Pokemon: Reunions and Resolutions
a fanfic by Jaelle and Orla



We do not own Ash, Misty, Brock, Team Rocket, Pikachu and the other 150 Pokemon, who are far too many to name individually. Though we'd like to catch them all - except Jigglypuff because we'd kill the little fluff ball after listening to _that_ song too much (if we could stay awake)! *Achem* Anyway, Pokemon belongs to it's owners, Japanese and otherwise - you know who you are.

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This story takes place about eight years later than the current Pokemon TV series.


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Part 10: Showdown

WARNING!!! Part 10 contains some mild violence and profanity.


Ash opened his eyes and groaned. For some odd reason he was lying on the floor, dressed in formal clothes. Hmm... no headache, so he hadn't been drinking. What had... Oh yeah...

"Jigglypuff," he murmured, bringing his hand up to his face to start rubbing the ink off, then pausing. His other arm was wrapped around a slumbering form.

"Uh, Misty?" he asked, turning.

Gabby opened its eyes and beheld it's most foul enemy. The resultant screams woke the rest of the people up rather quickly.

"What the heck... Oh no! Jigglypuff!" Brock sat up quickly, and looked around. "Hey, something's missing here."

"HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!" screamed Ash, running past him, Gabby in hot pursuit.

"Yeah," yawned Gary. "Something's not right."

"GARY!!! A LITTLE HELP PLEASE???!!!!" Ash screamed, sprinting by.

"It is odd," said Misty. "But I can't put my finger on it."


"Oh honestly Ash, how can anyone concentrate with all your howling?" she demanded. "Gabby - return!"

"Aagh!" Ash fell onto his face as Gabby disappeared back into his poke ball. His pokemon clustered around him, anxiously checking to make sure he was okay.

"Thanks guys," he said. "It's nice to know who my REAL friends are!"

"Pikapi!" said Pikachu sympathetically. Ash mechanically reached for his friend to start wiping the pen off its face. Then he paused.

"Hey, we haven't been drawn on!"

Everyone stared around. It was true. No person or pokemon bore the pen marks on their face which betrayed the wrath of Jigglypuff.

"What's going on?" Misty demanded.

"Oh, you're just the sweetest thing!" cooed a familiar voice. Incredulous eyes turned to the stage, where Jigglypuff was being petted by Sasha.

Ash's mouth dropped open. "Don't tell me - Mom ACTUALLY stayed awake for Jigglypuff's WHOLE SONG???!!!"

"And it was such a sweet song!" said Sasha happily.

"Jiggly! Jiggly! Jigglypuff! PUFF!!!" puffed Jigglypuff ecstatically.

"Yes, you're so cute..." said Sasha. "I wonder who you belong too?"

Misty and Ash looked at each other. "Well, I guess technically it belongs to you Misty," said Ash. "I mean, you did sort of capture it."

A sweatdrop trickled down Misty's forehead. Without another word she ran to Sasha. "Happy wedding!" she shouted. "It's all yours! Take it!"

"Oh, that's so kind of you Misty!" Sasha cried. She turned to Jigglypuff. "Would you like to be my Jigglypuff?" she asked.

In answer, Jigglypuff began to glow.

"What? What's happening?" Sasha gasped. The glow faded.

"Wigglytuff!" cried Wigglytuff, jumping into Sasha's arms.

"YAY!!!" cheered the whole room in bemusement.

"I have no idea what's going on, but yay!" said Joy.

After this momentous event (and the two-hour snooze everyone else had had) it was decided to call the evening's festivities to an end. Which meant...

"It's time to throw the bouquet!" called Sasha.

"YES!!!" said Jesse, rolling up her sleeves, an evil grin spreading across her face. "Gang way losers!"

"Jesse!" protested James. "You're ALREADY married!"

Jesse paused. "Oh yeah..."

Misty blushed, and with a backwards look at Ash joined the growing crowd of women at the end of the room, which included her three older sisters, Joy and May in her wheelchair.

"Are you ready?!" Sasha called. "Here we go!" Turning, she threw the bouquet over her shoulder.

"It's mine!"

"It's MINE!"

"Oww! She wheeled over my toe!"

"Catch it! Catch it!"

The bouquet flew towards the group.

"PIKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" Pikachu leapt onto May's head, used it as a springboard to Misty's head and jumped for it. "Pikachu!"

The group stared as the small yellow pokemon landed, bouquet clutched in one paw.

"Ummm... does it count for pokemon?" asked Daisy.

"Maybe it refers to their owners," suggested Lily. Everyone looked at Ash.

"Ah... ah... ah..." said Ash. "Okaaaaay..."

"Does that mean someone has to put the garter on _him_?" asked James.

"It's MINE!" screeched Misty.

"I am NOT wearing a frilly GARTER! Give it to James, he likes wearing women's clothing!"


"Great," said Brock. "Ash's next. Guess I better keep this tux then, so's I can be best man."

"Now wait a second lightning hair," said Gary. "I'm the best man."

"No way dude, it's ME!" said Richie.



"You wanna fight for it?"

"Anytime... Ummm... best two out of three?"

"You're on!"

Ash meanwhile, was cradling Pikachu in his arms. "Pikapi!" said Pikachu happily. Ash smiled at his best friend.

"Throw the garter for the male pokemon!" he called.

Sasha and Professor Oak grinned and did just that.







"Whoa," said Ash. "I never realized that Pikachu was considered such a babe among Pokemon."

Pikachu smirked. "Pikapikapi!" [Eatcher heart out!]

After a frantic scramble - and a major league thundershock - Raichu emerged triumphant. Holding the slightly singed garter, he presented it to Pikachu. Then they ran off to dance.

"Ohhhh... not liking where this is going..." said Jesse and Ash together.

"Oh it's so ROMANTIC!" said James.

After this, the evening could only wind down. Before they went to bed, Ash and the others bid the new happy couple farewell, as they were catching the overnight train to Fuchsia City for the beginning of their honeymoon tour.

Sasha hugged her son. "Take care of the house dear..."

"And don't forget to wear clean you-know-what!!!" chorused everyone with her. Even Ash joined in.

"Bye!" "Bye!" "Pikachu!" called everyone, as they walked off, leaving Ash to make his private farewells.

"Bye Mom, take care," Ash whispered into her ear as he kissed her on the cheek. "Have a nice time."

"I will honey," she whispered back.

Ash shook Ookido's hand, "Professor, have fun and take care of my mother!"

Ookido just smiled at him. Then they turned and got into the taxi to take them to the train station.

Once the taxi was out of sight, Ash breathed in some air and smiled, a tear trickling down his cheek. After a little while, Pikachu came running up to join him, and the pair stared into the beautiful night sky for a while in silence.

Eventually, Ash broke the silence. "Let's go and find Misty and the others Pikachu."



Misty smiled as she stepped outside. It seemed only right to let Ash say goodbye to his Mom by himself, besides it was a beautiful night. Breathing in deeply, Misty lifted her eyes and looked up at the clear sky and the stars.

"What a _great_ day it's been!" she said to herself.

"And it's about to get better!"

"Huh?" Misty whirled to face the speaker.

A light spray hit her face. As she lost consciousness Misty vaguely recognized the scent of Nurse Joy's Pokemon anesthetic.


"Night Gary! Night Richie!" Ash called.


"See you back at the house!" Richie called, running to catch up with Brock and the others.

"Bye bye May!" caroled Jesse. "Hope your leg's alright!!!"

"Evil Jesse, evil." said Ash, with a grin.

Jesse smiled. "Moi?"

Ash laughed. "So, that just leaves Misty..." he looked around. "I wonder where she got to. I sent Pikachu off to look for her while I said bye to everyone."

Jesse and James looked around. "That's funny, I saw her only a little while ago..." said James. "Where could she have..."


Ash's head snapped round. "Pikachu!"

"PIKA! PIKAPI!! PIKACHU!!!" Pikachu hurled herself into Ash's arms, waving a small piece of paper.

Frantically Ash unfolded it, and then paled at its contents:

'Evening brat, I hope you enjoyed your evening, cos it's about to go downhill from here. I have Misty, and if you come to the old cabin near the old conservatory. You know where it is. Come NOW and fast... or else you might be too late, HERO!!!'

Ash's hands trembled as he bowed his head. Jesse and James stared at him and then jumped back as he threw his head back and screamed, "FLETCHER!!! I SWEAR... I WILL KILL YOU!!!!"

He sprinted out of the door, Pikachu on his heels.

Jesse tapped James' shoulder. "Come on," she said grimly. "Let's go!"


"After Ash, idiot!" Jesse snapped. "In this state of mind he could make a _bad_ mistake and get himself killed!"

"Right!" James agreed and he and Jesse started after Ash.

"Perr... where are you two goin'?" Persian stopped them in the doorway.

Jesse quickly explained. Persian blinked. "Y'know this guy sounds familiar..."

"There's no time for that!" said James. "Let's go!"

"Actually I think this is the guy the boss has been ranting about." said Persian as he fell in behind them.

Jesse screeched to a halt. "What did you say?"


Ever so slowly Misty regained consciousness. Blinking she found herself sprawled on a low bed. With an audible groan she pushed herself up and looked around.

The bed was in a small, crude one-room, one windowed cabin. In the pale dawn light Misty could see that an old-fashioned stove sat at one corner with a rough seat in front of it and a wood pile beside it. A table and two chairs were in the middle and apart from the bed Misty was lying on that was all the furniture. However, Misty noticed an untidy pile of clothing slung over a large chest that sat beside the wood pile.

Swallowing her fear, Misty got unsteadily to her feet. Her head still ached from the anesthetic and nausea threatened to overcome her. Carefully Misty made her way towards the door, she managed to get within arms reach when the door was slammed open.

Fletcher stood there, glaring at her.

Anger and revulsion overcame Misty's nausea. "YOU!!!" she hissed clenching her hands into fists.

"Damn," commented Fletcher. "Looks like I didn't use enough." he advanced on her.

Misty punched him in the jaw.

Fletcher rocked back on his heels, but as Misty attempted to duck past him he reached out and grabbed her, dragging her back.

"Let me GO!!!" yelled Misty. "You $%#@*%!!!!" She kicked out at his legs.

Fletcher grunted and flung Misty back at the wall.

With a cry Misty hit the wall bruising her back and shoulders. She struggled to her feet but Fletcher shoved her back down into a sitting position.

"Shut UP!" he yelled. "I see I should have tied you up from the start, damn hellion!"

Misty glared defiantly up at him. "You... bastard! What do you want now?!"

Fletcher grinned and pulled her forward, forcing her facedown on the floor. Misty couldn't stop an exclamation of pain from escaping as he forced her arms back and lashed them together with a thick length of rope. He proceeded to do the same to her legs, then he hauled her upright and threw her back down on the bed.

"What do I want?" he asked in an almost conversational tone, smirking down at her. "I want to make you pay! You and that Ketchum kid!"

Misty froze. "What have you done to Ash?" she whispered.

Fletcher sneered and sat down at the table. "Nothing yet, but don't worry Misty Mermaid, he'll be coming for you!" Fletcher went silent and stared down at his fists, then he looked up, staring at her with an expression of pure rage and hatred that terrified her.

"You have no fricking idea what you've done, do ya!" he hissed.

Mutely Misty shook her head.

"You've completely screwed up my life! I had it ****ing made and then you stick your sticky nose into MY affairs!"

"I-it was m-my sister and my h-home!" Misty stammered.

"Shut the **** up!!" screamed Fletcher slamming his fist down onto the table. Misty jumped slightly and shrank back.

"Shut up!" repeated Fletcher. "Because of you and Ketchum, I'm going to be bankrupt and Giovanni's gonna cut me into fish food for his ****ing Goldeen!" he jumped to his feet, knocking over the chair, and advanced on Misty.

"Well, ya know what Misty Mermaid?" he leaned close to her. "If I'm going down you and Ketchum are going before me! First him and then you... in a really bad way!" he chuckled. "Ya should've left me alone, I'd have been outta your sister's life after I'd screwed all the money outta Cerulean City Gym."

Misty glared at him in impotent fury, and then did the only thing she could - spit in his face.

Fletcher jerked back and wiped his face. Misty smirked at him.


Through a dull haze of pain Misty tasted blood in her mouth and concluded that she'd bitten her tongue. Fletcher lowered his hand.

"Do that again and I'll hit the other side of your face even harder!" he threatened.

Misty watched as Fletcher sauntered over to the large chest and opened it. He drew out a switchblade and tucked it into his belt. Then he stood by the window, looking out at the dawn.

Misty leaned against the wall and blinked away her tears. Now all she could do was wait.


Ash could barely see through his rage. Bad enough that this had all happened, but ex-Team Rocket had invited themselves along as well! He'd tried reasoning with them... well, HE'D thought it was reasonable. However...

"Listen twerp," Jesse hissed. "She's our friend too, and we want to help. We have the experience..."

"In failing..." Ash interrupted.

Jesse sighed and ran a hand through her hair. "Look, we can help. You can fight Fletcher - that's fine with us, we don't even know the pondscum - but while you're doing that we'll free Misty."

Ash paused. "Oh alright," he finally said. "But for pity's sake - for once in your lives don't screw it up!" He stalked towards the cabin.

James' lip trembled. "How could he say that? As though we'd screw up when it's this important... Waaaah!"

"SHUT UP!" hissed Jesse. "Let's go."

"Fletcher!" Ash roared as he neared the cabin. "Where are you you miserable son of a..."

"Now now Ashy boy, let's not call each other names - not that it's ever stopped you before you little brat!" Fletcher snarled as he stepped out of the cabin. "About time you got here, I was about to start in on Misty!" he grinned.

Ash saw red. "If you've hurt Misty..." he began.

"Hurt Misty? Great idea. But first I have to get rid of YOU!" Fletcher bared his teeth.

Ash was ready to start the attack, but then he saw the tip end of a mass of red hair sneak through the bushes behind Fletcher. *Time,* he reminded himself, *I have to give them more time.*

"Oh, brave man..." he sneered. "Does it give you a thrill to threaten captives?"

Fletcher flexed his arms. "Sure does!"


Jesse and James heard Ash calling Fletcher some really ugly names as they made their way past.

"Window!" Jesse hissed.

Carefully, she inched up to peer in the window. What she saw made them both begin to burn with rage.

"That... _Pond scum_ hit her on the face!" Jesse hissed in James ear.

James looked in at Misty and his brows drew together. "Now that is unforgivable."

Misty looked up and saw them. Her face lit up and she mouthed Ash's name. Jesse nodded. Misty turned slightly and they saw she was tied up.

"Ash has to get Fletcher away from the hut!" whispered Jesse.

James glanced down at Persian. "Can you tell him that without letting Fletcher know?"

Persian nodded. "Perrr... no problem."

Persian stepped out of the bushes and sauntered over to Ash who was still facing off against Fletcher who was leaning in the doorway of the hut.

Fletcher looked at the Pokemon. "Another one of yours?" he sneered.

Ash flicked a quick glance at Persian. "In a way." he shrugged.

"Perrr... Persian!" meowed Persian.

Pikachu's ears twitched slightly. "Pika? Pikapi!"

Ash frowned slightly, he had to get Fletcher away from the hut? He took a deep breath.

"I think we've done enough posing don't you?" he drawled. "How about we get to it?"

Fletcher stood up. "If you're man enough, Ketchum, I'm ready."

Ash twitched. "Let's go to that clearing," he pointed to a patch of grass a few metres away. "I'd like some room to finish you off."

Fletcher hesitated, then shrugged. "Fine by me, but you DO know that the cliff edge is there?"

Ash cracked his knuckles. "Even better!"

The two men moved off.

"Rules?" Ash inquired casually.

Fletcher sneered. "No pokemon, other than that, anything goes."

"Suits me fine!" Ash said. "Pikachu, stay here."

Pikachu fell back as the two men faced off on the edge of the cliff.

"Pikapi..." it said in worry.


"There we go!" said Jesse.

"Where's Ash?" demanded Misty. "Fletcher's crazy! He wants to kill him!"

"Believe me, it's mutual," said James. "They're outside fighting."

Misty paled. "Fletcher has a knife." she said.


The group bolted outside.


Ash was breathing heavily and his lip was beginning to swell after one of Fletcher's punches had made it through. However, Fletcher was in worse shape - both eyes were blackened and his nose was bleeding - and that was just the visible marks.

Grimacing, Ash rubbed one of his ribs. He was fairly sure it had just cracked again.

"Take your best shot!" he hurled his challenge at Fletcher.

"RAAAARRRHH!!!" Fletcher lunged forward and struck out. Ash ducked under the blow and slammed both fists up and under Fletcher's ribs.

"URGH!" Fletcher reeled back. "Right, that's IT!" He drew the knife from his belt.

Ash stepped back. "Are you crazy?" he demanded.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!" Fletcher cut at him. Ash jumped back and a thin line of red appeared on his cheek.

"ASH!" Misty cried.

"What the ****? How'd you get loose!" Fletcher swore. "Don't worry sweetheart, once I've finished cutting up your boyfriend here, I'll start on you!"


"No Pikachu, stay back!" Ash yelled. "You can't get involved in a personal fight. I won't allow it!"

Fletcher slashed forward again, and this time Ash felt the shirt rip across the front as hot burning pain striped down his chest.

Misty stepped forward, she wanted to yell at Ash to stop being such an idiot and to use Pikachu. *But he's too damned honourable! Even against an opponent like Fletcher!*

Suddenly Jesse pressed something into her hand, it was a pokeball. Misty looked at Jesse in confusion, Jesse grinned.

"It's just a Pokemon I thought you might be missing," she said casually. "A last resort perhaps."

Comprehension dawned, Misty stared down at the pokeball and bit her lip. A sudden cry from Ash caused her to look up.

Ash was down on the ground, Fletcher bearing down on him. Ash's shirt was slit open and thin red line was visible on his bared torso. Misty's eyes blazed and she threw the pokeball forward.


"RAAAAOOOOORRRRR!!!!" Gabby materialized on the grass.

Fletcher whirled and screamed at the sight of the huge gyrados lurching towards him. Gabby might be a Water Pokemon and weak on land, but it's size, huge jaws and sharp teeth were terrifying enough!

Ash scrambled to his feet and took advantage of Fletcher's distraction to lunge forward and punch Fletcher in the stomach. At the same time, Misty quickly recalled Gabby.

Gasping, Fletcher doubled over and staggered back.

Unfortunately for him... he was on the edge of the cliff.

"Oh... that's just _got_ to hurt!" James observed.

Jesse noting the white, shocked faces of Ash and Misty elbowed her spouse in the ribs. "Shush!"

Ash glanced down the cliff and then back at the others. "I never..." he started and paused, drawing in a deep breath. "I better check and see if he's... he's..."

"Why don't you let us do that?" suggested James stepping up to Ash and putting a hand on his shoulder.

Ash blinked. "Why..."

"I think you have something more important to attend to." said James nodding in Misty's direction.

Ash's eyes sought Misty's and held them. He stepped towards her, brushing past James.

"Yes," he said slowly. "You're right."

Jesse and James glanced at each other and nodded. With Persian they began to make their way carefully down the cliff.

Misty breathed quickly, her pulse was racing and she felt dizzy. Her head drooped, her loose hair obscuring her features. Ash reached her and took her hands.

"I'm sorry." he whispered. "You know I didn't mean..."

"Sorry?" Misty lifted her head and smiled at him. "Don't be such a big idiot, Ash Ketchum! Fletcher _deserved_ what he got! Besides, if anyone is responsible for that... that _creep's_ fall it was Gabby!"

A choked gurgle of laughter emerged from Ash's throat. "You and that crazy Gyrados!" he drew her into his arms and rested his chin on her head. "I don't know if I can cope with having Gabby in my Gym, maybe..." he smiled slyly. "Maybe I should open a Gym specializing in _bug_ pokemon!"

"Don't you dare!" growled Misty as she snuggled into his embrace.

Pikachu watched them and let out a little sigh of contentment. "Pikaaa..."


Jesse, James and Persian slid to the bottom of the cliff in a shower of gravel, swayed, but managed to keep their balance.

"So where'd he go?" yawned Persian.

"That way," said Jesse.

"Umm... do you think he's..." James left it open delicately.


"No such luck," said Jesse. Moving quickly, the small group found Fletcher, sprawled on the ground. His clothes were ripped and torn, blood oozed from dozens of cuts and abrasions and one leg twisted in a distinctly odd way, but otherwise he seemed alright.

"Talk about your devils luck," said James disgustedly.

"Uhhh... you gotta help me," Fletcher gasped out. "My leg, I think it's broken..."

"Forget it Lecher," snapped Jesse. "_Your_ troubles are only just beginning. Is this him?"

Persian stepped up and examined Fletcher carefully. "Yeah," he said. "Dis is da guy alright."

"Alright!" Jesse shouted, pumping an arm into the air. "James! Phone!"

"Milady..." James handed her the cellphone with a bow.

Fletcher stared at them. "Are you calling for help."

James smirked. "You could say that."

"" snarled a voice from the cellphone.

Fletcher paled even further. "Oh no..."

"Hello there," Jesse purred into the phone. "Well, what can I say but - PREPARE FOR TROUBLE!!!"


James smiled at Jesse and removed a stray hair from her cheek. "We're not really going to do that are we?"

Jesse blushed, "Not if you don't want to." she said softly.

""Oh cut the crap," James snapped. "We're here to make a deal..."


Misty and Ash looked up as the former Team Rocket hauled themselves up the path towards them.

"Phew," said Jesse. "I'm exhausted!"

"Me too," said James. "But somehow I feel great!"

"What happened?" Ash asked. "Is Fletcher...?"

"Oh don't worry," said Jesse. "He's alive!"

"For now," James grinned.

"Erm... should we call the cops or something?" Misty asked. "Maybe an ambulance."

"No need," said James. "He's being well taken care of."

"Where's Persian?" asked Ash.

"Guarding Fletcher until his, er, former associate comes to collect him," said Jesse with a smirk. "I suggest we not be here when that happens, as said former associate only agreed to leave us alone as long as we never let him see us again!"

Misty and Ash worked this through.

"Right, home it is then." said Ash.

Ash and Misty strolled down the path arm in arm. Jesse and James linked arms and looked at each other.

"Home," said James. "It sounds good."

"It does," said Jesse. "I guess Pallet Town is as good a home as we can hope for."

"Well, let's go home then." They walked after the other two.


To be concluded

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