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A homepage, dedicated to the game, Tales of Destiny 2. One of my favorite games, Tales of Destiny features several aspects of fighting games and rpgs in a very welcome blend, reminicent of the previous Tales of Destiny and Star Ocean.

Tales of Destiny 2, or Tales of Eternia, takes place in a world different than the first Tales of Destiny. Eternia is a world where two worlds are being held together by the Seyfert Ring and the Orbus Barrier. The world where Reid, Farah, Keele and Ras live in is Inferia. The world where Meredy, Chat and Max live is Celestia.

When the story begins, it's found out that many Inferians blame the Celestians for bringing chaos to their otherwise peaceful world. They picture Celestians as fanged beasts who crave Inferian flesh. The appearance of Meredy and actually travelling to Celestia quickly squishes that thought down in the adventurers.

A map of Inferia. Inferia is very different from Celestia. Wind blows, water is blue, the sky is blue, grass is green and it is very warm. The main charecters are as follows...

Reid is the hero of the game. A reluctant hero no less, but a hero through the end. Self taught in his own sword style, he quickly becomes one of the power houses of the game through sword techs. He's purely offencive, and can learn a variety of thrust and slash type of attacks. Reid grew up with Keele and Farah, Farah becoming a Farmer and studying in Regulus Dojo, and Keele, going onto Mintche university. Reid, almost all throughout the game, wishes that things were back to the way they used to be, but learns through travelling with his friends and taking on the Trials of Seyfert.

Reid is the chosen bearer of the Aurora Arte, a powerful Arte that can counter Shizel's Dark Arts. He learns through different experiences; being turned into an Egg Bear, becoming Keele as a child and becoming Shizel. All these things helped him grow into a superb fighter.

Reid has feelings for Farah, and he can only express them when they are together, or through his comments of hunger. Reid is eternally hungry, always looking for the next meal.

GAME TIP Be at least level 80 or higher before taking on the Tournament in Inferia City. Otherwise, once you get to the World Tournament, you'll get your butt kicked. And watch out for Cless. You do roughly 80 damage with each strike of your sword. Strike, run away, strike, block, strike and run away. Keeping your skin intact against Cless is the best manuvere you can do, since he has 9999 HP and you're doing pathetic damage to him.

Farah has been labeled many things. Reckless, Farmer, Martial Artist, but she has a heart of gold under her tough exterior. She grew up with Keele and Reid, the three of them becoming fast friends early in life.

Farah is a very good martial artist, and one of the best charecters to use in the game. Her attacks are almost always combos, and you can string them together for stronger, more incredible techniques.

When Meredy fell from Celestia in her Craymel Craft, Farah immediately took it upon herself to help the girl, even though they couldn't understand anything Meredy said. Since the time her father was transformed by Nereid's power into a monster, and destroyed Rasheans, she always believed it was her fault that it happened.

Farah is quite sensitive, and has been known to brood when she is in a non-threatening dillema. She had feelings for Reid, as she stays with him in the end of the game.

GAME TIP Farah is notorious for her combonations. If you time it right with the right techniques, you can pull off an endless string of combos on your opponent. Definately want her in the party whenever you get into a boss fight. She's HELL on Maxwell, since her combos allow her to hit fast and hard and many times, without having to charge magic.

Keele. Forever skeptical and level headed, Keele quickly learns that there is more than numbers and calculations to life. Always wondering about the mechanics of things, he became friends with the Celestians in Meredy's home town when they first arrived in Celestia.

Keele is always looking for answers to his problems, Craymels and whatever he's looking for. When they first find Keele in the Mountian Observatory near Mintche, he's convinced that the Orbus Barrier is moving. Forever a scientest, he doesn't believe things until he has seen it for himself. He soon develops feelings for Meredy, as he supports her while she tries to Fringe the Dark and Light Aurora Artes with Reid.

When he was younger, he took on a challenge of Farah's to find a stone in Regulus Tomb. They learned years later that Nereid, the God of Destruction, had been sealed within the tomb, and had broken free the very same day Reid's father fought a monster who was killing everyone in Rasheans when they had returned to the village.

GAME TIP Keele is good for Offencive Craymel Artes. If you load him with offencive magic, it'll make things easier in the long run, as spellcasting can be shortened by pressing the control pad in the sequence shown down near Keele's name when you have taken control of him as your lead charecter.

Ras. Travelling under the alias of a treasure hunter, Ras soon reveals himself to being Lord Rassus Luine, one of the two most powerful knights of Inferia. In the beginning, he's rather dedicated to finding out if the Celestians are actually attacking, as the scientests are saying.

Ras soon finds his own path, as he half heartedly fights Reid and his friends, and then follows them through the Bridge of Light to Celestia. It is upon reaching Balir's castle that Ras jumps in and sacrifices himself to prevent Shizel from killing everyone with the Aurora Wall.

Ras is a cool charecter, one that would have made things MUCH more simpler, as he has the same techniques as Reid has. But, sadly, he dies after the attack on Balir's castle. Ras has a soft spot for Farah, as he spends most of the time talking with Farah about her dreams, goals and why she is almost blatently defying the king by trying to gather the Greater Craymels and go to Celestia.

Ras and the princess of Inferia were in love. When Reid and his friends told her about the heroic acts of Ras, she let them go. The pair had a bond that was so strong, that the princess practically took control of negociations between Celestia and Inferia. It is like Ras's spirit lives within her, because the change from her meek personality to a strong, Ras-like personality.

GAME TIP While you can, try to use Ras as much as you can. You play with him for a short time, and he's pretty good.

Meredy. The girl who started this whole adventure. Forever accompanied by the ever cute Quickie, Meredy convinces Keele, Reid and Farah to seek out the Greater Craymels, and convince them to help stop the Grand Fall.

Meredy is very mature for her apparent age, as all Celestians live alone by the age of 11 or 12. She wears Farah's old clothes through the whole adventure, since her strange white dress would stand out too much. On the left side of her forehead is a stone called Elara. She can use this to communicate telepathically with other Celestians.

Meredy is also the daughter of Shizel and Balir. When she was young, someone pinned Balir, her Inferian father, to overthrow the current ruler. Balir was gunned down, and so was Shizel. But the dark Aurora filled Shizel, and she lashed out, destroying the city they lived in. Her uncle is Hyades, one of the toughest charecters in the game.

Despite her age, Meredy is in love with Keele, always depending on her, and willing to help Keele with learning everything he can about Celestia and the world they live in.

GAME TIP Load Meredy with healing abilities. She casts rather quickly. And when she gets the S.D., make sure, before you go into battle with a major foe, you can summon Destiny. It'll save headaches later on.

Chat. Grand daughter to the infamous Robin Hood like pirate, Aifreid, she commands the Van Eltia. This ship is upgradable, not just in form, but shops, inns, game rooms and transporters can be made to your convenience.

Chat is a master of the Pirate skills, mostly concerning Hammers. Rover Tool and Para Ball are difficult to use properly, since they have such a short range. But when properly equipped, Pow Hammer, Ice Hammer and such can inflict heavy damage. Her ultimate skill, Eternal Hammer, is an incredible technique, although she requires full TP to use this, as the technique drains TP like a syphon.

She 'Hates' animals, as she throws a tantrum when she discovers that Quickie is alive. She's got a machine infatuation, as she fawns over the Van Eltia's Craymel Engine. Chat is not much of a front line fighter, but put her in the back where she can use her hammer skills on enemies, as they have a medium range.

Chat and Max are much darker than Meredy, as Meredy is only half Celestian. She's rather short, barely a teenager from her looks.

Game Tip When fighting Hyades in Imen, take control of Chat and set everyone to "prevent magic attack", setting Reid to full technique use. Use Pow Hammer like it's going out of style, because it will help finish the fight with a minimum of damage.

Max. The ultimate power house. When he strikes with his huge gun, he can do up to 2000 damage alone. The leader of Shileska, their goal was to defeat Balir and take over the World!

Max is DEFINATELY one person you want in your party, as his gun techniques can be strung together into a devistating sequence of elemental blasts, all doing massive damage to the enemy. His ultimate technique, Elemental Master, is the most powerful of all, as it does six elemental blasts and one freaking huge non-elemental blast. Most enemies, even in Maxwells cave and Shizel's castle, don't survive the first six blasts before he totally unleashes Elemental Master's power.

Dubbed Mr. Carefree, his secondary quest in life is to pet the Pink Miacas, the courier of Good Fortune, and make a map of the world. He is married to a painter named Lesitia who you can find painting different places in Celestia.

GAME TIP The book doesn't outline this, so here it is. To get Max's Canceler, follow Lesitia to Cape Fortress, Luishka and Jini at night. You should have seen her in Port Peruti after the ice melted and Tinnsia previously. Make sure you DO NOT have Max in your party when you speak to her in Jini. You will get the Canceler from her. Return to Jini at night WITH Max in your party, and you will find the Pink Miacas on one of the screens. Max will learn Elemental Master, WITHOUT being shocked. Neat, huh?

More coming later. All pictures were taken from I couldn't have done this page without their pictures. Thank you.