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November 8 '03 I don't know if people still visit this site, but due to the fact that Tripod has cut my space from 50 Megs to 20, I have less than a megabyte of space left on this page. Thus meaning, most of my updates have taken place over in and will continue to do so until I can wrangle more space here in tripod or some other free host.

June 19 '03 Blargh. Due to laziness, this place hasn't been updated since the beginning of May. I updated a few chapters of Diaries and added a few fanfics that were on my page. Look there for more regular updates.

May 2 '03 Due to no one visiting the MTC Forums, I'm going to try and shut it down. The link is off the main page now. And Squareworld is available to the general public with periodic updates to the game. On another note, I'm going to do an update sooner or later, and actually build that Yu-Gi-Oh DM Page since so many new and cool sets are coming out soon.

April 19 '03 Due to only having a 1 meg bandwidth, I'm restricting access of Squareworld to people I know and trust. Sorry, but this is nessesary cause the Squareworld main page went down.

April 19 '03 It's not a fanfic update, but it's close. A link on the main page to my RM2K game is up.

April 4 '03 There will be some upcoming changes soon to MTC that I have planned. First off, Pokemon Cross and the Directors Cut of Pokemon 152 will be restarted and Finished. That's right, FINISHED. Those fans of both will enjoy the completed saga. Production on the next chapter of Cross will restart shortly, as with the next chapter of Directors Cut. I do not write to a schedule so the chance of a new chapter being out quickly is low. But with all this free time, I should be able to hammer out most of one or two chapters by the time next Friday rolls around. Ja!

March 31 '03 Uploaded RDD 18, Red D-Arc 5 and 6, and WD 16.

March 25 '03 After yesterday's monolithic update, I have added more links and updated some.

March 24 '03 It has arrived! With a new month comes a whole load of fanfiction! New stories in Milly's Library, the Student Diaries and even a Portkey to a special new fanfiction page! Please, come on in and take a look around!

February 6 '03 Whoa... where did the time go? Nothing really today, just an edit to FET's link. But I did get some fanfiction done, just haven't loaded it up. Too late at night to do it now, but I have all time tommorrow.

December 25 '02 It's amazing on how much time you can waste not writing fanfiction, but tinkering with RM2K. Yeah, that's right, I'm making an RPG. But in any case, I've updated the Guest Fics with a link to Theo "Blitz" Leung's Fanfiction hosted on the page. The first book of the Chimera Saga is up on it. Oh, and here's a link to Izumi Ryu's fanfiction Here.

It's still growing in size however. And also, the Yugioh page has been canceled because there's so many resources out there that it's not really nessesary, beyond the chance to post some of my decks and strategies. Oh, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

December 7 '02 A lament for fanfics. They have not been posted in a long time. Luckily, Lord Archive saved my butt and gave us RDD 17, and Red D-Arc Diaries 1 through 4. You can find them in the Student Diaries Section. And please, no one under 18, 21 or whatever the legal age is in your country read them. I am also making a Yu-Gi-Oh section on the website so that will be up shortly. It will deal with the Upper Deck version with some Cards of the Week and sample decks to try out. Translations are iffy to get, as Edo covers them quite well, so I will just update a link to his page. Please, do not steal them, for he has worked quite hard on them.

November 17 '02 Just updated the link page with a new link to the Temple of the Winds a forum run by myself and four other friends of mine. You can discuss any of my fanfiction in the forum as well. So go and sign up with no membership fee, no spam directed into your email, just good fun. See ya around!

November 14 '02 Okay, a few things; 1. it is now my birthday! Huzzah! 2, in light of it, I've posted On Our Own Chapter 1, my first Harvest Moon fanfiction that has been in the works for ages. Check it out in Milly's Library.

November 5 Addendum WHOOOOOOOOOOO! Okay, I get to stay for reasons undisclosed to the public. But in retaliation, I must cut down my writing and updating even more. Sorry, but that's how it is when you need to study more and internet surf less. But that does mean I'm staying with easy access to my stories! Yipee!

November 5 '02 Okay, big news. I'll be out of the country until August with no internet access. Justin'll handle anything that comes up. See ya all in August.

November 3 '02 Gah, I hate it when this happens. Okay, nothing new is coming out, simply put, I have tests to do, assignments to finish and a new varient of Duel Monsters to create all before the end of this week. I may get some chapters of Archive's stuff up in the Student Diaries section by the end of the week though.

September 13 '02 Ooooh, Friday the 13th. My ass it's an unlucky day. In any case, Ulty's classroom has been renovated. Go check it out. Expect a new fanfic this weekend from me (Shaun).

August 26 '02 Oi, when I say a week, I mean almost a month. ^_^;; In any case, Pale Hues Chapter 3 is up, as it has been on my account for ages, along with D^3 chapter 3 and a new story from Ashura Chaos in the Guest Fics.

August 4 '02 Gah, where did the time go? I blame it all on RL and sheer laziness. Amazing what a few rounds of paintball will do for your enthusiasm to sit down and write, or lack of enthusiasm as you're too sore to do anything else. I uploaded Pale Hues Chapter 2. Chapter 3 is on it's way in a week or so. - Shaun

June 28 '02 WarChild here. Slayers Revolution Episode 8 is up. Check it out at the Nurse's Office to find out more.

June 15 '02 Shaun here. It's official. Tamers has ended in Japan since early May and now, the dub has ended. For that, I give two thumbs up at the ending as both versions were incredible. Now all we need is for Medabots and Yugi-oh to continue with the next season and we'll be set. There are three new chapters in Ultimaniums Classroom, and Variations 1.2 of D^3 is now up.

May 21 '02 Shaun here. Milly has restocked her shelves and found a new fanfic. Check it out until the Misc. Section called Final Fantasy : The Animation.

May 14 '02 WarChild here. Slayers Revolution Episode 7 is up. Check it out at the Nurse's Office to find out more.

And on a side note.... I like to say.... TWO MORE DAYS TILL STAR WARS EPISODE II: ATTACK OF THE CLONES!

April 30 '02 WarChild here. Slayers Revolution Episode 6 is up. Check it out at the Nurse's Office to find out more.

Also, to let you know, we have a lot of unpublished work that never goes anywhere. I'm considering to make a sperate page for them, if only to see if people would want to read them, or take them and expand on them themselves. We'll soon see.

April 14 '02 Finally got London Diaries 1 and 2 up along with War Diaries 14 and 15 up. Also, Ultimanium has taken it upon himself to redesign his page. All his MST's will be there soon, as with his other fanfiction.

April 11 '02 Been a while, but I was taking a writing sabbitcal. The Library has been updated with a new story, Pale Hues, Ultimanium's classroom is updated with Trance Trauma 11 and the Student Diaries hosts a few new stories from Lady Iapetus and Mr. Digianalyzer, along with chapter 25 of DDA and chapter 1 of D^3, it's sequel. And several links have either been removed due to lack of updates to them, or updated with new URLs.

March 4 '02 Slayers REVOLUTION has been updated with 4, 5, and the Intermission. Head to the Nurse's Office to find out more.

February 23 '02 Digital Diaries has been updated with Files 19 to 24. One more to go... and Ultimanium's Trance Trauma has been updated with five new chapters.

February 23 '02 Slayers REVOLUTION has been updated to Episode 3. Head to the Nurse's Officer to find out more.

February 21 '02 New fanfiction has been posted in the Student Archives and revised versions of DDA 5, 8, 10, 14, 17 and 18 has been posted in the Student Diaries. Enjoy.

February 14 '02 Another update today by WarChild. First of all, the Magictech Production Studio section has been revamped and overhauled. And second, the fic I hinted earlier today is now available in The Nurse's Office.

Slayers Revolution

Check it out, especially all you Sylphiel fans!

February 14 '02 Nothing new yet... but as you can see... I... that is... WarChild, has been working on making the MagicTech University campus a little nicer, eh?

Anyway... there is a new series coming... and here's a hint... of all the characters in the Slayers TV series(no movies or OAVs), which of the main characters got the least screen time?

February 7 '02 Updates have been made to the Student Diaries and the Student Archives. Feel free to read.

January 24 '02 The Digimon/Slayers fusion, known as The Chosen has been updated at Chapter 7. Check it out at Milly's Library.

December 27 '01 Bad news people. Pokemon Tamers and Directors Cut will most likely be dropped until I can rework the whole concept into a GOOD storyline. The storyline was sound, but sadly, the things we stuck into it was horrible. It's dead. Sorry. And my computer crash didn't help either. On another, more happier note, my Tales of Destiny 2 page is up. More things'll be coming soon for it, hopefully an MP3 or so.

December 25 '01 Merry Christmas! It's been another year, and 02 is just around the corner. Here at MTC, we'll be reworking some of the pages, posting new things, and hopefully, getting the new series out by January 1st. Pokemon Cross has almost undergone it's full additions and revisions with it's new title. Here's a small preview.

Four years ago, an adventure was undertaken.... eight thousand years ago, a world was split upon the actions of one lone girl. This winter, the adventures of several familiar faces, and three new faces, will undergo the most daring adventure of all time, as the world, has a countdown to destruction.

Pokemon Tamers. Coming, January First, Zero-Two.

December 23 '01 Shaun here. Seems to be a record for us. A new series is up on the Magic Tech Crossover Page called Slayers BEYOND. Check it out.

December 23 '01 Praise and rejoice people, because Directors Cut Episode 4 is up!

December 22 '01 Today marks the birth of a new subpage. Ultimanium's fanfiction has joined the growing groups of special hosted fanfics on this page. Very well written multi-crossovers that does not seem to loose it's special edge through the entire series.

December 22 '01 Shaun here. I stuck DDA 16, 17 and 18 onto the Archive page. Here's a bit of a status update of my current projects.

Digital Diaries Movie # 1, 10% complete.

Pokemon Cross Undergoing revisions with a new title. Target release is the new year.

Directors Cut Undergoing more additions, and fine tooth combing. Be pacient. Yes, that means you, Jeff.

November 7 '01 Shaun here, with some news. First, I fixed some of the broken links on the general fiction page, updated and removed some links to other pages and added more links. Secondly, the reason for the downtime on Pokemon Cross is that I'm still going over the first few chapters, revising and adding new parts to better fit the directors cut. That, and the fact that I don't work well if I have multiple projects going on. With school, work, homework and trying my darnest to get Digital Diaries well into the next series by the time Lord Archive returns to the story, and constant sickness (no jokes from the peanut gallery), I've been under a bit of stress lately. So, please, leave an encouraging letter in my email or drop a short message in the guestbook. It helps cheer me up immencely and gets things done.

October 29 '01 Shaun here. Two more days till halloween. Fun. New versions of Digital Diaries 1 to 9 are up and Files 10 to 15 are up. War Diaries 13 and Red Digivice Diaries 16 are up. Once again, I must remind you that RDD is not for kids. Problems with the DDA chapters fixed.

September 30 '01 Shaun here. Don't bug me about the link to DA 09 being gone. I took it off since I wasn't happy with the episode so I'm gonna rewrite some parts of it.

September 27 '01 Shaun here. Just finished altering and uploading the rest of Sanchez's fics. New Ranma stories which will most likely be continued are in the Differing Worlds section. Also, the first eight chapters of Digital Adventures 2003 is up on The Archive page.

September 26 '01 Shaun here. Incredible news, myself, WarChild and Teamrocket251 own all of Ace Sanchez's fanfics. Yep, that's right, we own Blonde 1/2, we own Pokemon MASTER and such. We have a lot of pies to work with. So if you wanna mosey on to the new links, they'll show up today. The Ranma fics will be added later.

September 26 '01 Shaun here. I know everyone is nagging me about Directors Cut 4 but it's not just ready yet. Instead, we have a treat as the works of Lord Archive is in the new link, The Archive. Mosey on over there to take a look. Just a short warning, the first story is NC-17 and should not be ready by anyone underage or cannot handle the sexual content. My own addition to the story, Digital Adventures 2003 will be posted shortly as soon as I get feedback from my prereaders. Many thanks to Archive who allowed me to post it on the page as well.

September 7 '01 Shaun here. Just got around to posting a new chapter of Cyber Dreams, the rewrite of said series, putting The Return and The Maximal At Hand in the Dead Fics and posting The Chosen, a semi silly Digimon spoof of The Slayers. P2000 Part 4 will be up soon. Enjoy.

August 26 '01 Shaun here. Really sorry about no updates for a long time but we were not totally satisfied with the end result of PC 10 Part 1. Part 2 and 3 are slowly continuing but we're concerning ourselves with the changes Ranma Rebirth will undergo, with possibly a new title as well. It's all in the works at the moment.

July 8 '01 WarChild here. Sorry about the lack of updates. Shaun is now on vacation till July 20, so it you have questions, e-mail me at Now onto the updates: Slayers PEACE has been added to the MagicTech Crossover Series page, under the new heading of Short Side Stories. Also the first three chapters of the rewrite of Pokemon 152 - ? 2000, now known as Pokemon 2000: The Director's Cut, has been added.

May 30 '01 Shaun here. No PC this time, but we have a new fanfic in the Guest Page known as The Might of Orb. Been meaning to put this one up months ago. And we're taking a break, we're, actually, *I* am overworked and personal life gets in the way. It's medical. And also to note, Lightspeed Chrono Force and Digital Moon S have been dropped. Sorry.

May 9 '01 WarChild here. Episode 9 is here after less then four days!

May 8 '01 Shaun Here. Again, I have worked on the page, moving some of the untouched fanfics to a small subpage in the fanfic central, and added Teamrocket251's fics in the guest room.

May 8 '01 Shaun Here. After senceless nagging, Cyber Dreams Time Log 4 is up! Hurrah for inspiration!

May 5 '01 WarChild here. Episode 8 is here after less then two weeks!

April 23 '01 WarChild here. After for more than a month. Pokemon Cross is finally updated to Episode 7.

March 15 '01 WarChild here. Pokemon Cross is finally updated to Episode 6. Take a look. Sorry about the wait.

February 24 '01 Shaun here, I finally got around to updating the Links page, removing and revising all the dead ones, and posted a small Digimon fanfic in the Crossover page. Technically, it could be considered a part of the Another World Timeline.

February 1 '01 WarChild here again. Pokemon Cross Episodes 4 and 5 have been posted.

January 21 '01 Finally got around to adding Episodes 2 and 3 of An Anime Tribute to MMPR. Have fun. And work on Star Ocean, and a few other series will be restarted.

January 15 '01 WarChild here, updating this page for the first time. Pokemon Cross Episode 3 has been posted.

January 9 '01 Okay, P2000 is finished. For those people who have found out that Fortunecity is denying them from accessing the fanfics, just try the link twice in a row or so. It'll bring up the fanfic soon. And the first parts of Pokemon Cross is finished.

December 24 '00 It's Christmas EVE! YAY! Anyways, I posted Episode 16 and 17 of Pokemon 152 - ? 2000. It's winding down folks! The end is in sight! Also, I added WarChild's Square Wars Fanfics on the Guest page. Oh, and I finished Chrono Cross... finally. After two days of Mindless Obsession, I completed it.

November 21 '00 Posted Episode 15 of Pokemon 152 - ? 2000. Chapter 16 is slowly proceeding since I'm in a pinch.

November 14 '00 Okay, first things first : I'm 19 today! YAY! Second, I BEAT Dark Serge on Chrono Cross! Double Yay! Third Thing! The end of Pokemon 152 - ? 2000 is near! The end will come in about four special extra long episodes with a special four part epilogue in sight! Be prepared for the shocker ending! And WarChild's email is on the page now.

November 3 '00 Okay, just a status update today since I'm away from my home computer. First off, the remainder of the Pokemon 2000 series and the next three series, one prequel and two sequels will be co-written by WarChild who was kind enough to help with the parts of the current series and the newest parts. After Pokemon 2000 is finished, work on Digital Moon S, Pokemon Cross and Ranma Rebirth will be distributed to about a couple of chapters a week if I have enough steam in me. Work is really hard these days and school is a priority. The new series are sequels and prequels, dealing with the backstories and new adventures of Ash, Misty, Ranma, Tai, Sora, Genki, Holly, Lina, Gourry and many more. Digital Moon S is a Digimon/Sailor Moon Super fanfic set during the Myotismon saga, setting the stage for Pokemon Cross and Ranma Rebirth. Their plots will be kept secret until me and WarChild'll release the first chapters of all three series sometime late December or later. Oh, and I picked up another prereader who is an avid reader of the series! You know who you are. If anyone wishes to preread the new stuff, then please, let me know and I'll pass the info onto WarChild. Oh, that reminds me, WarChild, if you want, I could post your address on the page too. Just email me later today. Ja Nae!

October 23 '00 I'm really sorry that I didn't post earlier but Fortunecity was being stubborn and didn't let me update my page for at least three weeks. The new chapters for Pokemon 152 - ? 2000 should be some consolation. And yes, the series has an ending in sight with Chapter 20! And plus, new surprises will be coming soon!

September 19 '00 Posted slighty corrected versions of Pokemon 152 - ? Chapters 1 to 5 I belive. If someone's dilligantly reading this out there, then please, email me down below and tell me any inconsistancies of the series. Thanx.

August 31 '00 Posted Chapters 11 and 12 of Pokemon 152 - ? 2000 which is turning into a full adventure fanfic beyond my expectations!

August 23 '00 Got a responce and created a new Guest Fic page. The first hosted fanfic is Reunions and Resolutions by Jaelle and Orla.

August 16 '00 I'm on a roll. Chapter 10 of Pokemon 152 - ? 2000 is here.

August 14 '00 Posted Chapters 8 and 9 of Pokemon 152 - ? 2000 and it's starting to heat up. Read and find out!

August 3 '00 Well, I'm back, crisis over and starting (slowly) to pound out the new chapters of Pokemon 152 - ? 2000, Power Rangers Fist of Destiny, Switching Places and stuff. Sorry, but I'm studying for a Provincial Retake Exam. Gotta bring my grade up to code. Ja Nae.

June 28 '00 Well, I'm going on a month long vacation starting this weekend. I won't update for a long time so let's hope that this will keep you all satisfied. New Digimon short (the first one ever completed) called Portraits of the Digidestined, a finished version of Shift Into Turbo, and an anime salute to the beginning episodes of the Power Rangers Saga. See you all in August.

June 18 '00 New parts to the PR series, and several new fics up now. Most of them are teasers.

May 22 '00 New parts to my Power Rangers Series. That's about it.

May 21 '00 Alright, to my chargin, I discovered that I had NOT uploaded the final product of Star Trek Universes. I am extremely sorry about this, and hope to regain your faith in me by adding the completed version. I suppose I forgot to upload it a VERY LONG TIME AGO!

May 15 '00 Damn, I was in a rut. Okay, some new stuff added to the eighth chapter of Pokemon 152, new parts to Switching Places added and a segmenting of parts of Power Rangers. Also, a new fusion is added to it called Tale of A Hedgehog. See ya later, Grad's around the corner.

April 15 '00 Well, I must admit that my muse is working overtime on Power Rangers Elementals, having written synopsis for nearly three seasons, two cast changes and a whack load of new weapons. Pokemon 152 - ? 2000 Chapter 9 is progressing....slowly. I can't seem to dredge up enough inspiration for the next part of the series. I didn't post anything this time so please email me with any and all ideas for any of the stories. I need inspiration man, cause I've even lost interest in the Alter Wish Series! AHHH!

March 26 '00 Um....just an update on Pokemon 152 - ? 2000 Chapter Nine. I don't have much time to write these days so please, bear with me. Aw what the hell, I'll upload all my new stuff today. Just a nano...Okay. New stuff out now. Just look for the NEW sign beside it.

March 4 '00 Okay, just a few teasers this time, a new Pokemon series, a sequel to one of my stories, the next chapter of the Beasties one, a Star Ocean/Ranma fanfic and the long awaited Dirty Pair 1/2. I can't really write well since I've got a terrible schedule for writing.

February 12 '00 Just a status update, and some recognition at LAST! a new place called has invited me to become part of their list of links! This is beyond what I had expected for my page, so check their place out. A banner is attatched to the bottom of the Link Lists. Thanks Psymanga!

January 27 '00 Now up on the page are some new teasers and a couple of unfinished and revised versions of stories. Some of the teasers are Spring of Drowned Monster? Hoo Boy! (Ranma 1/2 and Monster Rancher), Super Ranma Bros. 1/2 (Ranma/Super Mario Bros Movie), Cybernine(Ranma/Cybersix), Revised Pokemon Episode 6, New parts to Heros of Legend, and a first generation copy of Pokemon 152 - ? 2000 Episode Seven that I'm not totally done with yet. More coming soon with an expected first chapter release of Star Ocean : The Third Story (Ranma/Star Ocean 2).

January 19 '00 Okay, you've read Pokemon 152 - ?, right? I hope so because, for you fans out there, there is a SECOND season of Pokemon 152 -? in production! Following the adventures of Ash, Misty, Brock, James and Ranma, they travel the new continent of Pokemon Island! See the menace of Butch and Cassidy! And see Jessie and Happosai bungle up every attempt at revenge! And yes, introducing Tracy, the Pokemon Watcher and his pokemon Marril! Pokemon 152 - ? 2000. We'll see you there! First episode due out in the end of the month, all release times tenative and subject to change. Oh, and if you don't know when it starts, look at episode seven's new beginning.

December 24 '99 WAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Tomorrows Christmas! And for a special treat for you guys, the LAST EPISODE OF POKEMON 152 - ?!!!!!! SURPRISED? WELL I AM! Well, after several dozen bedtime brainstorming occasions, I have decided to end the Pokemon 152 - ? series today. I wrote Episode 8 in record time. Now comes the new season of the Pokemon series, CRESTS : DIGITAL POKEMON! Are you excited? Well I am! See you next year!

December 23 '99 Who HOOO! Two days till Christmas! YES! Well, in the fanfiction sections, I have posted a newly revamped version of Wierd Introspection, the finished part of Pokemon 152 - ? Episode 7, Shining Force II : The New Legend, Reworking the Past, an Alter Wish story, and finally a Christmas Special, no where near the one I wanted it to be. Oh well, no one's perfect. Also, in the works is the long awaited Dirty Pair 1/2 Fanfic, a new Pokemon fanfic called Switching Places, the wholy anticipated rewrite to Dark World EXtreme, now titled Dark World : EXtreme Underground. Coming this holiday season is Technoslant, a spinoff of Heros of Legend, Inspector Mihoshi and a yet untitled Ranma 1/2 and Power Rangers fusion. See you next year!

December 11 '99 Um... how long ago did I update? Aheheh...I'M SORRY, I'M SORRY! Okay, um... new parts for Pokemon 152 - ? is coming out, with a tie in to Crests : Digital Pokemon before Christmas. Also, a Christmas Special is coming out soon. In progress is Slayers Special? A Slayers SI, the first part of Crests : Digital Pokemon, more parts to my Star Trek series, and finally, hopefully, if I have the urge to, new parts to THE RETURN! I know that it's your favorite out there, so please, cross your fingers. Ja Nae!

November 22 '99 Okay, for those who are rapidly expecting the next chapter of Pokemon, forget it. This week is the Test Week Of Hell. I have too much homework and stuff to do, so expect a longer delay on the major projects such as Pokemon and Alter Wish. Oh, on another note, there will soon be the addition of Dipokemon : Digital Pokemon, and Pokemon Rancher, plus a special Tenchi Muyo! story that was inspired by a certian fanfic on the net, about six kils long. It's currently in the Tenchi Muyo Fan Fiction Archive in the NEW section. A small preview trailer will be available in half a month or less.

November 5 '99 Uploaded teasers for Pokemon 152 - ? chapter 7, Legend of the Evolution Master. Along with teasers for Wierd Introspection ACT I, Tenchi Muyo! : Bloodlines, and An Alter Wish Chapter 3. New story out, Cyber Dreams, a Beasties/Beast Machines/Ranma fusion. Expect more soon. That's only after I finish studying.

October 28 '99 YESSS! The uploading thingy works! Mwahahahahaha! Updates on Star Trek : Fractures and a belated new fic is up now. Check in the Main Archives for them.

October 16 '99 Finally, the uploading program decided to co-operate with me and let me get the fanfics up on the page. Now, I have new copies of Pokemon 152 - ? Episode 2 up, the rewrite to An Alter Wish Chapters 1 and 2 up and new stuff are coming now. If it works, use it, ne?

October 14 '99 Got the next few episodes of Pokemon 12 - ? all planned out. I was able to watch the episodes when Ash fought in the four fields and now, I can set the series to the episodes in question. Oh, and the uploading is still fritzing out so it'll take a while to bring out new stuff. But when it does come out, there will be a huge amount of stuff.

October 11 '99 Well, I tried to add some new rewrites and such but the uploading isn't working. I'll try that FTP thing today.

August 28 '99 Added a Profile area. A little bare right now.

August 26 '99 Fixed the link to Chapter 4 of Pokemon 152 - ?. Also, I added a new beginning to the Pokemon 152 - ? series, and posted a new fanfic, STAR TREK : FRACTURES. ST : F is in production and the first chapter isn't finished yet. It's a first gen copy.

August 24 '99 Started to redo my page into a less cluttered look. I'm not big on HTML so I'm getting outside help here. Also, new fanfics are on the way.