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Related Stories

Here are some related stories in the MTC world, not short enough to be a small side story.

Slayers PAST: Fight for the Future - coming soon

A short series that take place after Slayers TRY. Join Lina, Gourry, and Syphiel as they deal with an assassin from the future and as well deal with the romantic feelings amongst themselves.

Slayers BEYOND

A new series with totally new characters, but with some connections to other anime series. A thousand years passed since the era of Lina Inverse and the Slayers. The Mazoku and Ryuzoku races are only legends, as a disasterous war brought destruction to both races. Join us as we relate a new band of adventurers in a quest to save the world... even if it wasn't in their original plans...

Prolouge:Lina Inverse is remembered by her friends at a funeral. When time passes, they soon fall in the clutches of death and history. What will the future bring?

Episode 1:Introducing Rainier Gabriev, descendent of Lina Inverse and Gourry Gabriev a thousand years later. He's a bounty hunter by trade, and his success unnerves a few people.

Episode 2:Rainier and his new 'partner' Pyron have bounties on their heads. As rotten mercenaries hunt them down, a honorable bounty hunter named Alex Arthurian comes to help.