Pokemon: Reunions and Resolutions
a fanfic by Jaelle and Orla



We do not own Ash, Misty, Brock, Team Rocket, Pikachu and the other 150 Pokemon, who are far too many to name individually. Though we'd like to catch them all - except Jigglypuff because we'd kill the little fluff ball after listening to _that_ song too much (if we could stay awake)! *Achem* Anyway, Pokemon belongs to it's owners, Japanese and otherwise - you know who you are.

We do own Fletcher the Lecher - but we don't want him.


This story takes place about eight years later than the current Pokemon TV series.

It also takes place after the first movie (strange that) and contains spoilers for those who have
not seen the movie.


C & C welcome, but flames will be answered with a flame-thrower from Charizard.

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Part 11: Epilogue


Six Months Later


"Okay, a little more to the left... that's good... hold it steady..." Ash directed the construction crew. "And... there! Fix it in place!"

As the crew went to work with jackhammers and assorted pokemon help, Ash stepped back and wiped his forehead. "Man, who'd have thought that building a gym was so much hard work. I didn't even know you could get quintuple glazing."

"Well, it needs to be strong!" Misty reminded him. She set aside the building plan and stood up beside him.

"I have to admit," she said. "It's looking pretty good."

"Mmm..." said Ash. "Another week and the outer construction should be finished. The internal should be done by the end of the month and then it's just paint, decorations, furniture and moving in."

"Have you organized something for the opening?" Misty asked.

"Yeah, Gary, Richie, Brock and I are facing off in a team battle," Ash answered absently. "Brock's with me, the other two are against us."

"Sounds great!" said Misty. "What do I get to do?"

Ash gave her an odd look. "What do you mean?"

"What do you mean what do I mean?" Misty demanded. "You don't think I'm going to sit around on my hands on the big opening do you? I want to do something!"

"Er, you mean they haven't told you yet?" A sweatdrop trickled down Ash's forehead.


"Hi Ashy!!!"

"Misty sweetie!"

"Oh no." Misty went pale and turned to see her sisters and Gary approaching. "I wondered why you wanted such a big tank."

"Well... um, eheh... gotta run!" Ash zoomed off.

Misty rolled up her sleeves and went forth to do battle with her sisters.

"What do you mean I have to be the Mer-Princess???!!!"

"But Miiiiiistyyyyyyyy...."

Gary grinned and left them to it. "Yo, Richie!" he called.

"Hey Gary," Richie looked up from the wall he was painting. Brock jumped off the ladder and joined the pair.

"So how's it going?" Gary asked.

"Pretty good. We're on schedule - amazingly enough." said Brock.

"Heh, we couldn't've done it without - SUPER BROCK!" Richie laughed. "He's been a madman... cooking, cleaning... building... It's scary."

Brock grinned. "And how are things at the Cerulean Gym?" he asked.

Gary smiled nervously. "Well, it's taking us a bit longer to get everything back to normal..."

Everyone politely refrained from pointing out that this was probably because Gary and the Cerulean Girls spent more time in Pallet than in Cerulean City.

"But we hope to be up and running soon." Gary finished. "So, what's new?"

"Well," Brock looked around. "I _did_ hear an interesting rumour recently."

"Oh yeah?" Richie and Gary leant in.

"Well... it's just hearsay of course." said Brock. "I got it from Joy, but _apparently_ Ash is planning to ask Misty to marry him once the gym is up and running."

"Finally!" Richie exulted.

"Well it's about time," said Gary. "I guess I'd better pull out my tux and have it drycleaned it then... and start working on my best mans speech."

"What do you mean YOUR best mans speech?" Richie demanded. "I've been Ash's friend longer than you!"

"And I've been his friend longer than BOTH of you!" said Brock. "It should be me!"

"No WAY have you known Ash longer," said Gary. "I've known him since he was a little kid!"

"Known yes, friends - NO WAY!" said Brock. "Look, we HAVE to get this sorted out once
and for all. Tracy's getting here next week."

"So?" asked Gary.

"So - he emailed me saying that if Ash and Misty got married - HE was looking forward to being their best man."

"What? No way, it'll be me for sure."

"It's gotta be me!"

"No, me!"


"What ARE you all arguing about?"

"Huh?" All three men jumped and turned to see Ash behind them.

"Er, Ash... what are you doing here?" Richie laughed. Ash looked at him strangely.

"It's MY gym, I'm SUPPOSED to be here," he said, glancing at Gary significantly. "But on a more important note, lunch just arrived."

The group followed the direction of his jerked thumb and saw Jesse and James distributing packed lunches from trays. Each tray was emblazoned with the words "Jesse James Restaurant".

"Excellent!" Gary shouted. "I'm starved!" He made to move off but wasn't fast enough. Ash's hand came down on his shoulder.

"Not so fast, _pal_," Ash emphasized. "What was the big debate about?"

"Er..." Gary looked at the other two. "We, er, well, we were arguing about who got to be your best man."

"Best man?" Ash's eyebrows shot into his hairline. "Isn't that a little premature? I haven't even ASKED her yet!!! Besides - don't _I_ get to choose?"

"Hey, that's right." said Richie. "Okay then Ash, who do you want to be your best man?"

Ash was suddenly fixed by three firm stares. He looked at his friends. Gary, old enemy, now good friend. Richie, almost like a brother. Brock, his wise companion. Hmmm... There was only one way to resolve this.

"Hey James!" he yelled. "Are you doing anything special in a couple of months?!"


James looked up and gacked as the three-person lynch mob bore down on him. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!" he screamed, running for it.

Ash grinned as he watched them go. Idiots, like he'd do without ANY of them. Four best men would make for a lot of speeches, but it would be worth it. Suddenly, he felt a strange feeling in the base of his skull. Everything seemed to have gone quiet. He turned slowly.

Two Pokemon stood before him. Ash had never seen anything like them before. One was small, pink and looked vaguely rodent-like, it was also giggling. The other was much bigger, blue-ish in colour, and more serious. It looked like it might be the evolved version of the little pink thing, which was now _floating_.

*Ah, of course. My apologies.* said a voice in Ash's head.

"Wha..." was as far as he got before the memories started flowing back.

Ash reeled and clutched his head. "Urgh... no, Pokemon mustn't get involved in personal fights... they're our friends... you're not going to get Pikachu! Mewtwo! I... no..." his eyes widened. "I... I... DIED!"

*Yes,* said the voice again. This time Ash remembered its origin. He looked at Mewtwo, the larger of the Pokemon. "You... you wiped my mind," he whispered.

*Yes,* said Mewtwo. *I apologize, but I felt it was necessary at the time. You weren't ready to comprehend everything that had happened, not to mention your death and subsequent resurrection.*

Ash sat down. "This is... rather sudden." he said. The two Pokemon waited for him to pull himself together.

"Mew! Mew!" Mew floated round his head worriedly. Ash smiled and put his hand out. Mew briefly landed on it, sniffed his face, then Mewed again and took off.


"Where have you been?" Jesse demanded. "We have customers here."

James panted and waved her questions away before collapsing on the ground. Persian wandered up to him and shook his head. "For this I gave up everything!" he said. "A place by the boss, riches, fame..."

"Crime... abuse..." James continued listing. "Pay cuts... Strategic planning meetings..."

"Alright alright already!" Persian growled. "Get back ta work!"


"Huh?" James swiveled to look behind him. There was nothing there. Then he felt something cold and damp touch him on the back of the neck.

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!" he screamed, jumping straight up and coming down on top of Jesse.


"Hey watch where you're... ARGH!!!" the pair toppled onto Persian.

Mew watched the funny funny humans for a few moments more, then giggled and zipped back to its friend and the other human.


Ash watched the farce occurring and then turned back to Mewtwo once Mew had returned.

"What was THAT all about?" he demanded.

*Sorry about that,* Mewtwo actually smiled. *My friend here has always had a fondness for that group. They're so... humourous.*

"Mew! Mew!"

"Riiiight... so aside from tormenting them, why are you here?" Ash asked.

*I have been watching you ever since we first met,* Mewtwo told him. *I felt that now, at this new stage of your life, you were ready to meet me again. I wanted to see you in person, speak to you, and thank you.*

"Thank me?!"

*Thanks to what I learnt from you, these past few years have been...* Mewtwo seemed to struggle for words. *Hmmm... fulfilling? Happy? No... Ah yes... Fun. I thank you for that.*

"Er, you're welcome. Did you say that you'd been watching me?" Ash got a cold feeling between his shoulders, but it was just Mew doing the infamous Attack of the Cold Wet Nose.


Pikachu ran into the slight dip, planning to scold Ash. It was lunchtime and it wanted to be fed.


Quick reactions from Mewtwo and Ash prevented the group from being thundershocked, as Pikachu was filled in on events, past and present.

"Will we get to keep our memories this time?" Ash asked.

*Yes, but only you and your Pokemon.* said Mewtwo. *I don't want to distress your other friends unduly. Or your mate.*

Ash blushed. "How did you know?"

Mew giggled again and Mewtwo chuckled. *We always knew,* he told Ash. *Your Pokemon always knew too.*

"Suddenly many things become clear," said Ash, remembering all the many times his Pokemon had voluntarily aided Misty. Indeed, had wandered off with Misty as though she were their trainer and not him.

Mew giggled again. "Mew!" it said.

Mewtwo smiled gently, and then floated gently into the air. *I shall continue to watch your progress with a great deal of interest,* he informed him. *It has become something of a hobby after all these years.*

"Oh goody," said Ash sarcastically.

*But I must say, after all these years...* Mewtwo trailed off.


*You've REALLY grown!!!*



"Ash? Hey Ash!"

Ash blinked and turned around to find Misty behind him. She had a perturbed expression on her face.

"What's up, Misty?" he asked pushing the encounter with Mewtwo aside. She looked so pretty standing there, her eyes flashing and the sun turning her hair to fire.

"Was this Mer-Princess thing _your_ idea?"

He cracked a grin and approached her. "Of course it was... Misty Mermaid!"

Misty sighed. "I thought that was all behind me!" she said plaintively, but Ash could tell she was pleased.

Ash made a decision, he took her hands and pulled her close. "Hey Misty, I know you said to ask you in a year, but... would you consider getting engaged at least?"

Misty bit her lip. "Ummm... okay."

Ash stared down at her. "Really?!"

"Yes, I'll consider it!" Misty shot him a mischievous grin.



Misty giggled. "Well that's what you _asked_ me to do!" she teased. "I mean, what kind of proposal do you call this? No moon, no flowers, and you're not kneeling in front of me looking romantic!"

Ash looked disgusted. "Ugh... that sounds sickening..."

Misty pouted. "You have _no_ romance in your soul!"

"Oh, puhleese..."

They glared at each other. Pikachu glared at them.

"PIKACHUUUU!!!!!" Pikachu let go with a nice little thundershock.


Ash and Misty collapsed on the ground and lay there, smoking slightly.

"Say, Ash?"

"Ugh... yeah?"

"How about you get one of James' roses and ask me then? You don't have to kneel, but I'd really like a flower."


"Pikapikapika... Pikachu!"



Authors Notes:

Orla: We have no idea what really happened to Ash's Dad, so we wrote him out completely. If you happen to know what did happen... don't tell us, we don't care. (^_^) Since starting this fic I have also found out that May Oak _does_ exist (in the manga anyway) and was not a figment of my imagination, I still have no idea of how she is portrayed and we needed someone to piss off Jesse anyway!

Jaelle: Fletcher the Lecher AKA Pond Scum was entirely a creation of our diseased imaginations (mostly Orla's), and if he does resemble anyone living or dead we hope he's the latter and not the former. Various strange things occurred during the writing of this fic, caused by listening to the Pokemon soundtracks too many times. Oh yeah, we also decided to use the North American versions of the names because it was easier. Except for Professor Oak's first name - which is actually his Japanese last name, but there you have it.

Some of the jokes were inspired by events, people and other anime, but I'll leave it to you to figure out what they were. :-) Although some people may recognize the "No such things as miracles" line.

An interesting note: In the first part, all the letters and diary entries by Misty were written by Orla, and all of Ash's by me, which caused us to wind up identifying with each character more, which made dividing up the writing easier. :-) Except for the Jesse and James bits, which we shared.

Mewtwo and Mew appeared because we saw the movie just before beginning the planning of this fic and we wanted them in there.

BTW, the infamous Attack of the Cold Wet Nose is well known to pet owners.