid or someone like Fletcher then spinsterhood was for me!

Hmmm... Fletcher. Well, I got your t-shirt (I love it!) and the Nurse Joy's present - a can of mace. Riiiight. Anyway, Fletcher continues to be a pain in the posterior, literally. He now tries to pinch me there, I think I'll have to use that mace soon. However, Daisy does take up most of his time so he's not _really_ a problem, I can always lock my office. If I want to go truely insane. Thank God he doesn't _live_ here!

Okay, here's the really interesting bit. I bumped into Jesse from Team Rocket yesterday! We stared at each other for a while and then I asked her how she was doing. She looked a bit upset and then said she was fine. I then asked her about James and she looked even _more_ upset and said she thought he was okay. Then, and I still can't believe it, she burst into tears!!! We ended up in a cafe and I managed to get the story out of her.

Right, sit down, are you sitting down? I hope so, 'cos you will fall over otherwise!

Jesse and James are ENGAGED!!! Unofficially. And that's the problem. His parents did NOT know anything about it (or that James was in a relationship with Jesse). Jesse said that they had decided to "acknowledge" their relationship only two months ago, they've been tip-toeing around admitting it for _years_. Anyway, they both quit Team Rocket and therefore don't have an income. James decided to go and see his parents and tell them, sort out the mess with his engagement to that strange girl Jessebelle (remember her? Miss 'You're not running properly'?) and get his inheritance. However, it's been two weeks and Jesse hasn't heard _anything_ from him and she's really worried! I asked her why she didn't go after him and she started saying that maybe James was deliberately not contacting her.

I told her that was bullshit.

Okay, so that was a bit strong, but she was being silly. I offered to give her some of my strong pokemon if she wanted to go after him. Jesse finally agreed - after two hours, she took Staryu and Starmie. She's promised to take good care of them. I hope she succeeds. It would be horrible if she lost James like that. It just wouldn't be _right_.

Ugh. I keep encountering couples. And I keep giving out love advice. Why me?


Your tired and confused friend Misty

PS: I am SO sick of my office, but I don't like to go out sometimes because of you-know-who. My life bites.

To Misty Mermaid
Cerulean City Gym

Dear, sweet, totally put-upon Misty,

Well, I have news and I have big news. The small news is that I won my storm badge. I was pretty chuffed about that, as this is no small achievement. All the credit goes to Pikachu - he won all three rounds BY HIMSELF!!! I'm so proud of him I could burst.

The big news is that I'm coming home to Pallet. I finally worked out what you've been trying to tell me and what Gary was trying to say. I worked it out when my mother and Professor Oak screened me at the Caluria Poke-centre to tell me that they were getting married. Okay, I admit it, I'm a little slow on the uptake. I was shocked and amazed, but mostly shocked. I'm getting over it now but it still surprises me, but I think it's for the best. They really seem to care about each other, and Mom seems happier now. Anyway they wanted me to attend the wedding so of course I said yes.

Actually, it works out as it ties in with a decision I made recently. I've applied to the Pokemon League to set up an official Pokemon Gym in Pallet. And they've accepted my application. Want a job? I'm half-kidding. I plan to specialise in lightning, but I'm also interested in all Pokemon. I was thinking of putting together some sort of obstacle course battlefield. Kind of an "all-around" Pokemon badge. The League are interested and are helping me develop the idea, but I could really use your expertise at running a gym.

Now, you are invited to the wedding too, and so is Brock and Joy of course. I've already contacted them and they're coming along. By the way, when I say invite, I mean, You're coming, or I'll pick you up and CARRY you all the way to Pallet. You need a holiday - BADLY!!!! I was thinking I could swing by Cerulean City on my way home, collect you, and maybe punch Fletcher the Soon-to-be-in-agonising-pain Lecher in the nose a couple of times. Actually I'd prefer to feed him to Gabby, but you're so fond of that monster you'd probably be really upset when he died of indigestion. Don't try to stop me, I've made up my mind, and you know how stubborn I am.

Now, I'm bringing you back a very special present, one that I know you've wanted for a long time. But in the meantime, here's something to help you cope with things till I get there. I'm not sure how big your office is, but you should be able to get this picture in somehow. In case you're wondering, it was painted by Narsus, the famous artist. It's of the beachfront of Caluria, which is famed for... well... being beautiful obviously. So lock your door and barricade it, stare at the picture and I'll be there in a week.

Lots of love, your friend,



Dear Diary,

WHY? WHY???????!!!!!!! What did I do to deserve this hell??!

Everything was going so well. Ash's letter arrived yesterday - I'm so happy that he's _finally_ coming home! And his wonderful picture - I hung it up in my office and stared at it for _ages_. Sometimes I wonder... what would have happened if I had gone adventuring with him, instead of coming home to help my sisters out of their financial jam? I wish now that I hadn't been so weak and given in to their pleas for help in running the Gym.

They don't deserve my help, not now, not after this.

Daisy is going to marry Fletcher.

I was in my office, working through some bills (Ok, I was really staring at the picture and wishing I was there!) and Lily burst in.

"Misty," she cried. "You have to, like, come down _at once_! Daisy has some _really_ great news!"

"Oh," I said. "You mean Fletcher was in a terrible accident and is maimed for life?"

"Like, no! That wouldn't be great!"

"Would be for _me_."

Anyway, I finally followed Lily downstairs to where Violet and Daisy were waiting. Daisy was smirking, I should have guessed it was going to be majorly bad news.

"Misty, I have an annoucement to make." said Daisy. She held up her left hand, there was an obnoxiously large diamond on her ring finger. My blood froze.

"Me and Fletcher are going to get married! And he'll be living here from today onwards!"

I wanted to scream, I nearly did. What actually came out of my mouth was a strangled squark. "Y-you _can't_!"

Daisy glared at me. "And, like, why not, LITTLE sister?"

I swallowed and managed to regain my normal speaking voice. "Because he's _wrong_! For you and this Gym, Daisy can't you see what a louse he is? Besides that, you hardly know him! How can you marry someone that you've only been dating for four months?"

"Misty!" Violet jumped up. "I hardly think you have the, like, _right_ to question Daisy. After all, it's not like _you're_ older and wiser!"

"I may not be older, but I'm alot more wiser than you three put together!" I yelled at her. "Why do you all think Fletcher's so wonderful?!"

Lily blinked. "But it's so romantic." she protested.

"IT IS NOT ROMANTIC!!!" I screamed. "He's a leech!"

Then Daisy leapt at me and slapped my face!

"DON"T YOU DARE TALK ABOUT MY FIANCE LIKE THAT!!" she shrieked. "Just because you've been pining after that Ash boy for the past seven years and have turned into a shrew who's JEALOUS and BITTER doesn't mean WE have to be miserable as well!!!"

I stared at her, one hand on my stinging cheek. JEALOUS? BITTER? A SHREW? I'm NOT! I know I can be... bossy, but if I thought Fletcher was a nice guy then I'd have _no_ problems with him and Daisy getting married. And as for 'pining' for Ash... well, I _do_ miss him, but that's it, really.

I looked at Lily and Violet, they were both glaring at me. What has Fletcher done to my sisters? We were always at odds, but never as bad as this. Why can't they see how bad he is?

"Problems ladies?"

Speak of the devil and he comes. Fletcher swaggered in at that point. There was a big grin on his face as he looked at me, I bet he heard _everything_.

I admit, when I first met Fletcher I thought he was handsome. He's tall and has thick blond hair - he's VERY proud of it and keeps combing it!- grey eyes and has a good build, quite muscular. He wears _alot_ of leather and rides a big flashy motorcycle. Yeah, I can see why Daisy was smitten with him.

However, Fletcher is a very good example of the old saying that beauty is only skin deep. He's _extremely_ vain and he thinks it is his right to be worshipped by every woman on this earth. I do not agree with this and I think that's _why_ Fletcher has shown his true colours to me. He _enjoys_ making me uncomfortable.

Anyway, he came in and saw me nursing my cheek and the tense, angry expressions on my sisters' faces.

"Aw, Misty sweetie, are you trying to drag me into the mud again?" he drawled. "That ain't nice, not when I'm gonna be your loving brother in a months time."

I stared at him and then at Daisy. "A MONTH??? That soon?"

Daisy simpered at Fletcher who grinned and put his arm around her shoulders. "Why wait?" he said. "Now why don't you be all nice, Misty Mermaid?"

Oh. My. God. He was calling me the name only Ash gives me. How did he know? Fletcher winked at me.

"No secrets here, ne?"

I couldn't take it anymore, I ran away and back into my office. I looked at the letters I'd received from Ash, and some had dirty fingerprints on them! That bastard has been going through my stuff!!!!!!


Dear Diary,

I confronted Fletcher today. Bad move.

The day didn't start off too badly. I called Professor Oak and asked after Togepi. The little guy is okay, he misses me though, but he gets along with Ash's mother. Apparently everything is going well with the wedding preparations. Mrs Ketchum was pleased to hear that I would be coming with Ash, she asked me to make sure that he picked up a nice tuxedo for the wedding. It will be interesting to see Ash in a tux! I only hope that I can get him to Pallet _not_ covered in bruises. He seems to have this impression that he can challenge Fletcher to a fight and win! I'm sure Ash has grown since I last saw him three years ago, but Fletcher is strong! I've heard him telling Daisy about how many weights he uses when he works out.

Anyway, after saying bye to Mrs Ketchum, Prof. Oak and Togepi (still no progress on Togepi's evolution - sigh), I went to see my pokemon. Gabby was playing with Seadra - chasing it around the pool, Horsea, Seaking and Dewgong were relaxing by the pool. Psyduck was with me, he's refused to go back in his pokeball for the past two weeks and has taken to following me about. Ash's Kingler came up to greet me, funny how I get along with most of Ash's pokemon. Still, Kingler has been with me for a year now, since Ash told Prof. Oak to lend him to me to look after while he was travelling. And Kingler has really _thrived_ in a water environment!

I fed the pokemon (one of Brock's special recipes) and then got into the water to continue training Gabby. I think we're really starting to click, although I wouldn't use him to battle with yet. I played with all the pokemon for a while, forgot all my problems and just lost myself in the moment. I should've guessed it would last!

I was leaving the pool, drying my hair and talking to Psyduck who was waddling behind me, when I bumped into... yup, you guessed it! Fletcher the lecher.

"Hey there, Misty." he grinned at me, his eyes flicking up and down my swimsuit clad body. I wrapped my towel around myself and glared at him. I remembered what I had found out the other day and felt my temper rising.

"What are YOU doing here?"

"I'm simply looking around my new home." he said.

"It's NOT your home! This Gym belongs to me and my sisters!"

His expression turned smug. "Yeah... and I'm marrying your oldest sister. I'm sure Daisy will be receptive to handing over her share to me."

I went cold. "If you think..."

He interrupted me. "Yesiree, there'll be a few changes when I'm in charge. Some of the pokemon may have to go to raise some capital." he looked into my eyes and I knew he was threatening _my_ pokemon.

I got so mad. I slapped his face.

"Don't you DARE threaten my pokemon!" I cried. "They're MINE and I won't let you NEAR them! I'll fight you every step of the way! I'll MAKE Daisy and the others see what a cowardly, sneaky, ugly bastard you REALLY ARE!!!"

He was so quick, I wasn't expecting it. He lunged forward and slammed me against the wall. The breath was knocked out of me. He pressed against me, his fingers digging into my upper arms.

"You're such a _bossy_ little girl." he hissed. "I should teach you a lesson you won't forget!"

I was really scared. I couldn't move and he was looking at me with fury in his eyes. Then...


"YEOW!!!!" Fletcher yelped, let go of me and spun around, his hands clutching his bottom which Psyduck had just bit.

"You #@$%*& pokemon!!!" he advanced on Psyduck.

I kicked him. In a painful spot - you know what I mean. He fell like a log, squealing in pain. I grabbed Psyduck and RAN!

I will NEVER yell at Psyduck again! I still can't believe he did that!

I decided to hide myself and Psyduck in town for the day. I came home _really_ late, when I was sure that everyone was asleep. I went to my office first, I thought it would be prudent to remove anything important (I had removed the letters the other day), since Fletcher would probably try to get his revenge.

I was too late.

He slashed the painting Ash gave me.

He ripped it to shreds and left it hanging there.

I hate him.


Dear Diary,

What am I going to tell Ash? Daisy and Fletcher sold Kingler.


End of Part One.

To be continued.

Authors note: Regarding the Jesse and James relationship. Yes, we are Rocketshippers and proud of it!

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