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The sequel to the P2K series. Ash Ketchum and Ranma Saotome must face dangers in an alternate reality where evil has won. Even with the arrival of new allies like the Lunar Senshi and the Masaki clan, can our heroes win a war fought through time and space? And how does the infamous sorceress Lina Inverse tie into all this?

...or that was the story. As of December 2001, Pokemon Cross has been halted. A newer story using different elements, but still a sequel to P2K(the unfinshed Director's especially) is in the drawing boards. We still intend to use the same series, but we are scaling back some stuff.

Without further ado... here's the old Pokemon Cross Material...

Arc 1: Back in Action!

Episode 1: It's four years later, people have moved on. But Fate isn't done with the Digidestined.

Episode 2: It's time to cross over to Another World. What is in store for the Digidestined, new and old?

Episode 3: Ranma and Brock joins the fight to save Another World. But a battle in one of Muu's slaves camps goes wrong.

Episode 4: Our gang ends up in the middle of nowhere. Actually, it is the End of Time, where a wise man relates them a story of another group of time travelers, and the results of their actions.

Episode 5: The year, 8000 BC. It is a few weeks after the Hellmaster Phibrizo incident at Sairagg. The gang partakes of a festival at Atlas City, where they meet up with Lina and company. Also, something is stirring within Ranma.

Arc 2: Soul Searching

Episode 6: Where do our heroes end up? What happened to Lina and the other Slayers? Why is this episode not so serious about it? Read and find out.

Episode 7: Our heroes try to find a way out of the time period they are stuck in. But apparently, Xellos has other ideas.

Episode 8: The year 2100 AD is a dark future for Another World. And as Ranma finds out, it's a bad time to be a magic user.

Episode 9: Saffron City in Home World becomes the center of attention, including the likes of Sabrina, Washu, Ryoga, and Wiseman, and Ash's group as well.

Episode 10 Part 1: Ranma's team heads goes to circa 6000 BC, the Silver Millennium era. As you can expect, the visit isn't a social call.