Name : Shaun Garin

Age : 19

Sex : Male.

Height : 5'4"

Interests : Anime, CGI Cartoons (ReBoot, Beasties, Shadow Raiders, Donkey Kong Country), Reading, Writing.

Hometown : I ain't telling.

Race : Philipino.

Favorite Movie Quote : "Blinkin fix your boobs! You look like a bleeding Piccaso!" - Will Scarlet O'Hara, Robin Hood : Men in Tights

Favorite Fanfic(s) : Pokemon MASTER, Girl Days

Favorite Song : Run Around

Favorite Anime Movie : Slayers The Motion Picture

Favorite Fanfic Writer : Robert Hayine

Favorite Fanfic to date : Girl Days

Favorite Game : Chrono Cross

Favorite Anime Female : Nene Romanova, always and forever!

Favorite Fast Writer : Animeaddicition