Pokemon: Reunions and Resolutions
a fanfic by Jaelle and Orla



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This story takes place about eight years later than the current Pokemon TV series.


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Part 9: Wedding


"Okay, have you got everything?" Jesse whispered to James.

He did a quick inventory, muttering under his breath. "Yes."

"Right, let's get to it! We have only two hours until dawn."

"Did we _have_ to get up so early?" whined James.

"Yes! Anymore stupid questions?"

"Prepare for trouble!"

Jesse and James turned around quickly. "If that's Butch and Cassidy again..." growled Jesse ominously.

"That didn't sound like them!" James quavered.

"You two morons!" the voice sneered. "You don't recognize me? Especially after I risked half of my nine lives for ya!"


A elegant Persian came out of the shadows. "How ya doing?" he asked. "Up to no good as usual?"

Jesse smirked. "Actually, we're up to good - for some people at least!"

"Do you want to help?" James asked. "You could come to the wedding after - there's lots of food!"

"Perrr..." Persian considered. "That doesn't sound too bad..."


May Oak twirled around, admiring herself in her large full-length mirror.

"Hmmm..." she smiled. "This will just blow Ash's mind - when he sees _me_ and his skinny girlfriend side-by-side! And then... then I'll humiliate him in front of everyone!"

Giggling, May skipped down the stairs. Gary was standing by the front door, checking his watch, he looked up as she arrived.

"_Finally_!" he said. "What were you doing? Having plastic surgery?"

May scowled. "You shut up! This is going to be my shining role! Everyone will be looking at me!"

"Ummm... actually they'll probably be looking at the _bride_!" said Gary. "You'll just be the girl who has to look after the screaming kids and pamper the bride."

May put her nose in the air and opened the door. "You just don't....AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"

Gary blinked as his sister suddenly disappeared. "What the hell?" he made to step out of the door.

"STOP!!!!" James yelled at him from behind a tree.

*WHACK!* Jesse hit him over the head and dragged him away at top speed.

Gary looked down and found himself standing on the edge of a large pit. At the bottom of this pit was May, crying, in a heap.

"May?" he called down to her. "Are you alright?"

"It HURTS!!!!" she screamed.

"What does?"


"I note your vocal chords are still working, worse luck!" muttered Gary as he went to the phone and dialed Ash's number.

"Hi, Ash? Wha... look stop babbling about your stupid speech! I have a small... problem."


"Oh no..." Sasha collapsed onto a chair. "How could this happen?"

Misty cast a sidelong at James and Jesse who were seated on the sofa. "I wonder!"

Jesse smiled sweetly. "Misty, I have no idea why you're looking at _us_!"

"Of COURSE you don't," you could have bottled the sarcasm that dripped out of Misty's mouth. "_Why_ would I ever suspect _you_ two of _digging a thumping great hole_? It's not like you've NEVER DONE IT BEFORE or anything!"

"What'll I do?" asked Sasha. "It will disrupt everything! Now May's broken her ankle I've only got one bridesmaid!"

"She could limp behind you," suggested James.


"Oh, I feel so sorry for you!" said Jesse. "Oh poor Mrs Ketchum... I'll do ANYTHING I can to help you!"

Sasha paused and looked at Jesse. "Hmmm..."

Jesse's eyes brimmed with sincerity. Her lips trembled. Her hands were clasped in front of her.

Nobody was fooled for even a second.

Sasha's lips twitched. "We-ell..." she said. "You are about the same size as May?"

"I am?" exclaimed Jesse ecstatically.

"You're overdoing it," muttered Misty.

"I suppose, _you_ could be bridesmaid instead of May," said Sasha slowly.

"But I thought married women couldn't _be_ bridesmaidsmmpph!!!" said James, as Jesse stuffed a cushion into his mouth.

"Look, it's either her or you and... hmmm..." Sasha paused. "No no, I draw the line there."

James looked faintly disappointed.


Brock smiled at Joy from the other side of the asle. "How are you holding up?" he asked her.

Joy stretched slightly. "Not to bad, but... oh, hello! Bride or Groom?" she asked the new arrival at the door.

James scratched his head. "Uh... both?" he hazarded.

Joy blinked. "Oh, James! Um... I think you're to go up the front, by Richie." she looked over his shoulder. "Where's Jesse?"

"That's... well, you'll find out soon enough." James looked up the aisle. "The front you say?"

"That's what she said numbskull! Perrr... you're still a moron!"

Brock frowned and, looking down, noticed the Persian standing beside James. "Uh... who...?"

The Persian sniggered. "Ya don't recognize me, huh? Okay, I'll give ya a clue." in a slightly higher tone he sang out, "Meowth! That's right!"

"_Meowth_?" Brock stared. "When did you...?"

"It happened a while ago, no biggie." said Persian, formerly Meowth the third member of Team Rocket, in a casual manner.

James sighed. "He's left Team Rocket as well," he explained to Brock and Joy. "It seems Jesse and I are stuck with him!"

"Watch yer mouth!" snarled Persian. He glanced at Brock and executed a calm feline shrug. "Hey, these guys need me."

Brock grinned. "You mean you missed them!"

Persian scowled and nudged James. "C'mon jellyfish brain, let's get to those seats!"

"_What_ did you call me?!" James objected as they walked up the aisle.

Brock and Joy grinned at each other and then turned back to their duties.


Professor Oak straightened his tie and took one final look at himself in the mirror.

"Well, I'm about as ready as I'll ever be!" he said. "Are you ready Ash?"

Ash swallowed. "Uh... yeah." he managed to whisper.

"And you have the ring?"

Ash frantically patted his pockets. "Uh... oh no..."

Prof. Oak went pale. "Ash, _please_ don't tell me you've lost the ring!"

Ash gulped. "Well..."

"Pika! Pikachu!" Pikachu leapt onto Ash's shoulder and patted a paw on Ash's front pocket. Ash searched it and triumphantly pulled out the slim gold band.

Prof. Oak heaved a sigh of relief. "Don't _do_ that to a man on his wedding day!" he scolded. "Now let's get out there before anything else goes wrong!"

Ash grinned. "You got it... _Dad_!"


Prof. Oak sweatdropped. "I wonder if it's too late to run away?" he muttered.


"Ready girls?" Sasha beamed at her two bridesmaids.

"Just about," said Misty. "Jesse, hold still! I need to pin this bit and I don't want to stick the pin in _you_!"

"No, don't do that Misty," said Jesse freezing in place. "Because it would hurt, and since you're about the only woman I'd consider a friend, I'd hate to have to kill you!"

"Er... quite." Misty fixed the pin and straightened. "Okay, we're done!"

Jesse looked at herself in the mirror. "May was a lot bigger than I thought," she said. "At least the pins at the back won't show underneath my hair!" She smirked at her reflection. "And I look _much_ better in this dress than she ever did!"

"Jesse! Stop admiring yourself and come on!" snapped Misty. "We'll be late!"

Sasha picked up her bouquet and calmed herself with a couple of quick breaths. "Well, let's go," she said. "Time to get married!"


Weddings were never really good for men, Ash reflected as he and Prof. Oak stood at the front of the aisle. The groom was really only a prop to the whole affair, an important prop, but still not as important as the _bride_! The bride was the centre of attention, all the flowers and cake and stuff were for her, the groom just had to stand there in a tux, say a few words, kiss her and... that was it really.

*I hope Misty doesn't want a big wedding,* Ash mused idly, *Perhaps we should elope... WHAT am I thinking? Whoa... scary thoughts, scary thoughts!*

Jerking his wandering mind into the here and now, Ash scanned the church. Richie, James, Brock, Joy and Gary were seated in the pew directly behind him. Misty's sisters were down at the back - since they were late additions to the wedding. Pikachu and Sparky along with Psyduck, Mr Mime and Togepei were next to Richie (all the other pokemon would be let out to join in the celebrations during the reception, although Ash was considering stealing Misty's poke ball which contained Gyrados during that period, he was sure that Gary and Richie would help!).

Ash frowned slightly, Jesse was missing and... what was _May_ doing at the back of the church being restrained by Officer Jenny _and_ in a wheelchair??? Ash glanced at Prof. Oak and noticed that he had noticed this too and was looking faintly alarmed.

But then the music of the wedding march began and there was no more time to worry.


Afterwards Ash wasn't quite sure exactly _how_ the wedding ceremony actually went. He knew it happened, because his Mom was now 'Mrs Oak', but the event itself was a blur. Ash remembered seeing his mother walking up the aisle followed by Jesse (he hadn't expected _that_) and Misty, and then he got a good look at Misty in her bridesmaid dress... He was in such a daze that Richie had had to lean over and kick him in the shins so he presented the wedding ring.

Anyway, it was a nice ceremony... or so he believed. Everyone else seemed to have enjoyed it anyway. They all kept giving him big grins for some reason...



Confetti, streamers and the odd poke ball flew through the air around Sasha and Okido Oak. Flames billowed into the sky, bubbles floated past, lightning flashed and leaves flew. So far, noone had been seriously injured.



"Oops. Sorry about that!"

The gang had all gathered together to wish the bride and groom best wishes before the reception, and everyone was letting their pokemon out for the party.

"Don't even THINK about it Misty!"

Almost everyone.

"Got your speech ready Ash?" asked Gary with a smirk. "Did you remember to thank the bridesmaids? The other ones name is Jesse - just trying to help."

Ash glared at him. "I _was_ aware of that, thank you Gary. And yes, it's finished."

"Oh good! Wouldn't want you to be stuck with nothing to say in front of this huge crowd of expectant people... not to mention your new parents, whose day this really is. It would be awful if something were to go horribly wrong, so it's just as well you're all prepared." Gary slapped Ash on the back and walked off.

"I think I'll kill him," said Ash. "Argh."

"Hey, what's wrong? You're shaking." said Brock.

"No I'm not!" Ash held up his hand. "See? Solid as a... umm..." They both looked at his trembling hand. "Erm... What did you think of the ceremony?"

"Well, I loved the way you started stumbling towards Misty before Professor Oak dragged you back in line," Brock began.

"Oh no..." Ash buried his head in his hands.

"Don't worry, everyone thought it was hilarious!"


"Just don't do it when you're doing the speech." Brock advised. "In fact, keep your eyes on the audience at all times."

"I don't know if I can do that."

"You have to. I checked the seating. Misty's right next to you." Brock wandered off.

Ash whimpered. "Everybody's out to get me."

Richie, who had been listening in on the entire conversation, grinned and patted Ash on the shoulder. "Don't worry Ash buddy, I'll change seats with you."



"Jesse!" Joy waved and ran up to Jesse who was talking to Violet.

Jesse paused and turned around. "Yes, Joy?"

"Can you come with me, please?" Joy asked. "There's something I need to ask you."

Jesse shrugged. "Fine." she nodded to Violet and walked away with Joy. Out off earshot she let out a sigh of relief. "I can't believe that Misty is related to those Cerulean airheads!" she said. "I've never had such an inane conversation - except with James on one of his bad days!"

"Well, keep you opinions about them to yourself," advised Joy. "They ARE Misty's sisters and... hi Misty!" she said brightly to the other girl who was seated at an empty table. "I told you I'd get Jesse to agree!"

Jesse frowned. "Agree to what?"

Misty sighed. "Joy, I really don't think this is a good idea, why don't we just tell..."

Joy shook her head violently. "Nonononono!" she said. "This will be really fun! And think how Ash will stare!" she said slyly.

Misty blushed faintly. "He already did enough of that during the wedding ceremony!" she shot back tartly. "I appreciate the sentiment, but... it's still embarrassing!"

"Excuse me," Jesse interrupted. "But what exactly are we talking about doing here?"

Joy looked pleadingly at Misty who let out another sigh. "You're as bad as my sisters sometimes, Joy! I just _can't_ say no." she stood up and came closer to Jesse. "The band just rang," she explained. "They're going to be late."

"So?" Jesse was perplexed.

"So, Joy thought _we_ could fill in the gap before they arrived."

"In what way?" Jesse asked suspiciously.

Joy giggled. "I'll explain..."


Ash stared stonily ahead and watched as the crowd ate.

"Uhmm... Ash? Don't you want something to eat?" Misty whispered.

"I'm not hungry," he replied, staring straight ahead, back ramrod straight.

"Okay... Miracles DO happen. Have I upset you or something?"

"What? No!" Ash turned to look at her. "I just don't want to get distrac..."

Misty kissed him.

"...ted..." Ash finished. He blinked, ignoring the raucous cries around. "What the heck?"

Misty smiled back at him. "Maybe I wanted to distract you," she grinned and winked at him. "Now eat."

Ash grinned foolishly.

"Hey Ash!" yelled Okido. "Behave, or no cake for you!"

Ash grinned back at him, "You should appreciate this old man," he said. "We're just giving YOU guys some tips!"

Okido laughed and Sasha blushed.

"Speech! Speech! Speech!"

"Gary, for the last time..."

"Actually, it is time." prompted Brock.

"Glurk..." Ash cleared his throat and tapped on the glass in front of him with his spoon. "Ahem. Ahem. Ahem."

"SHUT UP!!!"

"Thanks Jesse." said Ash wryly. "James, move the sake bowl further away from her, okay?"

James gave him a big thumbs up and pulled the bowl towards himself.

Ash stood up as the room quietened. "Ahem. Welcome all of you, residents and visitors, family and honoured guests, pokemon and masters, birds and bees, fire and water, wind and..."

"Get on with it!" yelled Gary.

"... earth. Ahem." Ash consulted his notes. "And so, without further ado, I'd like to present the band..." he stopped and stared at his card. He then moved to the next one. "And that's when I remembered I had left my poke balls in my jacket pocket..."

Frantically he started flipping through his cards. There were quite a lot of them. Some of them were quite rare.

Finally he looked up at the audience.

"Ummm... cards mixed up... speech gone... meep..."

Gary and Richie looked at each other and the same thought flashed through their minds. *Okay, if it wasn't you, and it wasn't me, then who...*

Their eyes trailed towards Brock. He merely shrugged at them. Joy shook her head. Sasha and Okido were watching Ash. Everyone's eyes turned to Misty. She gave them an blank look. Then they all turned to look at Jesse. Nope.

Behind Jesse, James grinned. An epidemic of coughing and choking suddenly broke out.

Ash threw his shoulder back and stuck out his jaw. Dammit, he was a Pokemon Master! He'd captured a Gyrados! Fought off dangers harsher than any other! Won the Pokemon League Tournament! Told Misty how he felt about her! He could do this!

"Ahem. Ummm... We're here today to celebrate the marriage of Okido Oak and Sasha Ketchum, although now I suppose I should call both of them the Oaks. Don't think I'm changing my name to fit in with them though - you know what they say. Two Oaks are company, but trees' a crowd."

A ripple of laughter flowed through the crowd, Ash grinned and relaxed slightly.

"I was at first surprised when Mom told me she was marrying Professor Oak," he began. "Actually surprised wasn't quite the word - I can't even say it hit me like a bolt out of the blue because after traveling with a Pikachu for over ten years I've gotten used to being hit by lightning. This - completely knocked the breath out of me, and at first I wasn't really sure how I felt.

But then I started thinking about all the good times we'd all had. All the help and advice Professor Oak gave me, and Mom's unfailing belief in me and support. The battles at the Pokemon League, when they would both show up to cheer and support me. And all the hugging and laughing afterwards when I won."

Ash took on a thoughtful look. "Hmmm... In retrospect, maybe I should have cottoned on a little sooner," he grinned, "but it's widely acknowledged that I'm not the fastest on the uptake around here."

Ash's friends giggled.

Ash's grin got wider. "And now that I can see them together and married, I realise that this really was the best for both Mom and the Professor. Oh boy, I guess I can't even call him that anymore. Dad is going to sound so weird! But at least he can't complain when I ring him at odd hours for advice anymore!"

More laughter.

Ash paused, and then continued.

"I'd just like to say thank you to my mother, for always being there for me. Noone can ever truly give proper tribute to their mothers, because they're so much a part of your life, you can never imagine it without them. But... oh hell, it's a wedding, I'm allowed to say soppy things - I love you Mom."

Sasha started sniffling.

"Even when you remind me to always wear clean 'you know what'." Ash smiled, wiping away a tear of his own. "Anyway, thank you all for coming, and special thanks to all those who helped make this wedding the success that it is - the bridesmaids, and everyone else. And now I'd just like to say congratulations to the happy couple! And I'd like everyone to raise their glasses and join with me in wishing them both the very best for the future!"

Everyone raised their glasses for the toast.

Ash quickly gulped some of his drink and put the glass down. "Okay, I... oh wait, first there's a telegram from my friend Tracy who couldn't be here today, wishing the happy couple best of luck. Right, that's enough from me. I believe there's going to be a live band now."

Everyone clapped and looked expectantly at the curtained stage at the other end of the room.

Ash sat down and exhaled. "Well, that wasn't so bad. What did you think Mis..." he trailed off as he took in the empty seat next to him. "Where'd you go?"

Both James and Brock were making exclamations of surprise.

"Jesse? Has anyone seen Jesse?"

"Joy? Hey, she was right here!"

The three men looked at each other, Ash was beginning to have a _bad_ feeling.

The music started. It was a lazy, sensual beat coming from behind the stage curtain. Slowly the curtains parted revealing three figures.

As one the jaws of Ash, James and Brock dropped.

Clicking their fingers in unison, swaying in slinky silver dresses, Joy, Misty and Jesse stepped up to the forefront of the stage and began to sing.

"Mmmm... Mmmmm...Oh yeah...

Then Misty moved at little more forward and sung solo:
"Just cos I'm small, can't hurt you at all
I'm only a girl, what to do?
Let me sing my song for you.

Not many can resist my command
I know just how to get to you
Let me sing my song for you"

Joy and Jesse joined her for the chorus:

"When you lay down late at night
I'm the siren you can't fight
I know you don't stand a chance

There is nothing you can do
Once I put my spell on you
When I sing my lullaby...

La la lullaby (lullaby)
La la lullaby (lullaby)
La la lullaby (lullaby)

When I sing for you my lullaby"

Ash became aware that his mother was shaking him.

"Ash!" Sasha hissed in his ear. "Breathe!"

Ash closed his mouth and opened it again, drawing in air. But his eyes remained glued to Misty. It'd never occurred to him that she could sing and wear... well... something like that.

Misty smiled at Ash's awestruck face, perhaps this was a good idea of Joy's after all. She directed her words to him:

"Now that you see, it wasn't a dream
Reality got the best of you
I told you boy, I would come after you

Now it's too late..."

Brock managed to find his voice. "Amazing!" he croaked. "I didn't think Joy could look so... so... _sexy_!"

"I didn't know that Misty could look... so sexy!" growled Daisy, Violet and Lily in unison as they were rudely awakened to the fact that their plain baby sister was grown up and _rivaling_ them!

"Yeah..." breathed Gary earning death glares from the Cerulean sisters and May, who was _not_ happy!

"Amazing!" croaked James. "Jesse's letting Misty take centre-stage!'

The girls started in on the chorus again:

"When you lay down late at night
I'm the siren you can't fight
I know you don't stand a chance

There is nothing you can do
Once I put my spell on you
When I sing my lullaby...

La la lullaby (lullaby)
La la lullaby (lullaby)
La la lullaby (lullaby)

When I sing to you my lullaby"

The cheers were almost deafening as Misty sang the last note. Blushing she bowed and turned to Joy and Jesse.

"I can't believe we did that!" she cried. "I can't believe _I_ did that!"

"It was fun though!" grinned Joy. "I feel like a screen goddess in this dress!"

Jesse sniffed. "Some of us don't need a dress to look like that!"

Joy and Misty exchanged glances and laughed. "Whatever you say Jesse!"

Misty walked over to Ash who was still doing a Magicarp impression. "Are you okay?" she asked him.


Ash blinked. Misty was speaking to him. Oh god oh god oh god oh god... it was absolutely imperative that he say something sane and flattering and not scare her off by acting like a dribbling idiot. Calm. Serene. Wise. Appreciative. Mature. Yeah, mature. That was good.

"You're the most beautiful person I've ever met, I love you, will you marry me?"

He shut his mouth. Okay, so that wasn't perfect, but it was the best he could do under the circumstances.


"Bwa?" Misty felt staggered. Had she just heard? Naaah, surely not.

"Ummm... Not right _now_ of course," Ash said. "Maybe, in a couple of..." *Weeks! Days! Hours! Goddamit, I can be out of here and ready in fifteen minutes!!!!* "Months, maybe a year or two so that we know we're doing the right thing."

"Errr..." Misty blushed bright red. "Tell you what, ask me again in a year, okay?"

Ash blushed too, "Okay."

*Phew* they both thought.

"Now that that's over," said Misty, trying to change the subject. "What did you think of the song?"



Fortunately, Ash was spared an immediate and painful demise when Professor Oak called a halt to the proceedings.

"Alright people, as you know, we're kind of a pokemon family, so I would like all those assembled to release their Pokemon to join in the party."



It was at this point that the madness began.

Pokemon after Pokemon after Pokemon came out of their poke balls and began dancing, eating, cleaning (Mr Mime), and in one case, chasing.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Ash, Gary and Richie sprinted around in circles as Gyrados homed in on them. Finally they managed to distract it and dive under a table.

"Holy ****," said Ash. "I wish I'd never caught that monster."

"That goes double for me," groaned Gary.

Above the table, the party raged on.





[Godammit, _I'm_ leading!]

[No way, short stuff...]

"Has anyone seen my Victremmmmph!!!"

"Oy," Jesse slapped her face as her husband was engulfed by his Pokemon.

Meanwhile, Psyduck had engaged a Bellsprout in conversation.





Yeah, not one of the most intelligent exchanges in the history of pokemon.

Ash's Hitmonchan was dancing with Gary's Hitmonlee. They seemed to be enjoying themselves.

"Ash! Gary! Richie!" Misty hunted for her so-called boyfriend and his friends.

A Polywag bounced by and twirled around Togepei, who was fascinated by the small creature.

Pokemon of all sizes and shapes roamed freely through the marquee, all enjoying themselves and having a good time. Under the circumstances, it was completely understandable when an uninvited guest managed to make its way into the marquee.


Jigglypuff hopped to one side to avoid a fast-moving Squirtle. It stared around. Never, in it's ENTIRE life had it seen so many people and pokemon. It was huge, it was rowdy...

It was the PERFECT audience.

Unnoticed, Jigglypuff headed for the stage... and the microphones.


"Okay, I think it's safe now," said Ash, checking under the cloth. "Gabby's met Gary's Gyrados - ack, try saying that three times quickly..."

"Oh no, my Gyrados is gonna die!" Gary moaned.

"Actually, they seem to be, er, bonding."

There was a pause.

"Did anyone see where the punchbowl was?"

"On it!" Richie and Ash scrambled out, followed by Gary.

"There you are!" Misty stormed up to them. "What happened?"

"Erm... we heard the call of nature." said Richie.

"Yeah, it went, RAAAAAARGH!!!" muttered Gary.

"Together?" asked Misty skeptically.

"Why not? Girls go to the bathroom together all the time!" said Ash defensively. Misty decided to let him have that one.

"Anyway, now that you're here, are you going to dance with me?"

Ash went bright red. "Who, me?"

"No, James. Yes you dopey." Misty snapped, "Got two left feet?"

"Feet, knees, legs..." Gary murmured.

"Gary, I have only one thing to tell you," said Ash. "_I_ am your uncle!"

"NOOOOOO!!! It's not true! It's not possible!" Gary screamed.

"Okay, I feel better now, let's go!" Ash grasped Misty's hand and turned to lead her onto the dance floor.

"Oh *&%$!!!!!"

Jigglypuff had made it to the stage at last. Grasping a mike in one paw, it uttered a single gleeful word - a word that had half the room paling in fear.


"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" screamed Misty, Ash, Brock, Gary, Jesse, James and Richie.


To be continued

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