Once upon a time, there was a world where great adventures occured. It was a world of dragons, demons, princes, princesses, knights, wizards, and the sort.

Living in this world is a white priestess by the name of Sylphiel Nels Lahda.

For many years, she had been living a sheltered life in Sairaag, using her healing magic to help the townsman. But in a span of two years, her peaceful world has been shattered... twice, by those with dark desires.

So... as while some famous adventurers, including an infamous red haired sorceress, journey to save the world, Sylphiel had remained in Sairaag, hoping that it will see a bright future again...

But the powers that be will not allow Sylphiel the peaceful life, and thus, gave Sylphiel a weapon, which unknown to her, has the potential to end it all.

Will Sylphiel survive?

It is... a revolution... a Slayers Revolution...

A Slayers/Sailor Moon xover written by WarChild and Shaun Garin

Episode 1 - Sylphiel is living a content life in Sairaag, but a vision changes all that. When told to go to Phibrizo's former temple, she goes there to discover a mysterious Glaive that appears out of nowhere.

Episode 2 - Sylphiel seeks the local blacksmith to learn about the odd weapon. With no answers, she decides to locate Lina and Gourry, even though she doesn't know where they are. Luckily a passing acquaintance may be able to help.

Episode 3 - On their way across the Storm Plains, the pair find a group of people who are celebrating a strange being of thunder. But when that same strange being attacks, can Sylphiel and Zangulus prevent the city from being destroyed?

Episode 4 - Following Gourry and Lina's previous trail, the pair travel through the mountians of Sindel Mountian. Happening upon another village, they find out that their patron being may be in trouble, as the whole area is lacking snow and ice. The pair tackle the Temple of the North Wind as Sherra sends another mazoku to deal with the pair.

Episode 5 - Upon the next town, the duo come upon bandits who believe that there is a succubus with ice magic stalking them. Unknown to the two, it is really only Naga the White Serpent. Unfortunately, the three don't exactly get along after they encounter each other with certain beliefs about the other.

Intermission - Amelia and Lina discover that Naga the Serpent and Amelia's sister are one and the same.

Episode 6 - Arriving in a port town, they find dozens of heros and adventurers in the area, all searching for a mystical being in the Ruins of God, just outside of town for an incredible bounty. Low on cash, Zangulus goes off to find the mystical creature.

Episode 7 - While Zangulus faces of against the creature of the tower, Sylphiel and Naga are recruited by a tribe of small creatures seeking their aid against the strangest bandit gang anyone has ever faced.

Episode 8 - In the next town, our heroes discover that at night, a recent curse placed on it surfaces, as the townpeople become zombie-like. Who could have placed this curse on them?

Episode 9(coming soon) - The threat has been revealed, and her name is Lady Wrath, a agent of darkness of the Overworld. And she is powerful enough to shrug of Dragon Slaves. But Sylphiel soon realizes that the power to increase her black magic power has always been in her hands.