Behold the diaries of the Chosen and their Digimon...

The story of Digimon is more in depth than what most people think it is. Stories about love, life, war and death are all intermixed within this series. As collected spectators of this world, we write down what we see, bringing to you the life and times of different children of the world.

Entry 1 - Dreams Can Come True.
Togashi Yume had given up on dreams since she lost the ability to walk. All she ever wanted to do since then was meet the boy who's digimon saved her life at the hospital.

Entry 2 - Duty
Wataru Sayuri is a classmate of Iori's, and has seen some of his Real World adventures. When she becomes a Chosen, she instantly takes the responsibility but she is lacking in experience.

Entry 3 - Message Board
Takeru and Hikari officially announce they are off active duty as Chosen. Same as the RDD Message Board above.

Entry 4 - Welcome to the Team
Sayuri gets a good idea of why the older Chosen can't actively help defend the Digital World when she meets some of the older Chosen. Once Yume arrives, it's time for business as the two new Chosen learn what may be required of them.

Entry 5 - Shimmering Air
Yume and Bakumon bump into Hikari while she's shopping for a wedding dress. Suddenly a rift to the Digital World opens and V-Dramon appears. Hikari doesn't have Tailmon with her and Hanumon is no match for the dragon digimon.

Entry 6 - Beach Side Fun
Fun in the sun becomes a fight for survival as a digimon attacks, but Sayuri is the only one around that has a chance to stop him.

Entry 7 - Guidance
Jyou and Mimi tag along for what was supposed to be a quick mission to catch a thief. But their opponent turns out to be one of the most terrorizing enemies reborn.

Entry 8 - Soul Reaper
Blood washes the street as the icy hand of death reaches out for Takeru. As the body count rises, a call for evolution is sent to one not ready to evolve.

Entry 9 - Lasar Assault
Fun at the arcade as the new Chosen get to know the older Chosen, but the fun is not shared by all.

Entry 10 - Through The Portal Darkly
A day for memorial ends with all out battle as a rift forms. The Chosen are left with little options when an army of evil digimon seek to destroy everything around them.

Entry 11 - The Joys of Academia
It's the first day of the new school year, and things aren't quite normal.

Entry 12 - Celebration
The wedding of Takeru and Hikari along with Patamon and Tailmon.

Entry 13 - Reception
The PG-13 version of Reception.

Entry 14 - Piercing the Vale
While the gathered chosen and digi-destined celebrate the wedding, a group of people force open a portal to the Digital World.

Entry 15 - Eyes On Tommorow
When Sayuri encounters a Gururumon, she learns things that could be a glimpse of later events.

Entry 16 - Dreams and Laments
Even though Sayuri is forbidden to continue as a chosen, she still is determined to do her duty, and the Dark Seed Chosen appear once again.

The Adventures of the London Digi-destined, now available for reading. Lord Archive presents...


Entry 1 - The Gathering
Seven children are abruptly taken from their beds to become the London Digi-destined.

Entry 2 - Impossible Goal
With Lady Devimon's plans just hours away, can the newly partnered digi-destined stop her?

Shaun Garin, and Magic Tech Production Studios Presents...


File 01 : Chosen A strange hole in the playground leads three new kids, Eric Stewart, Raine Hart and Lee Chin to enter the digital world through a digital field.

File 02 : Salvation The trip into the digital world results in the Tyrannomon turning on them. Raine and Lee meet their digimon after Eric escaped through the portal.

File 03 : Two Of A Kind Eric, feeling down and left out when the others get their digimon, he runs away only to meet Sean. But danger is lurking for the defenceless Eric as a digital field opens.

File 04 : Family it's the school's track and field day. But when family members, digimon and a digital field mixes, things start heating up for the new chosen.

File 05 : Typical Day Hikaru has just saved the kids from the last enemy. It's her turn to shine in the spotlight as her typical day is highlighted, including her fun loving Renamon and her cartoonist dad.

File 06 : Fallen Ice Eric is forced to realize how much he can hate, as an evil enters the real world and has a friend in his icy grip.

File 07 : Unknown Hunter to get their minds off of the events of the last week, Hikaru and Renamon brings the group to West Edmonton Mall. But a digital field opens in the middle of the mall as they are forced to fight an unknown digimon.

File 08 : The Web Carter never got along with Mr. Darshield at school. But when the situation turns grim, it's up to Carter and Penguinmon to fight to save his teacher's life.

File 09 : Questions, Answers The younger kids learn what the elders had to go through as they recalled their battle in the digital world.

File 10 : Insufficient Power Asuramon, another henchmen escapes a digital field to wreak havok on the city. The kids are forced to battle him as Lee's Ninjamon faces off against the samurai, but with the D3's rendered inoperative, will they prevail?

File 11 : One Small Step Second time in the digital world, and Eric, Raine and their digimon are in trouble.

File 12 : Soul Of Ice The temperature in Edmonton is starting to drop as a digimon from Sean's past sends him into shock.

File 13 : A Canadian In New York Eric and Lopmon encounters the New York Digi-destined on a RPG Friday.

File 14 : Brainwaves When people are being attacked for their intelligance, it's up to Raine and Lee, the only remaining Digi-destined in Canada to take on the culprit digimon.

File 15 : Dark Messenger After an attack, Lee discovers something about his family heritage that could turn the tide against a formidable opponent.

File 16 : Homefront Cold is normal for Edmonton. Cold in July is NOT.

File 17 : The Citadel Reinforcements arrive as North America begins to freeze over.

File 18 : Icy Tomb The lines have been drawn. All gestures and taunts have been done. All that's left now is...

Remnants : DDA Movie # 1 The past catches up to the edmonton group as they face off against a being before their time.

File 19 : Remnants of the Past The past starts to catch up to the Digi-destined.

File 20 : Order, Chaos and Balance The Canadian World Tour begins as they make their first stop in the Phillipines.

File 21 : Dying of the Light Eric is keeping a secret that no one thought possible. He's dying.

File 22 : Crystal Clear Shadow Dedicated to Lord Archive and Ellen Brand. In California on another quest for a mask. Unfortunately, a real live Demon decides to attack Eric mentally.

File 23 : Less than a Whisper Eric is dying. When the others are out mask hunting, Eric is attacked by Pharoahmon's Generals.

File 24 : Full Circle The mood in London is muted from Christmas, Eric creeps dangerously to death.

File 25 : The Dark Dragon The stage is set, the battle will be fought. All that there is left is...


The continuing Adventures of Eric, Raine, Lee and the rest of the Canadian Digi-destined.

Variation 1.1 : Worlds Apart In the events of Hikari and Takeru's wedding, Ken and Eric are about to discover that the Digital World is not just the only world out there.

Variation 1.2 : Beyond The Mirror Eric and Ken realize with some trepidation, that this is NOT their world.

Variation 1.3 : Copied Adventures or The Last Alliance of Digimon and Chosen The adventure is in full swing as they defend the digital world from the forces of Mordor... er, I mean Etemon.

Variations 1.3.5 : Go! Go! Digi-Rangers! The arrival of the travellers in a decidedly different world sets the stage for redemption.

Variation 1.4 : Lost Ones and Family A jump to a world sees what could have been in their homeworld, as Ken encounters a ghost from his past.

Variation 1.5 : New Frontier A short stay in a different digital world brings about new changes to the world.

Variations 1.6 : Darkline Part 1 Ever wonder what could have happened in Tamers? Here's a look at a decidedly darker world.

Kyle Evanick presents... with his own flair...


Entry 1 : Message To The Chosen Some of the Californian Chosen on Koushiro's Message Board.

The Talented Lady Iapetus Presents...


Entry 1 : Many Happy Returns In the wake of Hikari and Takeru's Wedding, A new generation of French Digi-destined step up to take the challenge.

Entry 2 : The Odd Couple New Chosen, New Digimon, Same Digital World. Ellen finds out that destiny isn't as cracked up to be as she thought.

The Indomidable Mr. Digianalyzer Presents...


1. The Malaysian Diaries Things begin to change once a new team is formed.

The Excellent Canis Black Presents....


Entry 1 - The "Lost" Island of Timer Koushiro receives a shock when his computer informs him that a sizable island has just appeared in the Digital World. Meanwhile Xuanwumon and the Digi-Destined plan a prank for the unsuspecting Chosen that are summoned by Gennai.

Another story in the world of the Yutaka Team, this time their origins.


Entry 1 - The Draft Four kids from Yutaka, Alaska meet up with their digimon after being brought to a strange place.

Entry 2 - First Contact (and Impressions) The kids meet up with several digimon along the way...few of them friendly.

Entry 3 - Resistor The kids finally make it to Resistor, but circumstances aren't improving just yet.

Entry 4 - History The Council discusses the Prophecy of Awakening while the kids are one their way to the bath house, then give a brief history of the island and the war.

The High Flying Ryan Griffin Presents with a Dive Bomb...


Volume I : Culture Shock Brazil is about to get a whole lot wilder, as James McConnell arrives in Belam for the first time in his life.

Okay people, stepping beyond this fine line brings you to the NC-17 portion of the Diaries series, and other assorted series that could be prudent to Diaries. It's up to you if you wish to step beyond it, but as a generalized warning, no one under 18, 21, or your parents won't let you watch R rated movies should step across this line.


Now you've done it. Okay then, enjoy Lord Archives Red Digivice Diaries.

And without further ado... Lord Archive presents...


Entry 1 - Not Normal
Yagami Hikari does not feel she is a normal girl.

Entry 2 - Relationships
Taichi only wanted to help a friend get into a romantic relationship. Nothing bad could happen from that, right? A bit of Yaoi.

Entry 3 - Lone Wolf
Matt deals with being rejected by the one he loves. Yaoi warning.

Entry 4 - Moving On
Tailmon let's go of her past and begins to make a new future for herself.

Entry 5 - Birds, Bees and Digimon
Birds, Bees, and Digimon - Iori sees something he really shouldn't have.

Entry 6 - Cast Aside
Daisuke puts the peices of his life back together after learning Hikari will never be his.

Entry 7 - Discoveries
Koushiro learns there is more to life than computers.

Entry 8 - Caught
A little 'big sisterly' help causes Sora no end of trouble.

Entry 9 - Accidents Happen
Miyako learns that even when one is careful, an accident can happen.

Entry 10 - Consequences
Two of the Chosen must learn to deal with becoming parents.

Entry 11 - Message Board
Takeru makes an announces on the Chosen's Message Board. (Humor. No hentai.)

Entry 12 - Long Distance
Mimi is in Japan and does everything she can to get Jyou to do what he wants.

Entry 13 - Slumber Party Hikari turns thirteen, but her birthday party gets out of hand.

Entry 14 - Obsession A bachelor party for Takeru and Patamon becomes more than what Ken had ever expected.

Entry 15 - Celebration The wedding of Takeru and Hikari. Plus, Sora helps Taichi deal with his little sister getting married.

Entry 16 - Reception With roughly 200 plus chosen, digi-destined and digimon, all of them are to celebrate the wedded couple.

Entry 17 - Barefoot and Pregnant An almost typical day in the household of Hikari and Takeru. Almost. Emphasis on the Almost.

Entry 18 - Chocolate and Whipped Cream Sora is bored with her sex life and wants to spice it up a bit.


Ever wonder what's going on after the end of Tamers? 4 years later, we get to glimpse into a possible future as they deal with mature situations and growing up. Note it is down here because it is adult in nature. No one under 18 or 21 should read this.

Entry 1 - Freedom A glimpse into the lives of the Tamers 4 years later, and two have found each other.

Entry 2 - Party Time A party at Shiota's gets out of hand and things snowball from there on.

Entry 3 - The Worst of Days A bad day for everyone changes the life of one Makino Ruki and one Akiyama Ryo.

Entry 4 - The Love of Friendship Ruki and Juri express their laments for the people they love and care about while relating to each other of their current situations.

Entry 5 - The Edge of Tommorrow Life is not easy for the Tamers as we glimpse into their personal profiles.

Entry 6 - The Call of Duty An attack makes Takato reconsider his course of actions.

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