May Your Soul Rest

By: Theodore Leung

"Open up Tim!" the soldiers shouted, banging loudly on the door. "Surrender peacefully now, or be shot a traitor!"

"My ass…" Tim cursed under his breath, quickly suiting up in his vest. He quickly opened the closet, removing a bandolier of grenades from the shelf, grabbing a Close Assault Weapon, and additional ammo for the weapon. Sam would’ve wonder how the commanders here let the soldiers have a mini armory in their room if the situation wasn’t as tense. Tim forced the door open slightly, rolling a grenade out the door. None of the soldiers noticed the little pineapple shaped device until it hit the foot of a soldier, detonating.

"Let’s go!" Tim shouted, opening the door and spraying the corridor with his CAW, visibility to a low from the smoke. Everyone else ran past behind him, making their way towards their first priority. Tim walked, following up at the end of the line, still firing suppression fire. In the end, Tim used another grenade to keep the soldiers down.

* * * * * *

Ryna looked up from her position on the table, hearing gunfire in the hallways. The shots slowly got closer, until it seemed like it was outside the door.

"Ryna!" Sam shouted, the door sliding open.

"What took you so long?" Ryna asked, happy to see her friends again. Tim ran in, tossing yet another grenade into the hallway. After a quick examination of the room, Tim found the switch he was looking for, flipping it. The locks that held Ryna down opened, setting the trainer free. Ryna instantly leaped to the floor, massaging the pain in her wrists. Lin quickly perched herself onto Ryna’s shoulder, happy to be with her again.

"Hate to break the reunion, but we need to split!" Tim shouted, lobbing another grenade down the hallway. He was running out of grenades fast. Sam nodded, tossing Ryna a headset before running out, followed by her Pokémon. Ryna quickly equipped the headset and followed, Tim taking the end of the line again. The Special Forces Soldier quickly loaded another cartridge into his weapon, turning the next corner.

* * * * * *

"Spark, Flamethrower!" Sam commanded, the Growlithe unloading his blast into the nearby Raichu that stood in their way.

"Charles, Flamethrower!" Ryna also commanded, the Charmander flaming the opposing Ivysaur. Only a Nidoking and Nidoqueen stood in their way. "Flare, Charger!" Ryna commanded, the Flareon massing firepower. Before either Nido’ could react, Flare blasted through them, the energy stored knocking both over in a one hit KO. Flare nearly fainted once she came to, expending too much energy over the past few minutes. Charles and Spark took out their opponents, rushing forward the assist the Flareon.

"Hey, look out!" Lin shouted, a Golem leaping towards them. None of the fire types had time to react.

"I’ve got him!" Hydra shouted, spraying out a stream of water at the Golem, knocking sending the Golem flying backwards and against the metal wall. A one hit KO.

"Flare, you okay?!" Charles exclaimed, worried sick.

"I’ll…be okay…just weak…" she replied, forcing a very faint smile.

"Ryna, take care of it!" Sam shouted, running past. "Spark, Hydra, we’re securing the next area!" Both Pokémon nodded, running forward to catch up. Ryna ran forward, kneeling down beside Flare.

"Lin, back Sam up!" Ryna commanded, not looking up. The Lin gave a mock salute, and quickly joined the others. "Charles…she’ll be okay," Ryna said, lifting the Flareon up. Charles gave a sigh of relief. Tim came running up from the previous corridor, his Pokémon following. An explosion followed, the sound of falling metal echoed down the bullet-ridden corridor. Ryna quickly got to her feet, nodding to Tim, and continued to run down the corridor, Tim taking the back lines again.

* * * * * *

Ryna was now carrying Lin as well as Flare, both exhausted from using too much energy at once. Samantha was forced to carry Hydra around, who had his share of the action taking out at least 15 consecutive Rock/Ground types.

"Makes you wonder of those they have around here!" Ryna shouted to Sam, inquiring about the Rock/Ground type problem.

"Well, hope there’s no more. Hydra can’t fire another shot off!" Sam replied. Spark and Charles ran ahead, ready to secure the next area. Tim caught up with the two females, discarding his empty CAW.

"Not much farther!" he told them. Rocky and Slasher ran behind him, Rocky using as many Earthquakes behind them to slow down the enemy. Suddenly, Spark went flying backwards, slamming into Slasher and knocking both over. The three trainers stopped in their tracks, Sam and Tim helping up their Pokémon. Ryna looked ahead, seeing yet another Golem to be knocked out.

"We don’t have a water type though…" she whispered. Charles evaded the attacks of the Golem, who was trying to punch the fire type down. It was only a matter of time before the Golem hit Charles, sending him slamming against the wall. "Charles!" Ryna shouted out, the Charmander staggering back to his feet. The Golem smirked, rushing to finish the job.

"Nova Barrage!" Ryna commanded, afraid off losing her friend. Charles stood up straight, unleashing a Fire Blast, hitting the Golem square on. The rock staggered backwards, brushing the flame off himself. It didn’t stop, another Fire Blast slammed against the Golem, then another, then another. The Golem backed up against the wall, obviously in pain. Charles sealed the battle with another three Fire Blasts, in a triangular formation that slammed against the Golem, knocking him out for good. Ryna exhaled, glad to see Charles still with her. Tim and Sam caught up with Ryna, both carrying Slasher and Spark respectively.

"Our Pokémon are getting tired," Sam said, massaging one of the multiple wounds on Spark.

"We have to keep on going," Ryna said, continuing to run down the hallway. "Our Pokémon are in this state because of us! We can’t let them down!" The other two nodded, continuing their run for the exit.

* * * * * *

"Almost there!" Tim shouted, lobbing his last grenade behind the trio. "Next corridor, then we’re gone!" Tim detonated the next impact point, their pursuers were perusing no more. The three ran around the next corner, only to be stopped by a quintet of Wartortles.

"Oh man, we have nothing to take these turtles out…" Sam muttered. They exit was right beyond the turtles, but being able to battle five of them with only a fire type and rock/ground type, the odds dropped drastically.

"They’re mine," Tim muttered, stepping forward with Rocky. "Rock-an’-Roll time," he said, the Graveler nodding. The rock curled up into a ball, then with one great force, shot forward like a bowling ball ready to strike down the pins. The Wartortles unleashing a floor of water, but it didn’t stop the Graveler from coming, though greatly weakening him. The Graveler slammed against the center Wartortle, but before the turtle was whacked away, the Graveler exploded, the blast radius engulfing all of them. The smoke blasted down the corridor, blinding and suffocating everyone for a few moments before it cleared. Tim wafted the smoke away, recalling the now unconscious Graveler to his Pokéball.

"Time’s tight, but we might still be able to make it," Tim whispered to himself. He beckoned his comrades forward. "Let’s go!" The three rushed forward, Sam making it to the door first. She quickly kicked it open, sunlight shinning through the exit like a ray of hope. Sam quickly left the premises of the facility. Tim smiled, happy to escape.

"No you don’t!" the man shouted, tackling Tim. The two went sprawling both slamming against the metal wall harshly. "Think you can get away that easily?" Finn asked, getting to his knees. Tim rubbed the blood off his lip, gritting his teeth.

"Ryna, Sam, go! I’ll take care of this!" Tim shouted, the two trainers stopping in their tracks.

"But…!" Ryna protested, but Tim quickly silenced her.

"I’ll be fine! Just go!" Tim shouted, getting to his feet. The fact he was saying these words shaken his very foundry of existence, recalling something he didn’t ever want to recall. The soldier closed his eyes, looking back at Ryna. "Catch!" he shouted, tossing Slashers’ and Rocky’s Pokéball at her. The Pallet Town trainer caught the two, surprised.

"What are you doing?!" Ryna shouted, taking the balls and clipping them to her belt.

"I’ll be fine…just leave…" Tim whispered. Ryna never heard, but knew what he said. She was saddened, somehow knowing something was wrong, but she couldn’t do anything about it.

"Come back alive!" Ryna shouted out, running out of the door. Soon after she left, the steel door closed, like an omen of fate being sealed. Tim closed his eyes again, facing Finn.

"Are you done yet?" Finn asked bitterly. He took a swing at Tim, but the soldier expertly evaded the attack. "Good," he continued. "I was wondering when the sappiness would die." Tim grinned, raising his fists.

"What’s the matter commander?" Tim asked, smirking. "Afraid of losing your experiments?" Finn curled his fist angrily, taking another rage-full swing at his ex-officer, contacting with air yet again. Again, Tim smirked, seeing his former commanding officer in the state he was in. "Hey Burner, come out!" Tim shouted, releasing the Pokémon for his ball. The bird barley fit into the corridor, forced to lay flat in order to fit into the tight confines. "Flamethrower Finn," the soldier ordered. Any other human would’ve been panicking and wide eyed in a situation like this. Finn only smirked, quickly grabbing Tim and holding him in an arm lock.

"Go ahead bird, Flamethrower me," Finn threatened, holding Tim up as a human shield. "You’re going to have to burn through him first."

"Do it, Burner," Tim ordered, his voice calm despite the seriousness of the situation.

"I can’t hurt my master…" the Phoenix replied, holding back his flames.

"Burner, do it!" Tim ordered harshly.

"I won’t!" Burner said defiantly. He shook his head, looking away. Finn smirked.

"Looks like you’re Pokémon don’t obey you," Finn said. Tim only smiled.

"Ah well," he replied. "We’re all dead anyway." As if on cue, a massive explosive rocked the entire facility, the grinds of the crying steel and screams of destroyed devices echoed through out the base. Finn looked around frantically, panicking.

"You rigged the reactor with explosives?!" he demanded, not like it was any use to either.

"Bingo," Tim replied, smirking.

"But that means…" Burner replied quickly, knowing he will survive the heat and flames, but not his master. It didn’t matter, the flame jet blasted through the corridor, scorching all in the path.

"Carter…this seems so familiar…" Tim whispered, the flames of death embracing him.

"Tim, go!" Carter shouted, pushing the fellow soldier away. "I’ll take care of this!"

"But…!" Tim protested, only to be silenced. Carter pushed his friend away again.

"I’ll be fine! Just go!" he shouted, rushing headlong into the enemies. Tim only watched with horror as the battle went on. Tim was about to cry, but held it back, following Carter’s last instructions and leaving the facility.

"Yeah…those words are so familiar," Tim said, wondering how fate could’ve brought those same words back to this day. It didn’t matter, Tim lost consciousness, his skin incinerating in the heat.

"I won’t betray anyone any more…"

* * * * * *

"TIM!!" Ryna shouted, running towards the door. The flame jet shot out of the their exit point, the door blasting outwards and against the opposite wall in the alley with a loud bang, charred beyond recognition. The trainer would’ve ran into the flames if Sam didn’t knock the girl down and pinned her.

"Ryna! We have to go!" Sam shouted.

"But Tim!" Ryna whimpered.

"Snap out of it!" Sam exclaimed, slapping the trainer harshly. "His sacrifice means nothing if we don’t get out of here!" Ryna sniffled, rubbing her face, nodding. Samantha helped her up, the two making headway for the port to leave the island.

* * * * * *

Samantha looked up from her spot on the ocean liner. She noticed Ryna on the bow of the ship, leaning on the railing, head in her arms.

"Poor gal…" Sam whispered, knowing how it felt to lose someone.

"There was something between those two," Spark said, brushing against Sam’s leg. "Something that has just shattered, taking her heart with it."

"I know…" Sam replied, patting the Growlithe. She sighed, leaving the trainer to be alone.

* * * * * *

"Tim…" Ryna whispered, holding her diamond shaped pendant. The night sky was young, full of beauty and freedom, but she didn’t care. Nothing mattered to her now. She didn’t even care if she fell off the boat and drowned in the sea. Nothing would bring her back to her previous self.

"Ryna…" Sam said, walking up beside her. She leaned over the railing. "Beautiful night, isn’t it?"

"Whatever…" Ryna replied bluntly and emotionlessly. Sam silenced. The two stood there, at the bow of the ship for eternity, until Ryna spoke up.

"Take care of Charles, Flare, and Lin for me," Ryna said effortlessly, leaving the location. Sam turned around and was about to protest, but the girl already disappeared, somewhere on the confines of the ship.

"Ryna…" she whispered, sighing.

* * * * * *

"Slasher, Multi Impact!" Samantha shouted. The Sandslash buried into the ground, the Scyther senses sharpening, ready to strike at the Sandslash once it revealed its self.

"Get ready, Scyther," the trainer commanded. The landed opened up, not in one location, but in ten. The Scyther was instantly confused as 10 Sandslashes leaped at him. The bug Pokémon swung at one of the Sandslashes, but the image dissipated the remaining nice slamming into him. Slasher pinned the Scyther to the ground, winning the match.

"Great job, Slasher," Sam whispered, exhaling. Samantha continued to train with her Pokémon, heading for wherever challenge presents its self. Stadium always looked like a good prospect.

"Ryna…I hope you’re okay…" Samantha whispered, not seeing her since their last conversation on ocean liner. She looked down at her remaining five Pokémon.

Rocky felt the loss of his trainer. Flare and Charles were happy together, but always thought about Ryna. Spark and Hydra served faithfully to their mistress. As for Slasher, he fought on with Sam in memory of his beloved trainer.

"Come on, let’s move on," Sam said, continuing down the trail towards wherever destiny wanted her.

* * * * * *

Ryna was silent, sitting in Viridian Forest. She glanced around, smiling a bit reminiscently about the location. This was the same place she sat when waiting for Charles to catch up near the beginning of her adventure. The trainer from Pallet stood up suddenly, her instincts telling her something.

"Ryna!" the tiny voice shouted. Ryna looked around, then beneath her, seeing Lin standing in front of her. The Pikachu smiled, leaping onto the trainer’s shoulder.

"Lin?! But how did you find me?" Ryna exclaimed, surprised, but happy to see her Pokémon again.

"I left Sam to go home," Lin said, getting comfortable on Ryna’s shoulder. "And from there, something just told me to come here, like you were calling out to me." She grinned, latching onto Ryna’s arm. "It’s strange, but I’m not complaining," she said happily.

"I guess not," Ryna replied, hugging the Pikachu. Lin purred, reunited with her trainer.

Ryna stopped, looking up at the trees above. Lin twitched her ears, wondering what was happening.

"It’s quite…" Ryna whispered, not hearing the simple chirps of Pidgy’s or the scuttle of Caterpie’s. Her gaze ascended, until it landed on something, making her drop Lin. "Is it?" she whispered. Lin shook her head of dizziness, then also looked up.

"It is…" she whispered, starting in amazement.

"Burner…it’s you…" Ryna whispered, noticing something different. The Phoenix perched on the branches didn’t move, didn’t speak, only stared. He cawed slightly, then began to take off. "Burner, wait!" Ryna shouted, noticing something else.

The Phoenix carried a cross-shaped pendant on his neck.

"Burner!" Ryna shouted again, the bird taking off and heading north.

"We going after Burner?" Lin questioned, leaping back onto the trainer’s shoulder.

"That wasn’t Burner…that was Tim…" Ryna whispered, her thoughts muddled.

"Tim?" Lin asked, wondering if her trainer has gone wacko.

"Tim’s soul is in Burner…" Ryna whispered, ignoring the Pikachu and running north, hoping beyond hope to catch up with the Phoenix.

"Oh god Tim, don’t leave me like this…" Ryna whispered, her mind in a state of confusion.

"I’m sorry," a voice told her, a voice very familiar.


Author’s Note:

Well, that officially ends this series of fics. I guess I left the series in a bit of a hang though. If all goes well, I’ll begin production of Series 2, where Ryna begins her search for Tim/Burner, Lin willing to follow no matter what. Anyway, I’ll try to get started on Series 2 ASAP. Hope you enjoyed Series 1!

Being as it may the end of Series 1, might as well put a disclaimed up. Pokémon and all is owned by Nintendo, used without permission. All fan characters and new attacks belong to me, Theo Leung. If you wish to use any of them, please contact me at the e-mail address given. Permission will most likely be granted, however, a timeline of what period you use the character (i.e., five years after Ash left Pallet Town to begin his journey) may be required, to make characters coincide with timelines from other fics.

Also, it has come to my attention that the second legendary firebird in Gold/Silver is called a Phoenix and does not evolve from a Moltres. Burner is an ‘unofficial’ Phoenix in the sense that he does not have a new name to fit his new form. I may write another name for him if and when I continue into Series 2. All other information that may conflict with Gold/Silver is out of my power. I apologize for any misunderstandings that my fic may cause with the release of G/S.