Tokoro is about to receive a rude awakening....

Makato Sakeru and Shinji Akito both share a friendship based on      
the perpetual hate of their Physics teacher, Keibu Isuke. However, all of Tokoro is about ot receive a greeting that may force Keibu and his annoying disciples into a desperate alliance...

The End Virus has come, origins unknown, instantly destroying digital matter upon contact. The only hope lies in the activation of Stasis Spires all over the continent of Folder, upon which the Virus will become stagnant and a cure can be conceived. With an outward cry, Makato, Shinji and Keibu are forced into action, though fingers dance behind the scenes... and the group and Folder's Ancient Spirits are forced up against an enemy unlike the Digital World has ever seen... Makato must soon make a decision:

This world or his?

Chapter 1 - Walking Beyond
And in a desperate plea, Plemon was born into the Real Dimension. That's one hell of a Physics demonstration if you ask me...
Chapter 2 - The Ancient Awakened
The Ancient Spirit awaits, deep in the bowels of the treacherous
Mt. Erebus. But unlocking the power of AncientShurimon is the
least of  the group's worries... and who's that masked man?