From my Own

By: Theodore Leung

I never knew when it started. Okay, maybe I did know, but I guess the best way to say it is I don’t know how it happened. Okay, maybe I do know how…a hell, my thoughts are driving me crazy…

Okay, okay, okay, never mind…

We walked along the road, minding our own business most of the time. The dirt road may not exactly be the best type of road to walk on, but hey, it’ll do. Aside from the occasional trainer who wants to battle us, the walks has been pretty quite…

I looked over towards my left, noticing the lush line of trees that we followed, something that seemed planned by the humans around this area. This pattern was not on the right side, something the surprised when I thought of it. Such strange beings, these humans. Well, I have not complaints, my trainer was someone I could appreciate and count on in the future.

"Something bothering you?" a female voice asked beside me. I turned my head towards the right to face the Flareon. The look of concern on her face surprised me, but I shook the thought off.

"It’s nothing Flare, don’t worry about it," I assured, patting her shoulder. Flare slowly nodded, probably not believing the answer, but the answer suited her fine. I exhaled deeply, looking over to the left again. Spark and Hydra walked on that side of the path, both seemingly getting over their differences. I smiled at the sight. It was soothing to see these two as friends.

I decided to change my gaze again, noticing the Pikachu perched on my trainer’s shoulder. Lin seemed happy, enjoying the view from her height, laughing and giggling, also making the other trainers that led us into giggles, if on a lesser scale. Ryna stood tall, towering over me, though it wouldn’t look that way in the eyes of other humans that passed by.

I sighed again, giving Flare another fit of concern, but I told her yet again that it was nothing. Again, she quieted. Still, it made me feel terrible to give a Flareon such concern over me. My gaze met the skylight.

I remember the first time this journey started, Ryna picking me as her Pokémon at Pallet Town. It was surprising that she was a trainer that understood Pokémon language, but it made it easier for use to communicate. Yet, I also think this trainer is responsible for my surges of energy throughout battle.

Flame Rain and Flame Shield, attacks I’ve never heard before, and yet I’ve still been able to execute with little thought. I don’t know, but between Spark and Lin, we’ve come up with the conclusion it has something to do with the pendant that hung over our trainer’s necks. We could feel its presence, something that told us…anything…we weren’t sure…

I looked over my arm, the amber-orange skin easily noticeable. I always wondered why I was born a Charmander. I guess it was fate, something that couldn’t be changed. Then again, Ryna always said Fate was something you controlled.

"Charles?" a voice asked, snapping me out of my dream world in a matter of seconds. "You okay?" my trainer asked. I nodded slowly, looking around. Apparently, a third trainer has joined us. "Ready to battle?" Ryna asked next. I smiled, nodding enthusiastically. There’s always time for combat.

* * * * * *

I smiled, seeing my fire type friend jumping into combat ready position. Charles always enjoyed combat, as I’ve seen throughout the times we have journeyed together. Still, if there was anything Charles like more then combat…

I sighed, my vantage point from the top of Ryna’s shoulder. I didn’t really pay much attention to the battle, knowing if Charles didn’t succeed, and I knew that was likely not to happen, Ryna would call in Flare.

I looked over to where the Flareon stood, noticing she was getting edgy for no reasons. She should know by that Charles could handle a lot. Well, I guess it’s the concern from a loved one, and when I say loved one, I mean loved one. My pointy, jagged yellow tail twitched, making me turn back to the combat zone. Charles took a massive hit from the opposing Staryu, but the Charmander quickly got back to his feet, giving Flare the no worry sign.

I smiled, seeing that such concern could be cute at times. Flare looked like she was ready to jump in and rip that water type apart. Goes to show you what there is between those two. Ready to stand up for each other at a moment’s notice. Always there for each other, the two really do love each other.

I sighed again, wishing someone like that would be there for me.

Nah, I was hopeless romantic. I wonder how my mom got with dad in the first place anyway…


I sniffed, tears forming in my eyes, something I couldn’t control. It’s been a while since I saw her, those scientist taking away my family, leaving me there…in Viridian Forest.

It’s not fair…

Then again, life was never fair…

* * * * * *

I watched on with interest. Charles was holding his own, despite fighting against an opposite type. Still, if Hydra could do it, I bet Charles could. Speaking of which…

I looked over to the Squirtle at my right. The blue turtle sat there, also admiring the battle, I see. I bitterly hated this particular Squirtle, or better yet, I used to bitterly hate him. My impressions of him changed after the battle with Lavan, how the turtle took a pistol hit for me. I guess I was mad at him because he beat me. Well, that was before…

My stomach rumbled against the grass a bit, not eating anything in a while. This battle was a good one, and too hard to pass up.

I began to play with a thread of grass in front of me with my right paw, twisting it around my arm.

I looked up again, finally seeing the end. Charles unleashed a Flame Rain attack on the Staryu, the liquid fire singeing the water type, rendering it unconscious. I yawned, despite how interesting the battle was. We have been travelling a lot. I think we’ve gone by most of the day walking, and aside from the Pokémon battles, we were making good time.

I looked up at my trainer Sam, sitting beside Hydra, also admiring the battle. She still seemed so high, despite my trainer sitting there on the ground. Maybe it was because I was lying on the ground too…

Ah well, I got up, shaking some of the grass off. I wiped the remaining grass away, then stretched out my limbs. Amazing how a few minutes of rest can do to your bones…

I decided to run up the hill that was next on our journey, just for the heck of it. I sure hope there is a Pokémon center soon, it’s getting late, and I don’t like the prospect of camping for another day. Especially since our group was running low on supplies. We could probably last one or two more days in the wild, max.

Well, tis the life of a Pokémon and their trainer…

* * * * * *

I smiled brightly as Charles headed back to me. Another battle well fought. *Sigh* I wish I could fight like him.


I know he’s told me that I had the potential, but still, I think he was only trying to cheer me up. My back still hurts from that Psychic attack Lavan’s Alakazam gave me. I shuddered at the thought…being tossed around like a beach ball. I don’t think Charles would’ve reacted well if he saw that. I guess it was a good thing he was unconscious at the time…

I yawned, my eyes going blurry to the tiredness that infested my body at the moment. My paw ran across my eyes instinctively to rub away the tiredness, but it was so hard to keep it away…

"Tired?" Charles asked me. I nodded wearily, laying my head down against his shoulder. I wish Charles was a Charizard, since he would be able to carry me around easily, but then again, I wouldn’t be able to lean on his shoulder anymore. I giggled at the thought of it.

"Something wrong?" my fire type friend asked, stroking some of my fur. I purred as he stroked me, cuddling up closer to he Charmander.

"It’s nothing, just a strange thought," I replied, smiling happily. The darkness was a nice comfort. Despite having my eyes closed, I knew Charles was looking over me, smiling. Yeah, we were quite close, right to the point where Lin kept calling us lovebirds. Are we really that close together? I’m not really sure…I guess it all depends on your perspective.

"What’s that noise?" I asked Charles, I could faintly hear Spark, but maybe it was just me. I am tired after all.

"It’s Spark," my friend replied. "He’s happy yelping about a Pokémon Center coming up on the path." I smiled, Spark being an energetic type at times. "Come on, you can rest better at the center."

"Do I have to get up?" I asked meekly, yawning. I could see Charles smiling in my mind. I didn’t want to move, it was just to exhausting.

"No, you don’t," Charles replied. I didn’t know what he meant by that until a few seconds later.

"WOAH!" I yelled out, being lifted into the air. My eyes snapped open, seeing I was being carried in the arms of the Charmander. "Why you…" I said, giggling. I nuzzled his chin, causing him to giggle as well. "Thank you," I told him.

"Don’t worry about it," he replied, walking over the hill to the center. I wonder how Lin would react when she saw this. The thought made me giggle, sending a look of question over my ‘boyfriend’ as our Pikachu would say.

* * * * * *

I looked around the Pokémon Center, somehow bringing back memories of when Sam tripped over me back in the previous one. My gaze turned towards the Growlithe I accompanied. It makes me wonder if Spark still feels bitter towards me. I did beat him in combat, and that he was always growling at me. I can’t tell…he seems to have a better opinion of me, but still…

My eyes were trained on the opening doors of the center, Flare and Charles walking in, or more like, Charles walking in carrying Flare. The two were laughing hysterically, catching the attention of other Pokémon and trainers.

"Oh brother…" I heard Lin whisper. My gaze soon fixed on her, noticing that she was rolling her eyes. Yeah, this was the life of a rowdy group like this…

I’ve been pretty quite for the last couple of days of travel. Probably for the entire trip, I’ve only said four sentences. Nah, I probably spoke more then that. I’m exaggerating, that’s all.

Why do I always think so much?

I shook my head clear of thought. I need a break, or my mind is probably going to explode or something…

Ah, god, why do I have these thoughts anyway? I can see it, if Spark knew I think this much, he would probably laugh in my face and never let me live it down.

God dang it, why do I HAVE to think so much?!

"You look disturbed…" I heard, breaking my chain of thought and making me turn around to face the person.

"S-Spark!" I stammered, surprised that the Growlithe would confront me of all the people.

"Why are you so surprised?" the Pokémon asked.

"Oh…i-it’s nothing…" I stammered. I looked into those eyes of the Growlithe, but I didn’t see bitterness or hatred, only a warm feeling of concern. He smiled.

"Come on Hydra, Sam’s waiting. Let’s go," he told me. I nodded, following the dog Pokémon to our trainer.

Maybe Spark does think differently about me…

* * * * * *

Well, Celestial City wasn’t what I expected it to be…

Still, no time to admire the sights, Ryna was eagerly awaiting the Gym Battle. It was easy to tell, since she had this wide grin on her face, as I can see from where I perched on her shoulder.

We split off from Sam and her trainers. Sam wanted to go check out the city and stuff, telling us that she would find us at the Pokémon Center in a few hours. As for the rest of our group…let’s just say Charles and Flare still couldn’t get enough of each other.

I yawned, tired but still ready for battle. The Gym in front of us was not very spectacular, though the entire front wall was covered with a paint job from the stars, like something out of Star Trek.

"Well, this is it," Ryna whispered, me being the only one to hear. I nodded, smiling and giving her a sign of victory. She smiled back, the four of us stepping into the Gym.

* * * * * *

The inside of the Gym was quite interesting. Much like the front wall of the square prism gym, the inside was decorated with views of the stars.

"I wonder what kind of Pokémon they use in here," Flare whispered to me. Even the floor was star-ish, for lack of better words. It kind of gave the feeling of actually being in space.

"Possibly a Porygon," I replied, getting a bit disoriented with the stars all about. "This gym probably uses ‘advance’ Pokémon or something the other." My Flareon companion gave me a questionable look but her curiosity seemed satisfied.

"Greetings," the man at the other side said. He wore a white lab coat that seemed longer then he was tall, but on the other hand, the sleeves were tight around his arms. It was strange to see such unusual attire for this blond haired blue eyed name, but he didn’t seem to mind, despite how uncomfortable that outfit looked. "I am Des, Gym Leader of Celestial City Gym. I believe you are here for a battle."

"That’s right," Ryna replied, her face strong with confidence. Des looked amongst the Pokémon Ryna trained, his eyes finally setting upon Flare, though the look seemed malicious…

"One-on-one, Flareon to Flareon," Des said, turning his gaze back to the trainer. Flare was clearly taken aback by this offer.

"I…I can’t do this…I’m not strong enough…" Flare whispered to me, shaking in nervousness.

"It’s okay, Flare, don’t worry," I said calmly. "You beat Simon, this is just another battle which isn’t more difficult. You are not even fighting an opposite type, so it should be fine…"

"But…" Flare protested, taking a step back.

"I have faith Flare, and so does Ryna and Lin," I continued, she looked up at me, eyes making contact.

"Okay…I will try…" she said, suppressing her fear. I nodded, smiling.

"Thank you," I told her. We both looked up at Ryna, who was watching the entire event transpire. Flare nodded, ready for the battle in both body and soul.

"We accept," Ryna told Des.