Welcome to the Magic Tech Campus, the home of the Magic Tech Productions Fan Fiction Group.

This Campus is a gathering place of many Animates, each of which bringing their own unique talents, personalities, ideals and foundations.

The school campus was founded in late nineteen eighty nine. From it's early years, it attracted much of the citizens from the ward of Tokyo known as Nerima. Over the years, the student roster has grown exponentially, adding new faces and people to the area.

The school, not only offers normal education, such as Mathematics and Literature, but also divulges into different studies for the more magically or technologically inclined students. Some of the more gifted students of this place, have expressed skills and achievements in Miss Belldandy's Divine and White Magic Class, others, depending on their bent, achived high ranks in Miss Inverse's Black and Chaos Magic Classes. Others, leaning towards the technological side of the world, tend to sway towards Miss Stingray's classes on Bumas, Hardsuits and the occasional giant mecha demonstration.

The school is also divided into various dorms, lounges, a major gym, tech shop, magic ranges and the main part of the campus, The MTC Hall. From here, you may enter a different location of the campus, to enjoy the adventures of some of the more colorful students here at MTech Campus.

Also, enrollment into the school is readily accepted. If you wish to enroll (Submit Work), please email the president of the campus, as we will look over your application and get back to you within the day. Please, feel free to submit any work you wish to have posted onto the Student Archives.

The Co-presidents of MTech College. Shaun G. and WarChild.

Campus Directory

Milly's Library

Belldandy's Classroom The Magic Tech Productions Studio
Student Archives MTC Hall Bulletin Board The Campus Gates
Founders of the College Shaun Garin : Co-president Primary Author WarChild : Co-president Co-Author.
Student Diaries The Masters Gym Ultimanium : Dean of Mute Dorm Author

Overkill 101 with Ultimanium Eternia Lounge Sylphiel's Nurse Office
The Portkey Squareworld

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