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Short Side Stories
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Here are the short mini stories that go with the more larger series here. It's more for giving background information about the MTC world.

Slayers MOMENTS is a small side story to Pokemon 152 - ? 2000, concerning the new additions to the life of one Lina Inverse. Written purely by WarChild, one of the best co-authors a guy can have.

Slayers PEACE is a followup to Slayers MOMENTS. Two of the Slayers have since past away, and various people come to visit their graves.

We're a Miracle This is a small story focusing on the Digidestined or Chosen from Another World, nestled sometime after the end of the 02 series. I use the Japanese names to distinguish from the Home World versions and their Digimon names as well. A bit adult, with some off-camera references but it's clean.