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Shaun's stories on There are some fanfics you can't get on this page until I feel like uploading them here.

Anime Fanfic Links

Christopher "God-Boy" Angel Fanfic Page I tore my hair out trying to find his page for over two months before finding this on the Lurker's Page. He's got a life, it hasn't been updated for ages.

Crossover Corner Almost 200 or so fanfics on this page! All anime crossovers with something else!

Donny's Anime Fanfic Archive A place that holds a great Crossover Fanfic series, Life and Times. Coolness.

Animeaddiction's Page Love this page! Guy updates really fast and churns out quality stories to boot.

Eyrie Productions, Unlimited One of the best places for SI fanfiction. I only hope that I can match their quality someday. My personal favorites are Anime Detective and the Street Fighter ones.

Jeff Hosmer's Rogues' Gallery Fun place. He's gotta be one of the best, among the other legends on the net. Definitely recommend his Sailor Moon stuff.

Kevin D. Hammel's Fan Fiction Page As the link says, this is Mr. Hammel's stuff. Hasn't updated since last January but has re-emerged.

Lady Cosmos' Fanfic Library This is a good place to visit for fanfics. Updated every saturday or sunday.

Lord Archive's Fanfiction Page The instigator of the wonderfully written Red Digivice Diaries and War Diaries, and an inspiration to most of the fanfic community.

Otakuniichuan The homepage of the nearly unimitatable Jack Staik and Lady Tresser... hope I got the names right.

Insane Musings Jaelle and Orla's fanfic homepage. Has some of the funniest stories out there, including Magical Mystery Hibiki Tour and the ever so good, Reunion and Resolutions.

Ranchan Totally Crossed Out A good place to look for Ranma crossovers on the net

Ranma Fanfic Archive Index What the link says. There's definitely something here to read... though it's kinda hard to find some fanfics. Updated daily.

Ranstarr's Den A place that holds a great crossover, Wild Boot. May the User have mercy on their PID numbers. Hasn't been updated in ages.

A Sailor Moon Romance A good archive, updated every week. Good place to get some SM reading done.

Slayers Trilogy The ultimate Slayers fic on the net!

Studio Mako-chan Best AMG/Ranma writer I've seen in a LONG time. Blends it well. Good Sailor Moon stories as well.

Tailweaver's Chronicles The hompage of Becky Tailweaver. She's a good writer and has a good Ranma and Pokemon crossover. Hey, where do you think I got the Suspended Nyniichuan from?

Tenchi Muyo Fan Fiction What can I say? They have everything Tenchi in here.

The Realm of Digimon Fanfiction I like this place, a lot of good fanfics.... just a warning for the kiddies, this has some material that you may not want to read if you're not mature enough.

Welcome to Sofaspud's Couch! Holds one of the funniest series of all time, Girl Days! And Redheads as well.

MP3 Links and Clips

FET's Digifandub Here, you can find fandubs, subtitled clips and other clips from Claymore's page and even full episodes and movies.

Misc Links and Fanfic Archives

Megatokyo : Relax, we understand j00 Megatokyo has everything you need in a comic strip. Humor, great art, big weapons, and even a PS2 attatchment in the form of a cute young girl.

Dork Tower/Dork Storm Press For everything a gamer needs, especially the daily funnies. This is for you.

Sabrina Online No, it's not a link to Sabrina the Teenage Witch. It's an online comic which, while a little adult in theme, is really funny. Check it out.

The Anipike Fun place. Find almost everything in here. Access is restored now!

High I got a link from this place a while ago. All I've got to say is I've GOTTA get me one of these! Double Edged Lightsabers I mean. A place for your Console RPG needs. It's got a good amount of fanfics of all kinds.

Digimon V-Tamer 01 Manga (Visually Translated) Here you can find the V-tamer manga with the translations stuck into the manga itself. Manga scanned by Megchan, and can be found on her page.

Megchan's Digimon Sekai Practically everything in here is from the series translators mouth. Apparently, she works for Saban and does the translating for Tamers, 01 and 02. The site's now down. Only the message board is around.