OVERKILL 101 with Ultimanium

Yes, I understand this page is dangerous. ^_^ Just promise to head back to the Main Campus Grounds before you get hurt, 'kay?

Welcome to Overkill 101. Please take a hard hat, pair of safety goggles, biohazard suit, and dark magick ward from the shelf on your left, and equip any other defensive items you wish to at this time. Okay, everyone ready? *reaches over and opens a heavy steel door, causing a backdraft to roar through* Whee! Let's go! *leaps into blaze*

You have entered Overkill 101, hosted on the starship Argetlahm for the time being while my personal battlefield is constructed at the Magictech University Campus. Here you will find my fanfics, ranging from any odd corner of my imagination. Hosted among the ranks is the quintilogy multi-crossover The Ultimatum, the upcoming Digimon Frontier AU appropriately named Digimon Frontier: Countersync, and a wiiiide variety of pointless one-shots, with more on the way! If you stick around long enough you may even see crap MSTs! Fun for the entire dysfuncitonal family!! YAY!!!


The Ultimatum (multi-crossover)
Genre: Action/Adventure/Humor    Size: Too Damn Big (2MB+, still under production)

Throughout time, humanity has been on the brink of extinction. Only through the efforts of Ultimanium, Lord Raul, Magnus and the mercenary bands of the third dimension has the physical structure of the Six Dimensions remained intact, under constant threats from forces unseen. How will the struggle of the J-dimensionsplitter unfold? Only time will tell.

Digimon Frontier: Countersync (Digimon)
Genre: Action/Adventure/Humor    Size: Short-Medium (90k, still under production)

Makato Sakeru and Shinji Akito both share a friendship based on the perpetual hate of their physics teacher, Keibu Isuke. But when a messenger comes warning Keibu of the dangers of the End Virus,  his annoying disciples may be his only allies in a war of digital proportions....


Something A.E. (Crossover)
Genre: Stupid    Size: Medium

Mr. T, Veemon, Bruce Willis, Fry, Ash, R2D2, and Janitor Bob are the last hope for humanity. Start panicking.

Burnt Toast (Digimon)
Genre: Humor    Size: Short

After a hard, sanity-threatening day of work, Davis needs one thing to throw him over the edge....

Stress? (Digimon)
Genre: Humor    Size: Short

A follow-up to Burnt Toast. After the "Davis incident", Ultimanium gathers the Digidestined up for... well... sensitivity training. A bit stranger than one might expect.

Eternal (Quake)
Genre: Angst    Size: Short

As one dishonourably "discharged" marine is going to find out, the afterlife isn't all it's cracked up to be...