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The planned followup to Pokemon Cross. This time Ranma Saotome is joined by Lina Inverse, arguably the most powerful sorceress in the world. Together they must revive Lina's old friends as an old enemy of hers seeks to return the universe to the Sea of Chaos.

... or that was the idea. With the halting of Pokemon Cross, Ranma Rebirth, or its new planned title of Slayers LEGACY, is also in limbo. It may or may not be written at all. Also, Shaun decided when we were doing concept episodes for this series, we were making the entire crossover series more complicated than it should be. RR/SL soon turned into a massive crossover free for all, where we just tossed everything but the characters of Dragonball and Gundam.

And lets not mention the Self Inserts.

Who knows... we may release some of our concept episodes, but this series is on indefinate hold.

Right now... just enjoy the original preview graphic we had for this series.