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The Ultimatum is a multi-crossover in progress, by Ultimanium.

Reality was divided into six dimensions in the Beginning, each serving as a foundation for each progressive level. Exactly why creation occured this way was beyond any possible reason. However, just as any other force of nature constructed, Humanity would pick away at it, and make it fall away at the seams for their own benefit.

As was to be expected, the fine line of Armageddon was walked when, during early experiments, a crude dimensionsplitter, the J, punctured the fabric of reality between the fifth and sixth dimensions.

That... was when Ultimanium came to being.

Lost among the dimensions, Ultimanium relentlessly and thouroughly prowled the various planes of creation, along with his ally Ultraagnus on the starship Argetlahm, using a second, safer dimensionsplitter. They were there to make sure that no one was to know of the vast power of the dimensionsplitters, and to keep such a destructive device out of the hands of evil. Why wasn't a question. How was already answered. Will the secret of the J ever leave the minds of the populace forever? Will the dimensions become stable? The answer lies around Ultimanium, the Argetlahm, and the very soldiers of fortune that will join the ranks of the greatest battle the universe has ever known....

In the end, the unthinkable will have to occur for ultimate peace to reign...

The one that started it all. Ultimanium, unnerved for reasons unknown, attempts to rally challengers for a great fighting tournament in the heart of New York under the supervision of Ultramagnus. But for what purpose...?

Chapters 1-12 -
Crossovers are hard to maintain. Maintaining a fighting tournament is almost a superhuman feat.
Chapters 13-21 - Lines are drawn, friendships forged and oh, yeah, don't forget the eternally pissed off Vegeta.

 As the tournament winds to a crawl, and Raul sets off on his own adventures, Ultimanium is left to his usual duties, minus Ultramagnus. The first generation of Chosen Ones have been selected, but there are several extradimensional figures left to play a great role in the unfolding of events....

Our friend Conker is finding it hard enough to get out of the sightful eye of his subjects. However, when  Ultimanium's events begin to catch up to the lowly King of the land of Conk and the J2 goes missing, there's no telling what could happen...

Chapters 1-6 -
Conker's tired. All he wants to do is go home. Too bad no one else knows that.

Everything continues as normal, save for the fact that the J2 is in enemy hands and the entire multiverse could be conquered if the enemy could utilize it. Sigh. Anyways, with Conker under the employ of Ultimanium and other Chosen waiting in the ranks, the Argetlahm's task force is nearly complete. EXCEPT, of course, for one lone boy in the El Nido Archipalego... and with an android after Serge, Conker's got his work cut out for him.

Chapters 1-5 -
The life of a boy named Serge is about to get tossed into a blender of chaos once again.

The stage is set. All the pawns are in order. ULTRAMAGNUS has taken over the third dimension, and it's up to Ultimanium and the Argetlahm crew to take the situation by the horns! Even with a gang of experienced adventurers, it's not going to be easy going against an entire army of androids and the nearly-omnipotent Ultramagnus!

Chapters 1-8 -
Settling in, a few missions here and there, and to top it all off, an MST!
Chapters 9-16 - Mission Failed. Is that a BAD thing?
Chapters 17-24 - It's the final legs of the adventure. Hope nothing happens to destroy the dimensions.

With Ultramagnus finally vanquished, the third dimension enters a new golden age... finally after long last, Ultimanium is allowed some time off. (How'd you think I did MSTs, huh?) However, the peace is short-lived... nine years after the Argetlahm is taken out of service, a mysterious terrorist calling himself the Prospector threatens to activate his doomsday weapon unless he is provided several dozen billion dollars in compensation! The device? The original J, of course!

Ultimanium immediately leaps into action after years of stagnant activity, rallying up a new group of crewmembers to sniff out the Prospector and put an end to his schemes... but when the enigmatic super-soldier Trances start popping out of nowhere, and a shrouded figure is seen sneaking around the Prospector's base, Gaia's Isle, is anything as it seems? Only by harnessing the awesome power of the Trance will the Argetlahm be able to stand a chance against this "new" threat...

Chapter 1-5 -
New faces, some old faces, wierd bunkmates, and a whole lot of trouble!
Chapters 6-10 - Fights, digimon cards and Trances coming out of nowhere!
Chapter 11 - Trance Trauma: Dueling Gods - The massive 11th episode is now here, with fighting, trancing and all the good stuff in between!
Chapter 12-14 - We get a massive fight, it's backlash and the back story of Ultimanium and Shaun.
Chapter 15 and 16 - Trance Trauma COMPETITION, the big megalithic two parter which deems only to be seen! Are you game?