Here you will find my unfinished works that will most likely fade into non-existance. Kinda like badly dubbed anime that doesn't go away unless smashed with a hammer. You'll find most of my really OLD fics here. Enjoy, and read with caution, there's a lot of crazies running around this page. Whoops! There goes one now!


Episode 1 : And So It Begins The first episode plants the reader right in the middle of the series, showing the training the newest five Rangers are undertaking.

Episode 2 : Monkey See, Monkey Do A magical monkey pendant spells trouble for the Rangers. NEW PARTS ADDED.

Episode 3 : It's Playtime! A hellish carnival strikes terror into the Blue Ranger. Teaser. NEW PARTS ADDED

Episode 4 : Race To The Finish A Star Crystal lands on earth, turning the quest to get it into a deadly race. NEW PARTS ADDED

Episode 5 : Shift Into Turbo A trip to the Angel Grove Tracks prove to be a catalyst to havoc as five new Turbos are given new powers. COMPLETE.

Episode 6 : Trooper Transform! Part 1 Darksol and Grimlord Joins Forces! Hey Ellen, here's that episode I've been working on.

Episode 7 : Trooper Transform! Part 2 The battle continues as the elevated attacks increase.


Episode 1 A What If story. What if Rita attacked, and the Rangers are all Actors? Takes basis off of MMPR the Movie.

Tale of a Hedgehog A Sonic The Hedgehog and Ranma 1/2 fanfic fusion. Meld the two together and this spells a LOT of hilarity.

Digimon : The Next Generation A Digimon : Digital Monsters and Ranma 1/2 Fusion. Take the Digidestined, the antics of the Rumiko Takahashi sex comedy, place into the blender and hit Puree.

A Twist In Reality's Rope Take one Shojo Anime (Sailor Moon), a dash of Martial Arts, mix in two magical cats and a pig, and blend until done.

Dirty Pair 1/2 The long awaited first few paragraphs of the Dirty Pair and Ranma 1/2 fanfic. I knew I had it in my harddrive somewhere!

Star Ocean : The Third Story A Ranma 1/2 and Star Ocean fusion that places Ranma into the Star Ocean world...haven't gotten all the bugs out of this one yet.

Under One Roof 2 : Melding of a Universe The sequel to one of my first fanfics. Dunno if I'll continue this one.

Super Ranma Bros. 1/2 A light action/comedy that fuses the worlds of Ranma and Super Mario Bros. See the brothers Ranma Ranma and Ryoga Ranma fight a diabolical Dino leader named Kuno, and rescue the Princess Akane from his clutches.

Spring of Drowned Monster? Hoo Boy! A world long since had forgotten the monsters that lie deep in the surface of the world finally awakens as a martial artist named Ranma falls into the springs of Jusenkyo. Now, his father turns into a yellow Suezo and he turns into a girl named Holly. A Ranma and Monster Rancher story.

Cybernine : Seeking the Past In a world much like the Quantum Destinies Universe, Japan has conquered much of the world and made it an empire. A brilliant but cracked WWII Nazi Scientist named Baron Von Richter created a series called the Cybers. This begins the story of Cybernine, aka Ranma Saotome, and her quest to discover what is the meaning of humanity.

Shining Force II : The New Legend A meld of the classic Shining Force II game with everyone's favorite versatile anime, RANMA 1/2!

STAR TREK : FRACTURES The sequel to ST:U. Its still in its early stages so more will be added soon.

Final Nerima VII NEW! A semi comedy/romance fic that replaces all FFVII characters from your favorite weird ward, NERIMA! Have fun.

Heros Of Legend A new time, new heroes. Or are they new?


CHRONICLES OF LIGHT I don't know if I want to continue this one. So please, don't ask. Suggestions are good but don't ask me for a sequel. Um, okay, nothing has been done on this series so call it dead for now. Like my Wish series, other series are occupying my time.


Dunno why I'm putting this up now but I figure it's sitting on the account, I might as well. Read and don't take it seriously. It's an OLD fanfic. Mid-1996/5 stuff. No flaming please.

Soul of Light

Soul of Light 2 : Flame of Greatness

Soul of Light 3 : Etched in Stone

Soul of Light 4 : Before and After

Soul of Light 5 : Twilight to Dawn

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