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Pokemon MASTER and other Sanchez Fics

All fanfiction belongs to Ace Sanchez. As soon as I recieve copies of Ace's fanfiction with his name listed in the credits, I will post them up as well. Pokemon MASTER is not ours, but belongs to Ace once more. Stop flaming my Dean (Teamrocket251) about it now.

Ace's Pokemon Fanfiction

Pokemon Master

Genre: Dark / Action / Romance / Lots | Size: Huge (> 500Kb

It is 11 years into the dark future. Join the new adventures of Ash and Pikachu and discover the changes that have left the world in ruins. And discover the power of the Pokemon Masters...

This fic will most definately be ended. Sequels will be on hold.

Evil is the Spice of Life

Genre: Action / Comedy / Romance | Size: ??? Just kind of started...

It's six years later and Misty is preparing to marry AJ, the current Pokemon League Champion. However, a late night kidnapping leads to her meeting someone she thought had disappeared forever...

As it has just started, it will be continued. None of these fanfics will be ignored.

Soul Mates:Part 1 | Part 2

Genre: Romance | Size: Medium (18Kb)

Ash and Pikachu are undoubtably close. But what happens when Ash finds out his best friend's secret? And just why are Ash and Pikachu so close?


Genre: Drama | Size: Short (8Kb)

Just what does Gary think of Ash anyway? This fic was an experiment in writing in totally different styles with a character I don't usually write about. However, the idea is pure 'Ace' *_*;;

The True Role Reversal

Genre: Comedy | Size: Medium (18Kb)

A Pokemon League Battle with a twist. This is probably my favourite comedy story I've done ^_^

Girlemon:Part 1

Genre: Comedy / Alternate Universe | Size: Long (30Kb)

What would have happened if everyone in Pokemon were the wrong gender? This story is ongoing - I'll probably add new parts whenever I feel like it.

Family Problems: Part 1 |Part 2

Genre: Comedy | Size: Short (5 Kb each)

What is Professor Oak's deepest darkest secret? A couple of fics I wrote for a laugh ^_^.

Love Is A Fickle Thing

Genre: Comedy | Size: Short (5 Kb)

What is Brock's deepest darkest secret? Another fic I wrote for a laugh ^_^.

Missingno Strikes Back

A short parody of the first Pokemon Movie. If you're a fan of the original Red/Blue Pokemon games, you should get the joke (hopefully! ^_^)

The New Trainer

A parody of the well-known genre of New Trainer fics (otherwise known as Annoying New Character fics). Not to say that all of them are bad, just that most are. And to be good they have to be really well written ... this is just me taking a poke at the whole genre! (No offense! ^_^)

Ace's Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction

Blonde :Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

Genre: Alternate Universe / Comedy | Size: Large (~35Kb each)

This is a alternate reality / parody fic. I've read a lot of fics which describe Ranma-chan as really beautiful. Let's see what happens when it's done to the max! And why does Ranma's hair turn red anyways? Why couldn't he have been a BLONDE? (Thiswais my first EVER fanfic! Released or otherwise!)

Ranma + Ryoga: Part 1 | Part 2

Genre: Dark / Action | Size: Medium (~24Kb each)

What happens when a fight between Ranma and Ryoga goes _drastically_ wrong ... ?

WARNING: This is a DARK fic. There might be scenes of violence that may be offensive to some. You were warned!

All's Fair in Love & War: (Still Unfinished)

Genre: Drama / Action | Size: Large (?)

Just who is Ryane? And what is her connection to Ryoga? (Not a new character fic, if that's what your afraid of)


Genre: Alternate Universe / Comedy | Size: Medium (19Kb)

Another alternate universe. What would have happened if Ranma's mom had been the one who trained with Soun under Happosai instead of Genma?

Sayuri & Yuka Write a Fic

Genre: Comedy/ Parody | Size: Spamfic (12Kb)

This was my response to Gary Kleppe's "Hiroshi And Daisuke Write A Fic." Well ... not really a response, more like a Parody ^_^. That's why to get full enjoyment of this, you're going to have to read Gary's fic first. In case you're wondering who Sayuri and Yuka are, they are Akane's 1 dimensional friends who are usually seen hanging around at school. Anyways, the basic premise of the "So and So Write A Fic" craze was that an Anime character would write their own fic, usually with disastrous results ... Gary Kleppe started it with his one, while mine was the first "copy" so to speak. After that, everyone was writing them! But then it sort of died out for a while like all crazes usually do.

Why Am I Lost?

Genre: Comedy | Size: Spamfic (7Kb)

Have you always wondered just why Ryoga gets lost all the time? Just another one of my more weirder theories...

Ranma Quake

Genre: Stupid | Size: Spamfic (6Kb)

This was actually my very first Spamfic. It was written after an exam during the mid-semester period. I was just letting off steam and this resulted! Ranma crossed over with ID software's Quake. Who would've guessed such a thing was possible? One warning - it's not my best work! ^_^.