POKEMON 152 - ? 2000

What once started as a simple quest to become a Pokemon Master has thrust eight teens into the battle of their lives. New friends and places are discovered, history unravelled, and new powers surface to the fore. Only Eight may survive against the coming onslaught of the terrible King of Monsters?

Are You Ready To Become Pokemon Masters?

A Pokemon, Digimon, Monster Rancher and Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction.

Episode 1 : To Tokyo and Back A wrong turn and the wrong boat takes Ash and Co to Nerima Tokyo, where they meet up with Ranma and Co in a very strange way.

Episode 2 : Of Birds, Cats, and Pandas Its the first day of school for Ash, Misty and Brock, and Misty has already gotten on Shampoo's bad side, Ash has tasted Akane's Mallet and Brock is, well, Brock.

Episode 3 : The Rocket Strikes Back Mrs. Saotome is back in town and the first thing she does, is turn James of Team Rocket over on their side. What's her secret? And why is Panda-san still not around?

Episode 4 : Lost Boys and Their Pokemon Ryoga is back, toting, what's that?! A Bulbasaur? And Professor Oak? Well, this Ward is getting wierder and wierder.

Episode 5 : Opening Moves There's an air of malice in Tokyo, and our Trainers are feeling it. Something's wrong here.

Episode 6 : 2 B A Master Ash discovers that he's short two badges! What's he supposed to do? Well Ash, there's two Pokemon League Masters here already. Why don't you give Mrs. Saotome and Cologne a call?

Episode 7 : Old Faces, New Meanace, Same Indifference A new extention on the Pokemon 2000 series. Ash and the others return to Pokemon Island, and while they're there, they meet up with a few old faces, and some new ones. Included is the return of Melvin the Magnificient!

Episode 8 : Wierdness Abroad! When Ash, Misty, Brock, Ranma and James go training in the mountians, they don't count on having two of the wierdest adventures alive.

Episode 9 : Digidestined Happosai returns on a mission, and more of Ash's powers are uncovered! Plus, the fate of the Evil Digimon of past times!

Episode 10 : The Crest of Courage Tai returns! And Matt, TK and Izzy face off against Oganmon. Also, Myotismon plans his revenge.

Episode 11 : The Crest of Love More Digimon return, Ash and Co get new stuff through Ash's latent powers, and the group faces off against Metalseadramon, Puppetmon and a horde of Bakamon lead by Phantomon.

Episode 12 : The Crest of Friendship Jessie and Mewtwo reach their destination, Happosai returns! Plus, Joe and Mimi!

Episode 13 : The Crest of Reliability Three of the New Digidestined get swept up in the battle for Nerima!

Episode 14 : The Crest of Light A simple trip to the ending Carnival brings new changes for Ranma. Plus, the all out assult against the Digidestined! And the Eighth Child Revealed!

Episode 15 : The Crest of Sincerity Misty is running out of time. It's time for a short trip to the past! Guest starring the Slayers!

Slayers MOMENTS Slayers MOMENTS is a small side story to Chapter 15, concerning the new additions to the life of one Lina Inverse. Written purely by WarChild, one of the best co-authors a guy can have.

Episode 16 : The Crest of Hope Ash is learning the hard way of how it's like to be a girl. Pantyhose Taro pays a visit and things start to heat up!

Episode 17 : The Crest of Knowlage The final battle is at hand. Who will prevail?

Episode 18 : Jogress Transformation 3 Hearts as 1 part 1 Things have accelerated to a dangerous level. Who will win?

Episode 19 : Jogress Transformation OmniPehonixmon Reborn part 2 The winner will be decided. But at what cost?

Epilogue : Scars Left By Time A conglomeration of epilogues to wrap up the series.

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