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Slayers 2100: ODYSSEY
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Join the next generations of heroes as they travel through space, destroying local threats, and just trying to have an adventure. In the midst of this, the crew of Swordbreaker, led by Fyra Gabriev, daughter of Lina and Gourry, uncovers a major plot by the Nightmare Syndicate, led by one Garland. Can they diffuse his plans?

This was intended to be our version of the "Lost Universe" anime series. For those who don't know, after Slayers TRY finished airing in Japan, Lost Universe filled its time spot. It was supposed to be a "Slayers in Space", so to speak, as it shared many things with Slayers, including voice cast and creators. Our series was to take place in the Crystal Tokyo era, and toss in elements like the Galaxy Police of Tenchi Muyo and the 3WA and the Dirty Pair.

Like the other series, it may not be written anytime soon.

Oh... and here's a preview pic for this series...