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The Cast of Slayers and Lost Universe say hello!  :-)

Hi! I'm Milly, the Librarian of this campus. There's some rules you should follow.

#1: Reading is fine. Search the library for new stories.
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This walkway leads to the MTP Studio, where feature films, television shows and such are provided for the students here.

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Basement Floor. There is some very old things here. Please watch your step, for it has not been cleaned in ages.

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Story Archives

Anime Fanfiction University

Final Fantasy Fanfiction

Harvest Moon

Ranma 1/2



Anime Fanfiction University

In the wake of bad anime fanfiction, AFU was born.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Final Fantasy Fanfiction


Chapter 1 and 2 : Girl Out of Water/Voyage to Kilika Selphie Summons, and doesn't get quite what she was expecting.

Chapter 3 : Beyond Doubt Blitzball, Summoners, Al Bhed and a whole load of magic.


Chapter 1 : Starting The Fantasy A swordsman, a sorceress, a hotshot martial artist amidst other things. Sound familiar? Sort of.

Harvest Moon Fanfiction


Chapter 1 : The Letter The life of one Jack is about to take a turn as he is given the chance to save a town with some friends of his.

Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction


Chapter 1 : The Legacy The story of Middle-earth is just a storybook, right? One will prove them wrong.

Chapter 2 : The Nine Walkers Yuka reads the story of Middle-earth. Can she bring herself to follow her destiny?

Chapter 3 : Servitude With the forces of evil on the move, can the Fellowship be brought together?


Time Log 1 : Beginnings Picture Ranma at age seven or eight, stumbling into a monastery in the highest mountains. Befriended by strange half-animal people, he learns what he needs to know.

Time Log 2 : Journey to a New Land Ranma's back and seeking out his mother. Can he and Shampoo get on the Saotome Matriarch's good graces?

Time Log 3 : Autobots, Transform and Roll Out It was eventual...and long in waiting. The Decepticons have gotten wind of the Maximals over in Japan. Damn, should've taken a left turn at albacuiky.

Time Log 4 : A Dino's Musings Dinobot ponders his existance and resurrection.

Time Log 5 : Ninja of the Night Things start heating up in Tokyo.


The New version of Cyber Dreams!

Time Log 1 : BeginningsExpands on the original Beginnings. This shows a few new faces in the monestary and Ranma's past with two different people.

Time Log 2 : Chinese Adventures 01 A short arc set in China. Mousse accompanies Ranma back to his village, making a short pitstop in Jusenkyo.

Pokemon/Digimon Fanfiction


Decided to continue this one since I got a letter saying my fic was great!

Episode 1 Ashley Ketchum starts on her Pokemon Journey.

Episode 2 Team Rocket Attacks! Enter Jeremy and Janet!


Kinda like a silly spoof of Slayers, mostly set in the Slayers World. Replace Lina with Miyako, Daisuke with Gourry and Ken with Zelgadis, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Episode 1 : Danger! Miyako's Deadly Dragon Slave!

Episode 2 : Bad! Mummymon Aren't My Type!

Episode 3 : CRASH! Red and White and Suspicious All Over!

Episode 4 : Dash! Run For It! My Magic Doesn't Work?

Episode 5 : SEARCH! Daisuke and Wallace's Treasure Hunt!

Episode 6 : Wow! The Gathering of Heros!

Episode 7 : Reunite! The Pacifist Prince Taichi!

Portraits of the Digidestined A glimpse into Mimi's life before and during the Digimon saga.

Misc Fanfiction


Episode 1 Five (Normal?) Tokyoites are chosen to become the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers by Zordon of Eltare.

Episode 2 The Saga continues as the five tackle a angry martial artist.

Episode 3 Fastforward several years when Nerima becomes Nerima Bay, and new Rangers are chosen, amongst them the first Red Ranger, Ranma Saotome.

Snippits of Christmas A WAFFY fic. Read it.

STAR TREK : UNIVERSES A piece of work that I did a while ago. One of my favorite works to date.

UNDER ONE ROOF A really weird piece that I did when I was a rookie to the fanfic world. Please, excuse the bad grammar and plot. If you really want to class this, put it in a Real World Type Scenario.

THE RETURN One of the most popular fics I have written.

THE MAXIMAL AT HAND A fanfic that was written in the midst of my youth. The first one I actually wrote. It may be resurrected later.